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Maalox & liquid benadryl

I have had cankers my entire life. Pretty severe at times where they have covered my mouth, throat, & into my sinus cavities. I do use L-Lysine, peroxide based mouthwash, & SLS free toothpaste & but I still get them.

For me, anything that burns them, prolongs them. A nurse mentioned this idea to me & it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. She explained that Cankers are actually Ulcers or Lesions. What do people do for ulcers in their stomach? They take antacids like Maalox. So, if you mix Maalox & childrens liquid benadryl 50/50 & gargle it, you will get instant numbing from the benadryl & a protective coating from the maalox. I'm not sure on the details of the Benadryl, but I think it also helps since it is an antihistamine & sometimes cankers are due to allergies.

None the less, very simple & inexpensive too! Spit out after gargling & swishing. Use as needed. *Bonus is it's cherry flavored & it doesn't hurt so it can be helpful for children if they know how to spit it out.

December 12 2009

KellyKelly Kelly from Minneapolis, MN USA

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It really works!!!

Two methods I have found to be very effective.

1) If its at the tingle stage dab with perfume and it wont appear at all!!

2) If its already there then mix up some toothpaste and salt and dab it on the sore! Gone overnight =D

November 27 2009

Aoife from Ireland!!

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One shot and done. Hurts when you do it, but worth it. It basically chemically burns/seals the ulcer. It does bleach the area for a little while so I don't know if i would do it if the sore is close to visible area. Also be sure to read instructions carefully.... Do a search for it. It became OTC recently, before that it was hard to get. Again, stings like a mo fo for half a minute but canker is gone after that.
July 30 2009

Batfellas from Long Island, NY

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Rembrandt Toothpaste

For most people there's an insignificant ingredient in toothpastes that causes canker sores that you can Google...it does nothing more than create bubbles (or something like that) and it's also an ingredient in other foods...certain sweets are one of them

I'm 44 and had persistent canker sores all my life until...a) I switched my toothpaste to Rembrandt sensitive (Google it)...it's actually labeled as a canker sore formula...there may be others...and b) I changed my diet to eliminate a lot of processed sugar foods.
July 19 2009

Bubba from Maryland

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Salt Sting

If you have a canker put your finger under water and get it soaking wet. After that put your finger in salt and put it on your canker. It'll sting but the canker will go away or not sting when you eat.
July 06 2009

Shelby from Anytown, AT 55555

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I found that putting a BC powder on the canker sore will burn like a no joke but make the sore go away in as little as one day. It works really really well.
June 22 2009

sam from usa

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Salt water

Make a fairly concentrated solution of salt water and swish it over the sore. This will relieve most of the pain. Spit it out once the pain goes away.

As far as making the sores go a way and keeping them from coming back, I find drinking a lot of water and cutting back on the sweets goes a long way.
June 08 2009

Zach from USA

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Sensitivity Toothpaste

I've been getting canker sores since I was a little kid. I always had about 2 per month (sometimes 3 or 4 at one time! So painful!) until I switched to Crest Sensitivity toothpaste PLUS whitening. It cleared up the canker sores I had by the next day. I brush with it all the time now. I've been using it for about 2 years and have only had 2 canker sores. (Both times I bit my lip and it turned into the sore, but they both went away after about 2-3 days while I was using the toothpaste.) But it has to be Crest brand, I tried switching to Aquafresh because it was cheaper, and I had 2 canker sores the next day. Try it! It really works and its easy to use!
May 04 2009

Hannah W. from Lake Forest, CA USA

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Relief for cankers on the tongue

Canker sores can be stupid and annoying...to me I get them on my tongue all the time.....if I put calamine lotion on it really helps....keep it on for 10-15 min. and then rinse with hot salt water(as hot as cofee) and after youve done that it'll go away within a day or two.
April 22 2009

emily from red deer alberta

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Canker Sore Remedy

Since I was little I've been getting canker sores. My mom always had me warm up water and add sea salt. Once the salt has desolved use it as a month wash. Repeat 2/3 times.

I have found I get canker sores because of stress, or eating acidic foods. Also, canker sores are commonly hereditary (which in my case it is). Diet makes a huge difference.
April 11 2009

Yipper from Flagstaff, AZ

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Calamine Lotion

I am SO GLAD I found this out. If you read uses under Calamine lotion it says it dries out the area. Thats how you get rid of cold sores. Shake before using. Apply it to a Q-tip and it turns to paste. Use it in the infected areas, leave on for all night or throughout the day until it starts to flake off. (Just don't forget you have it on). When you want to rinse, gently use wet cloth. The more you repeat the cycle the quicker the process. To protect the skin from scabing, apply a good moisture to lips afterwards, like carmax. From the time I started feeling/seeing the cold sore, I think it took about 2 or so days before it was gone.
February 11 2009

Magan from Michigan

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Remedy for Canker Sores

Simply place some dry powdered thyme on the sore. You may rinse after if you cant stand the taste just make sure you leave it on there for a couple of minutes.
January 14 2009

Beth from St. George, UT USA

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