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Canker sores

My mother used to give us kids an Ex-Lax whenever we got one of those sores on the tips of our tongue. She believed it was something in your system that caused them and if you cleaned out your bowels, the problem would be gone. To this day we still use it for a remedy.
February 05 2014

Linda from Diamond Bar, Ca

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These work

You can try rinsing your mouth with salt water. (Should contain a lot of salt compared to the amount of water). It burns it knowing it's killing bacteria and drying out the canker sore. Because salt does dry out your mouth. You can also use mouthwash which will burn it as well, but afterwards it numbs it out.
Or you can dab honey on it and it will hurt for a few minutes but then the pain is gone until you start playing around with the canker sore again.
December 03 2013

I_hate_canker_sores from Ca

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Easy to get

Baking soda, cotton swabs (single or dual tip), warm water, hydrogen peri oxide, salt (sea). First brush your teeth so it will not sting and burn as much. Next pour the hydrogen peri oxide in its own small container you won't need a lot. Then pour some baking soda into its own small container and add a little warm water and mix together with a cotton swab and you should make a nice paste.
Now use the cotton swab and rub the paste on the sore ( May sting after a bit but the longer you can hold the pain the better) rinse in sink. Next use a fresh new cotton swab for the hydrogen peri oxide and apply to sore. The hydrogen peri oxide won't burn in most cases and won't sting. It bubbles deep in the sore and cleans and kills germs. Use a dry fresh cotton swab to clean out the peri oxide.

Next is warm water and salt. Use a cotton swab to dab into the mixture and apply right on the sore. Instead of rinsing all around and some gets a little this method makes sure it's put to use where it's needed.
September 28 2013

Jaylon from Georgia

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The Canker Diet

There is no one thing. There is no cure. You can prevent them and treat them in the same way; nutritionally. Here is my personal take on the canker diet, which I've done tons of research on.

Canker sores appear for a variety of reasons that are all nutritionally based. Whether you bit the inside of your mouth, or they just appear, they are caused by an imbalance in your wellness. It could even be emotional (a la "stress," which is a word I dislike because of it's all-encompassing vagueness).

The teabag doesn't work well for me, although I believe in the balancing effects of the tannins in tea. Your alkalinity has a lot to do with canker sores. Thats why its a good idea to pause your meat (& fish) consumption. However, an imbalance in iron can also cause canker sores. If you are a male, seek consultation or "be careful" when supplementing iron.

I've recently discovered the homeopathic remedy "Borax" which I believe is effective. In the pellet-form from the health-food store, homeopathy is one of the easiest, tastiest and most effective forms of medicine.

I've had (sea) salt water do the trick in a day. Other times I'm waiting days while it burns like hell. In a similar fashion, I've used a goldenseal tincture (*not alcohol-based*) that I've found potentially helpful. That reminds me, SLS in your toothpaste is not good for you. Use toothpaste without it. Lysterine, I generally don't use because I use a Jason mouthwash that I like better. Another tincture, if you can find it in a non-alcohol form, is Propolis, and it is absolutely amazing (made by bees, no wonder!)

Raw onions are good for canker sores. Salad is alkalizing, and goes great with raw onions! Oh yeah, and this is maybe the BEST: PROBIOTICS (Acidophilus). Yogurt, kefer, cottage cheese, someone else mentioned brie? Haven't tried that.

Kombucha too! yummy! if you don't know about this stuff, find someone at the hippy-covered health-food store to show you where these things are. Of course, what is even better are the home-made versions of all these delicious foods.

Vitamin C & Garlic.

"Wellness Formula" from the health-food store (as opposed to a supermarket) is quite possibly the best formula of herbs & vatimins ever created. Almost the cure for the common cold, it is an amazing immune booster. Of course, WF is comprised mostly of Vitamin C and Garlic, but the rest of it is truly top-notch.

Other plants/teas that will help: licorice root, myrrh (hasn't been so effective for me, but I believe in it), red raspberry leaf, B-vitamins! (I knows those aren't plants, but eat a B-complex supplement with all the B's.) I supplement with a b-complex (and multivitamins, etc) on a daily basis year-round because they are awesome - do NOT underestimate the power of the B's and supplementing your diet in general. Shaklee makes the best vitamins.

Zinc lozenges may be helpful, but zinc for sure enhances the immune function and may aid in healing.

So basically, if you're desperate like I've been when those painful, week-long-lasting canker sores set in, you'll do what you can. I've full-out changed my diet. That reminds me, canker sores are also presumed to allergy related. Allergies actually range from un-noticeable "intolerances" to kiss-someone-who-ate-a-peanut-and-die. Investigate your diet, let your food be your medicine.

