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72 Home Remedies for Canker sore

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Red Wine

If you don't mind purple teeth, swish strong red wine and hold it in your mouth for several minutes, making sure the wine gets on and inside the sore.

To relieve the pain, pour some dark chianti into a large goblet and drink. Repeat until the pain goes away.
May 16 2007

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Put Salt in the wound...

Take ordinary table salt (with iodine) and put some in the palm of your hand. Using your tongue, dip it into the salt and then push your tongue with the salt on it, into the canker sore. If you can't use your tongue, whet a finger. Push the salt and hold, you will have a slight burning feeling, but it should clear the sore in a day or so. Works well and alleviates the paint.
April 08 2007

Mike C. from Fort Payne, AL USA

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When you feel the canker sore starting to form take several L-lysine pills (natural supplement), I usually take at least four, once in the morning and once in the evening....if you start soon enough it will quit forming, if already formed it will heal faster.
March 22 2007

mkz from Houston, Tx

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Canker paste

I can get upwards of 20 canker sores in my mouth. I asked a friend of mine if she knew any remedies that I had not tried as she had just come back from India
This is her remedy from her family in India.
Take ground cloves and apply them to the canker. This creates a paste over the canker and allows it to heal and the cloves take the pain out. When you first apply it does sting for a second.

I am telling you it totally works.

March 11 2007

Heather from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada

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Put raw onion held against for several min like 5-10min helps relive pain and helps heal up quicker.
February 01 2007

Daniel from New Mexico

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Relieve canker pain speed up healing!!!

Rince mouth with equate mouthwash or listerine
5-6 times a day swish for 3 minn don't use water after rince and dont eat unless you rince immediately after. this will leave your mouth sore very clean and the bacterira cant grow and agravate sore.The cleaner your mouth is while you have a sore the quicker it heals.
Dont drink acidic drinks like colas of all kinds, No coffee and no milk or soy products the soy oil is not good for it neither is lactose.
February 01 2007

D-Lee from Minnetonka, Minnesota.

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mix 1 teaspoon of salt with cup water rinse until you used all of the mixture
January 05 2007

maria from edmonton

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one day i had a canker sore, i was eating a sanwich and i had got mustard on it. it hurt so bad but a while latter it was gone. So dabb away!!
January 05 2007

maria from edmonton

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Canker Sore Pain Relief and Prevention

Rinse your mouth with Aluminum Hydroxide also known as Maalox. It will end the pain almost instantly without numbing your entire face and also help it to heal quick and prevent more from appearing.

Very, very effective and simple.
December 26 2006

Hans from Los Angeles, CA

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Ear Wax

It sounds nasty, but get some of your own ear wax and rub it on your sore. It works!
December 24 2006

Chris from Winston-Salem, NC

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White toothpaste or tea tree oil

Dab a bit of white toothpaste on the sore before sleep and wash off in the morning. The toothpaste helps to draw out the infection and clear it up in a few days. A drop or two of tea tree oil on toothpaste for sores inside the mouth clears it up within 4 days on the average.
October 25 2005

Christine from Ohio

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Canker sores

They say that if you soak an ordinary black teabag in a sugar water solution for a minute or so and hold it against the canker sore for awhile, it should relieve some of the pain. Evidently, the tannin acts as a pain relieving astringent.
September 27 2005

kjh from ri

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