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72 Home Remedies for Canker sore

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Bc/goody powder

Take the powder and apply it directly to your canker sore. I will burn extremely bad for about 1 minute, but after the pain will be alleviated for hours. Repeat as needed, but the canker sore will be gone in about 2, 3 days max.
April 14 2016

Jamie from Ohio

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I broke a naproxen in half and held it on my tongue for a minute...Pain was gone! So happy!! I've never been in so much pain in my life!
October 04 2015

Dee from Rhode Island

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Regular ol' aspirin

Put 1/4 to 1/2 of a regular aspirin on the sore and let it dissolve almost entirely. Swallow the rest. It will help with pain, fever, and will dry the sore up.
July 08 2015

Marci Ballou from Olympia, Wa, Usa

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Toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate

I was suffered by cancer sores (stomatitis) from the age of 6. It came almost every month and stayed for a couple of weeks. There were very few healthy days. I went to many many different doctors but none could help. Now I am 27 and I have finally found the reason of my illness - just a very strong and toxic ingredients of any modern toothpaste.

I have switched to Weleda Zahngel (I live in Austria) - a natural toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate and since that my gums became stronger and it is now almost impossible to injure the skin inside the mouth and even if it's scratched the recovery comes very fast.
April 11 2015

Innei from Vienna

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Styptic powder

I am 38 and have never had a canker sore until now, but I was searching the internet to figure out how to get rid of it since it hurt so bad, I kept seeing to use Alum, but knew I didnt have any. One thread had a small mention of Syptic Powder (the powder they put on dogs nails when you cut them too close and they bleed, which amazingly I had just bought!) I thought why not? I cant beleive it, I did it at 10 pm last night, pain is gone this morning and the canker is black and drying up. Just a thought! Know if I ever have one again I will use it!
March 19 2015

Shan from Nebraska

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Alum powder spice.

Put alum powder spice on your canker sore. Don't swallow. Count to 100, and then spit out.
January 27 2015

Lllcc from California

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Mouth wash

Mouth wash will clean the bacteria and take away the pain of it. Doing this morning and night will eventually get rid of it. It is not a very fast remedy but it is a good one. Eventually you will be able to touch it with no pain felt!
January 04 2015

Makaela from Canada

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Toothpaste is a major culprit

I would get the on my tongue, inner lips and gums. My Dad did as well and switched to Natural toothpastes which didn't really give a clean feeling in your mouth. I have been using Mentadent and never break out like I used to. Orange juice and oranges are another trigger for me. The mentadent doesn't save me on that.
October 08 2014

Jenn from Orlando, Fl

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Honey in my coffee

For years I've had a problem with Canker sores. About three months ago I switched from sugar in my coffee to honey. I have been canker sore free since then and I use to have them weekly! Try a tablespoon or two full of honey in your coffee or tee and see if it works for you. No Sugar!
July 16 2014

Michael Romeo from Watertown NY

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Baby asprin

If you happen to have some baby asprin laying around, put one tab on the canker sore and it gets rid of the pain and once dissolved the canker sore will go away!
May 23 2014

Lexi from North America

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Put on honey whenever possible! I usually put it on 20 times a day to keep the canker sore low-key and not painful. With this remedy it takes 24 to 48 hours to totally wipe the canker sore off of your gums(or tongue)! And also, take vitamin C tablets to prevent most canker sores from even happening. Use baking soda toothpaste or sensitive toothpaste and stay away from too many tomatoes!
April 15 2014

McLovin from Cleveland Ohio

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Jack daniels

Use jack Daniels as a mouth wash it takes the pain away instantly mine was gone in 2 days.
February 26 2014

Kay from Sc

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