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72 Home Remedies for Canker sore

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Break a small piece of an aspirin off a tablet and place it directly on the canker sore. The area will burn, but let it dissolve. Within the day the sore will heal and be gone. This remedy also helps with the discomfort. (Do not use aspirin on kids under 12)
December 09 2008

Anonymous from Virginia

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Vitamin e

This is an unbelievable remedy if you have cancre sores. It took 25 years for me to find this. First, use L Lysene to prevent them.
But, if you get one...as soon as you can, break open a Vitamin e tablet and rub on the sore in your mouth. Keep doing this every day and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

November 28 2008

star from Anytown, AT 55555

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Vitamin E

All you need is a gel capsules of vitamin e. (you can buy a bottle anywhere) Pop it with a toothpick or squezze it till it opens. And apply the vitamin e juice to your canker sore. Morning and night..and I wont lie it does taste a tad gross but the results will be worth it.
November 17 2008

Julia from matthews, NC

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A Pinch of Salt

Someone told me once to take a pinch of salt and hold it onto the ulcer and I have used this method a few times and it clears up in a day or so.. It does burn some ..
November 17 2008

Courtney from Florida

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Tea bags

Use a orange pecoe cut black tea bag or a black tea bag, wet with warm hot or cold water put it in your mouth were the canker sore is. It will sting but it works, keep it in there for a few, take it out feel the sore it went down right it will still hurt a little. It might take a few days do it a few times a day trust me it does work.!!!!!!!!!!!
November 04 2008

Kim from colorado springs

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L-Lysine (again)

Hey folks, if you haven't tried lysine tablets (one of 9 essential amino acids) you really should. On a nurse's recommendation, about 10 years ago I bought a bottle of lysine tablets and took one tablet a day for about a month - I haven't had a canker sore since and I've never taken a tablet since (and for years I used to get multiple large canker sores every month). Try it!!
October 31 2008

Paul from Minneapolis, MN USA

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Canker Cover by Quantum

are the size of an aspirin just place over ulcer it becomes a gel cover that soothes and heals after about an hour. There are 6 in pack for 10.00 at Walgreens I get frequent ulcers!!!!!I promise these work, has menthal, beta caratene nothing harmful usually one works, heals in 2-3 days.
September 21 2008

JoAnn(dental hygienist) from Cinti Ohio

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Pure Glycerine 100 %mouthwash is the best for canker sores

Soak cotton wool with Glycerine mouth wash and rub onto the mouth ulcers 3 to 4 times daily. The results are amazing, better than otcs like bonjela and orabase. I discover this remedy by accident by giving to my Indonesian maid who always suffers from canker sores. She took some back to her village in Sumatra and her neigbours called it a miracle medicine for mouth ulcers.
September 01 2008

Jenny Liu from R Panjang, Malaysia

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Powdered Alum

Wet the tip of a cotton swab (Q-tip) and then dip in powdered alum. Press the swab to the mouth sore and leave it there for at least a minute. It can sting at first, but totally bearable. Then rinse your mouth with water. This treatment takes the pain away and helps heal. BTW, alum tastes horrible, so try and keep it on the effected area and rinse thoroughly. Do not swallow!
August 07 2008

Lori from Olympia, WA USA

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Orajel or Peroxyl mouth rinse

I suffered from canker sores my whole life, and I am now 58 years old. The only thing that has worked for me is a product called Orajel mouth rinse or Peroxyl mouth rinse. I rinse with it twice a day when I brush my teeth, and I hardly ever get canker sores now. I would usually have at least two in my mouth at the same time. It's the hydrogen peroxide in the rinse that makes it work. Most mouthwashes don't contain hydrogen peroxide, but these two products do. Look on the back before buying. Walgreen's also has their own version.
August 02 2008

Cynthia C. Henderson from Chelmsford, MA, USA

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Some responses and another cure

First, some science:

The reason many of the treatments listed here seem to work is because they hurt. When the toothpaste, or absorbine, or alum, or whatever you use sits on the soft white protective scab your body creates over sore, it irritates the sore and eats away the scab. This hurts a lot and pretty soon your brain says "whoah, that sore keeps saying it hurts, let's ignore it for a bit since it's not going away" and it stops hurting.

Basically you've taken the scab away, and the pain caused a temporary numbing effect (kind of backwards, huh!). This doesn't really do anything for the healing time, however.

Now, the "cure":

You want to maintain that protective scab. You may have noticed that after you use one of the painful cures, there is reddening of the gum at the site and sometimes slight bleeding at the sore - just like if you rubbed off a scab on your skin. You want to keep the sore covered up (and preferably numb!) while it heals. Several companies make canker sore treatments that provide local anaesthetic and solidify over the sore to form a temporary scab. This works pretty well (unless you're trying to eat or something) and helps your body do what it's trying to do. Of course even these treatments hurt when you put them on - the presence of the chemicals (both natural and artificial) irritates the sore.

This isn't a natural cure however... unfortunately nature hasn't provided us with something that both numbs and scabs. But do avoid treatments that simply burn and wear off the scab your body creates - all you're doing is temporarily numbing the site and extending the healing time.

Keeping your mouth clean (brushing, mouth-wash) helps your body fight the sore - beyond that it's just a (painful!) waiting game.
July 01 2008

Nate from New York, New York, USA

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Baking Soda

Most canker sores are caused by high acid concentrations in your mouth. My family always reverses this problem by using baking soda, which most of us keep around the house anyway. Just dip your finger into the soda and press against the sore. Coating it well will ensure that the sore is receiving good treatment.

Pain should alleviate momentarily (typically no burn, unless it hurts so bad you cant really touch it) and your canker sore should go away in a day or two. Repeat as necessary. Very fast and easy.
May 24 2008

Kat from Rochester, NY

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