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21 Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

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Tx for (dry, damaged, dull, dandruff) hair

1-) Don't wash your hair frequently, wash your hair
every 2-3 days, for proper regulation of
natural hair oils...

2-) Avoid hot water...

3-) Use (Almond,Coconut,Olive) oil to treat dry
and damaged hair, pour some oil in a bowl heat
it for 40 seconds, massage into scalp with
fingertips,Leave it for 30 minutes, then wash
with lukewarm water...

4-) Massage or Rinse with Lemon juice and Apple
cider vinegar for itchy and dandruff scalp...

5-) Make conditioner for damaged hair at home, i.E
Mash 1-2 Bananas add some olive oil mix well
apply this mixture for 1 hour, then wash...

6-) Wash hair with Dove soap...

7-) Don't brush more than twice Daily, Use much
softer Brushes for damaged hair...

8-) Manage Stress levels by thinking positive
or any thing that can relax you...

9-) Eat properly, eat healthy...

10-) Take Cod liver oil, Omega 3 softgels,
Multivitamins daily for healthy hairs, first
ask your doctor...

I hope I help, thank U
February 20 2014

Saif Malik from Pakisan

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Curly damaged dry - miracle solution

For anyone with dry, damaged, or frizzy hair (particularly of multiracial background.) I, like many of you, was fed up with spending money and time and energy on hair care products that my hair didn't respond well to. Who knew all along that the key was in my fridge?! Mayonnaise!
Particularly reduced fat or "light" mayo, with Olive Oil. Yes, the mayo actually comes with Olive Oil in it.. It comes in a green jar and I prefer this one over regular mayo not only because of the Olive Oil, but also because I feel that the smell isn't as strong compared to regular mayonnaise..

Also, if you just want to try it and only have Miracle Whip at home, this will do the trick! They have the same active ingredients for this purpose, although extra seasoning does produce the strongest smell of the three. Note : try mixing mayo with other home remedies such as raw egg or yogurt, to combat multiple hair issues and maximize effectiveness.
January 29 2014

Hannah from North Carolina

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Put some plain yougurt on your hair and leave it less then 29 minutes. After that wash it with water and your hair will be stronger and make your hair smoother.
December 20 2013

Sarah S. from U.S.A

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Soft and shiny hair

Want soft and shiny hair???? Well now, its not a dream any more!!!! I am A teenager and I have long and dry hair. In the past. I was too puzzled of the roughness and dullness of my hair. I tried every kinds of shampoos, conditioners and blah, blah, blah, but it didn't work. Then I just simply tried a home remedy for my hair.

Here it is: Take 2 rotten eggs, and some yogurt, you can also use some olive oil if you want your hair to look shiny. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and apply to your hair. You can also cover your head if you want to. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water if the mixture id dried. Believe me! It really works!! You will get shiny and healthy looking hair. But the smell of the eggs will remain for two or three hours so rinse thoroughly!!
November 23 2013

Dua Ahmed from Pakistan

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Detangler and damaged hair

Try lemon juice (fresh lemons) mixed with some water to rinse your hair. I had flaky scalp for many years and tried all the products on the shelf to rid the itch and flakes. I also went to the dermatologist spent a fortune on prescriptions.

Then I remembered that I used to rinse my hair with LEMON juice and voila! The problems disappeared. It is great to detangle the hair also. It's great for the skin leaving it smooth and soft....Give it a try!
March 23 2010

BB from Grand Rapids MI

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Spilt Dry Hair

I have had long hair all my life, so the ends get dry and split. I really don't want to cut my hair, so after a shampoo and rinse, I squirt a little olive oil in my palm, rub my palms together, and then kind of fluff it through my hair with my fingers.

Do not ever use any other kind of oil on your hair other than olive oil. Not baby oil, vegetable oil, none of them. Why? Because those oils do not want to wash out.

You can use olive oil anytime, but use sparingly. Olive oil will also get rid of static in your hair, the frizzies, and make it look nice and healthy.

Also, once I lived in a house that had a well. The well water turned my hair red from the iron in the water. No good! Rinse your hair with vinegar/water to get iron deposits out of your hair.
March 21 2010

Janice R from Morgantown

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Best Detangler!

I didn't see a section for detanglers, so I thought I would put it here.

You're just not going to believe what the best "hair detangler" is on the market. It's at your AG store. It's in the horse grooming section, and it's called Show Sheen. You guess it, they use it to get the tangles out of a horse's mane and tail.

They have a product called "Mane and Tail," but I have tried this and it is not the same stuff.

Spray some Show Sheen on after you get out of the shower and comb the tangles away. It also adds a shine to your hair. No you won't smell like a horse! Hahaha

I have been using Show Sheen for years, and will never buy those conditioners that look like snot again!
March 21 2010

Marleen K from Cowboy Country

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Coconut Milk

Put coconut milk in a bowl and but in the refrigerator or freezer until thick. Then coat your hair and let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. It leaves your hair soft and it will smell awesometastic!:D
March 07 2010

We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn from :]:]:]

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Eggs, Virgin Olive Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar

Eggs for the Protein, Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the Moister, and Apple Cider Vinegar for the Shine.

Mix together 2 Raw Eggs, and enough Olive Oil to cover your hair. Place on dry hair, cover with shower cap for an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water ( don't want egg to harden on your hair ). Add about 1/2 a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to hair with shampoo and rinse.
January 26 2010

Tiffany A. from Hollywood, CA

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