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2 Home Remedies for Colitis

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Keep that colon clean!

As a sufferer of UC for over 30 years (I had it back when very little was known about it in the medical community) I have used several tactics to keep outbreaks in check. The key is in keeping the colon clear of harmful intestinal bacteria and other impurities.

Also, the easier the food is to digest, the better, as some foods can damage the intestinal walls which can lead to inflammation. The best way to do this is through diet control. Stay clear of whole grains that can tear into the lining of the colon. A diet rich in green vegetables provides soluble fiber that goes straight through your digestive tract, sweeping away with them impurities that might build up on the intestinal walls. Foods high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium not only help to keep the colon healthy, they also aid in the healing of colon abrasions and/or inflammation.

Use sage when preparing certain dishes to help eliminate intestinal bacteria, and consume yogurt daily for the same reason. The enzymes in yogurt (probiotics) feed on intestinal bacteria. Also, refrain from taking antibiotics unless it absolutely cannot be helped. Because our own antibodies attack us autoimmune sufferers, antibiotics can play antibody havoc on our bodies. Common sense diet is the key to the rest, i.E., nil alcohol consumption, highly acidic foods and fruits, spicy foods, fatty foods, etc.

Keep the consumption of foods that are not easily digested to a minimum, such as steak (especially rare), and eat as organically as you can. Keep the consumption of charred food to a minimum, as well. Think about what cigarettes do to the lungs. Charred and burnt food, especially charcoal prepared food, can fill your intestines with an unhealthy sort of soot, just like cigarette smoke does in the lungs.
May 15 2016

Dr Ken from Georgia

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Fiber for ulcerative colitis

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago during the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. After the delivery of my daughter I suffered from extreme constipation alternating with bloody diarrhea. After 4 years of suffering I found poopdoc while searching the web. I ordered it right away and to my COMPLETE AMAZEMENT it worked GREAT! Poopdoc is by far the only fiber that works without cramping my colon or irritating my ulcers.
August 22 2013

Brandi from Oklahoma

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