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Cure for brown recluse bites

I was bitten 28 times in my left leg by brown recluses. I went to a doctor after studying the type of poison the spiders have. The doctors told me there was no cure. As usual, I was determined to concoct my own cure. It worked completely.
The cure is as follows:
*I took masses[5-8] of papaya tablets. The papaya has a protein digestant for the digestion of the spiders proteinaceous poison.

*I placed aloe vera gel over a coat of Boil-eze ointment. The boil-Eze[available at local stores including Wal-Marts, pulled the poison out while the aloe vera sterilized the wound with iodine to prevent infection.

*I lived in Galveston, Texas, so I let my leg soak in the salt water as an experiment. I noticed long strands of thick poison oozing out of my bites and going into the water. Obviously,that was another important part of the cure. If you do not live near an ocean, simply order or purchase Instant Ocean salt crystals at a aquarium supply shop.

NOTE: if I become bitten again, I will apply fresh papaya on the wound, It will digest the poison directly that way.
As a result, I experienced very little decay in my leg, (only a 1/16" hole). I also have no scarring. My leg was returned to normal after only a few days, but the hole took about 8 days to heal.
Make sure to take vitamin E for tissue healing with the other remedies.

June 10 2010

Robert Hocker from Texas

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Spider Bite!

A spider bite brought on pain, itching and swelling to the site and my whole leg. I went to several doctors who gave me cream for the site and said there was no know cure.

After two weeks without relief, I remembered an old TEXAS remedy. Take chewing tobacco and soak in a bowl with water to fill. Pour tobacca juice in a cloth and apply to bite for an hour or so. Continue twice a day until gone.

This really works for any type of bite. My Daddy and Mama used this on bites when we were growing up. Good Luck!
March 23 2010

Cheri from California

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