It is important to eat local, organic food. If I haven't lost you yet, I'll continue to press one more time about the alkalinity. If you are unsure about what foods are acidic and which are alkalizing, look it up. If you are unsure of your alkalinity, get some litmus paper or something:)

oh yeah, I hear honey is good! and yes, we're talking about FRESH LOCAL honey from your local farmer's market or co-op market. ...wildflower-power baby! I'm gonna go eat some right now:)

April 06 2011

Scott at hoopdrum.com from Carrboro, NC USA

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I was eating brie for about a year and was not getting canker sores. But I had stopped for a few weeks and was getting a lot of sores and then after I realized it may be the cheese, I tried eating again and the canker sores were gone. Brie is made with mold and even the same genus as the famous antibiotic penicillium producing mold. Might be something about the bacterial and mold cultures in cheese.
September 13 2010

Mike from Livermore, CA

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Canker sores no more

My husband suffered from terrible canker sores his entire life. He would get 4-5 open sores at a time and be in so much pain. We went through kankaid like you would not believe, until researching on the Internet I discovered that peroxide helps. So we switched to crest peroxide and baking soda toothpaste. That was 2 years ago and unless he eats raw tomatoes he does not get canker sores any more, and even then they are not as severe as before if he brushes his teeth immediately after eating. Give it a try. I feel for anyone that suffers with this problem after seeing my husband suffer for so many years.
August 22 2010

Linda from clear lake wisconsin

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cottage cheese/peroxide

I had my tonsils out when I was 12 years old but before I had them out, I was pumped with so much antibiotics for a few years that one time the whole inside if my mouth broke out with those canker sores. the dr prescribed milk tabs and when that did not work he suggested I eat a bowl of cottage cheese. 24 hours later they were all gone!! now everytime I get one I eat the cottage cheese. one of my daughters gets chronic canker sores but won't eat cottage cheese but will eat yogurt which seems to help. I also talked her into putting a q-tip with peroxide directly on the sore till it bubbled and she was surprised it worked!
August 07 2010

mona from parker colorado

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Amazing Canker

OK so this might seem weird but it really works. You put teaspoon of peanut butter in a bowl and a 1/3 of a teaspoon of pickle juice and a pinch of salt on canker sore for 3 minutes...it may taste strange but guaranteed to work.. and sting may occur if pain is already on the canker sore... and I hope your canker gets better.
March 05 2010

Nancy from Orlando, Florida, USA

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My remedy is vitamins!

I have been getting canker sores all my life but lately, after having kids I have been getting them more often and sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. They last about a week or more and are extremely painful. Then my sister told me she read once that some people get canker sores because they have an iron deficiency. I did not believe her at first but decided to give it a try. I waited for a sore and took the iron supplements as soon as I felt it and voila! the sore healed with minimal pain within 2 or 3 days at the most. I now take a women's one a day vitamin supplement (actually it's a prenatal vitamin although I am not expecting) and it works every time. I know this remedy is not for everyone but it's worth a try.
February 12 2010

Sarah C from NYC

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Listerine clears it but it burrnnnsss alloooot not good for children because it does sting alot. You get mouthwash and wash your mouth with it and then just swish for about 3 minutes don't worry after 15 seconds it numbs it.
The remedy is simple.
February 12 2010

JG from US

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I just found this remedy this morning at 4:30 when I couldn't sleep from a terrible canker sore on the very tip of my tongue. Fresh, raw honey. The good stuff, not the fake clover honey. My tongue instantly felt better and the swelling went down and I was able to go to sleep. I don't know why it works, but boy oh boy did it work. It doesn't sting or burn.
January 13 2010

Emily Retz from Clintonville, WI USA

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myrrh tincture, what a revelation!!!

I have tried so many different to treat my multiple and painful canker sores, some natural and some not. I tried whatever you can think of what you can see on internet and what you can hear from people. I was on my way to buy some L-lysine to help reduce and accelerate the healing process.
So I asked the pharmacist where could I find the L-lysine and he showed me....... knowing why I wanted the lysine, he suggested me the myrrh tincture (20% myrrh and the rest is purified and alcohol) You put the cotton swab or Q-tip in the tincture and apply it on every sore for about 5-10 seconds. Applied twice a day during two days my sores were completely gone!! Even after one application there was such a relief and I could eat with no pain. I still use L-lysine and continue to use it as prevention. Just great.
January 07 2010

alex from Seattle, WA USA

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