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21 Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

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Very dry & damaged hair

Olive oil & 2 eggs leave in hair for 1 hr cover with shower cap.. then was condition.. put coconut in after.. then leave on over nite for soft hair.
February 02 2017

Dar from Bloomsburg

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Super unmanageable hair.

I had permanently straighten my hair thrice before and the result was a DISASTER... I swear... And yes I did try A LOT of products... Yes even home remedies.. But sadly my hair did not get tamed until I began trimming my hair every month. Yes I know every girl loves long hair but try it for a year and I put henna+ egg+ curd... Every month and oiled my hair weekly... Then after5 years my hair seems to be slowing taming down. And yes one more thing hmm, what I heard is B blunt shampoo is totally effective. Have not tried yet but I'll try it and tell you all da result...
Thank you for reading. Hope it will help you.
October 03 2015

Elizabeth from India

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Excellent remedy for damged hair

Most of us love dying our hair but hate the effects dye has on our hair, especially the famous blonde. My hair became so damaged and dried out when I dyed my hair blonde that I mixed my own treatment and the results were amazing.
All you need Olvie Oil Almond oil Coconut oil Elvive Colour treatment mix these all together and apply to hair one a week. Wash hair on the weekend using Sunsilk Shampoo (Orange Bottle - For damaged Hair) Sunsilk Conditioner (Orange Bottle - For damaged Hair) Sunsilk Hair Treatment for damaged hair this will leave your hair soft shiny and healthy.
February 09 2015

Megan from Pmb

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Heat damaged hair

Hey people, I started straightening my hair 2 year ago and did it every single day and now my hair is in such a worst condition, I cannot go out without using my flat iron. I was shattered looking at every girls hair, then I realized it is bringing me no good so I decided to wash my hair only once a week and straighten it once a week but before I wash my hair I started using few easy and simple home remedies and have been using it since a month and trust me there is a huge difference in my hair.

1. Stop using all your heat appliances every single day, trust me I know how it feels but really STOP before its too late to stop.
2. Go to any Indian stores buy a pack of henna powder.
3.Now mix henna, yogurt(plain), olive oil, eggs(2), mayo. Coconut milk and make it a fine paste. Comb your hair fine and start applying the mixture to your scalp in small sections and start rolling the small sections into a bun and apply to the hair before you make it a bun and repeat the process till you finish applying it to your head, and leave it for 3 hours with your shower cap on, and then shower your hair with warm water. Air dry it and after air dried , take a bowl with olive oil sufficient for your hair heat it, and apply to your scalp and hair and massage it and leave it overnight and wash your hair the next morning and air dry it and straighten it at the lowest temp.

Reap this process every week and you will see a drastic change
November 02 2014

Miracle from California

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For ugly hair

OK my title might suck but it's true if you have that frizzy, chunky, smelly, oily hair you've came to the right doctor I've tried every shampoo and conditioner when I mean every I every there's out there but some junk what I'm trying to is get rid of any shampoo for hair is way it's called hair care you'll need:

4 of plain yogurt
2 teaspoons of coconut oil yes the one you cook with
And mix well make sure I smooth put paste on to hair and your finish.......................
August 20 2014

Jasmine Medina from South Carolina

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Beer and egg

Beer and egg mix together, pour and massage into hair and scalp, leave until dry. Wash hair out as normal, gets rid of dry hair/split ends/ damaged hair.
August 01 2014

Paige from Devon

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Miracle solution

Here I'm going to mention 2 types of deep conditioning hair mask that gives your hair super soft and silky texture---

First is--
Banana mask--
Ingredients are---

1 Or 2 ripe banana (mashed them and make a fine paste, remember no chunk remain)

2-3 Tablespoon of olive oil

2 teaspoon honey

mix all them, apply this paste on scalp and hair and keep it about 1hr... Then rinse well and apply shampoo and conditioner.. You can use this mask once a week....

2nd Mask is----

Egg mask--

Ingredients are---

2 whole raw eggs

3-4 tablespoon Yogurt

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Beat all the ingredients together and apply this mask on scalp and hair, leave it for 45mins to 1 hr. At this time cover your head with a shower cap. Rinse well and apply shampoo and conditioner. Can use this mask once a week.

Along with these apply warm coconut or olive oil on your hair and scalp at least twice a week.

Do hot towel therapy... after oiling hair, take a bath towel, dip it on hot water ans squeeze the water, wrap up your head with this hot and moist towel. keep it 2 mins and repeat the procedure for 8-10mins. After 1hr can use shampoo. Do this twice a week to get a soft, silky and shiny hair.
June 13 2014

Ruptulika from India

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Hair hair every where

When I enter my room it is like horrible it wacks me bumps when I see my hairs lying here and there when you're going for a sleep just put any of the oils the most will work is olive oil, massage your scalp with oil and have a peaceful sleep. Wake up and then wash them, it will stop breaking your hairs.
April 28 2014

Saamra from Mp Nagar

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For damaged hairs

Take eggs and mix it in yogurt. Add one lemon in it. Apply this paste on your hair and left it for one hour. After that wash your hairs.
April 25 2014

Kat from London

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Great for dry damaged hair

Wet your hair, rub coconut oil (yes the cooking kind!) into your hair and scalp. Put on a shower cap, then wrap you head in a good towel. Let it soak into your hair and scalp for an hour or so. Then shampoo it out with a gentle shampoo. Your hair will have new life, shine and body, you'll think someone gave you new hair! PS: coconut oil is very good for your skin too. It absorbs into your skin leaving it soft and fresh.
April 21 2014

Bp from Farm town USA

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Damaged hair

One way that might help is to massage your scalp every day for about 10-15 minutes. It will help exfoliate the scalp keeping the scalp moist.
Another remedy that you might want to try is to wash your hair with head and shoulders dry skin shampoo. It will give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow and to make your scalp much more healthier.
Thanks hope this helped!
April 07 2014

Judy Trueman from Los Ang. California

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Dry hair treatment

I oil my hair once a week with coconut oil. Melt about a tablespoon of oil and smooth onto the ends of hair. I leave it to soak over night. Wash it out with sulfate free shampoo. Then condition normally.
March 26 2014

Nicole from Where it's cold

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