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4 Home Remedies for Jellyfish stings

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Gross but works

I know this is like SUPER groS's but pee on it. The urine helps, though its super gross.
December 28 2014

Jaydn Belenia from Denver, Colorado, USA

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Pee on it, it stops the pain!
October 20 2012

Keith from austin, tx

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Stingmate is a new first aid gel for jellyfish stings...5% acetic acid...vinegar on steroids
;-)...no lidocaine...safe to use and it works...available at retailers...got mine online at www.stingmate.com
April 05 2010

Ron from San Diego, Ca.

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Jellyfish Stings

Getting stung by a jellyfish is not fun! It really burns. I got stung while vacationing in Florida. I didn't have any remedy for it, and didn't know what to do.

I found out "after the fact" to always take a bottle of the powdered "meat tenderizer" with you to the beach and sprinkle it on.

Not sure if it works or why it works, but that's what I was told. :)
March 27 2010

Donna J from Indiana

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