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6 Home remedies for Hiccups

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Drinking water trick

Squeeze your nose, so you can't breath from it, then drink some water. When you stop drinking the water, let go of your nose. If it doesn't work, do it again and drink more water. This ALWAYS works! P.S when your drinking the water, you'll kind of gulp a bit loudly.
May 17 2015

Person from In a cave

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Get rid of hiccups

Drink a teaspoon of vinegar. Works every time for me.
May 06 2015

Terry Paul from Oregon

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Ask someone to put a piece of white paper on your forehead or stand on your feet an drink water while facing upward.
December 26 2014

Nelson Moemi from Rustenburg

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Works almost always

Just hold your breath and when you can't hold it anymore swallow 3 times then let it go. You might have to try it more than once but it definitely works.
December 22 2014

Jaydn Belenia from Denver, Colorado, USA

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Kiss the girl

Kiss the friend with hiccups. The surprise will cure them.
July 20 2014
Kiss the girl
Isabella from Danville

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Hiccups be gone

Breathe deep and swallow. They happen when you have air in your diaphragm. I learned this in my college biology class a few years ago. It has something to do with negative breathing.
March 30 2014

Brandy from The Outside looking in

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