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5 Home Remedies for Flu virus

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To sooth the unbearable symptoms of flu

I am one of the common individuals who always seems to have a flu or cold and trust me eventually you learn how to avoid getting the flu and how to cope with the annoying symptoms, especially the sore throat and constant head ache.

The best thing to do is have a cup or two of warm green tea and take an ibuprofen tablet just before you go to bed. The congestion in to your nose will go straight after the first cup of tea and the headache will also dissipate moments after. Anyways hope this helps and get well soon.
May 17 2016

Lima from UK

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Cure for flu

Take 2 tablets of probiotics.
I have not only used this remedy many times but also tested it on others.
I had the flu that killed children and college students. I could not find a cure by using anything. I had a 107 degree fever at that time.
After taking 2 tablets I was completely cured within 30 minutes.
June 10 2010

Robert hocker from Texas

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No real cure, but here are some preventive tips

A good immune system is a good start, you can build your immune system with high doses of CO-Q-10 vitamin and another one is called Idebenone, which is a real high CO Q 10 but harder to get, start this before flu season and drink lots of gatorade, hot baths help detox as well and take an asprin daily to keep fever down, most flu has to run its course, there is no real cure for things you can do to ease the suffering. If you are really bad off your Doctor can prescribe Tamiflu a prescription flu med that works.
February 11 2010

Anonymous from Watkins in TN

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Hydrogen Peroxide for flu symptoms

The very first sign of flu is earache as the virus enters the body frequently through the ears. I lay down and drop about 5 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the first ear (one that hurts the most) You will feel bubbling as it works. Mine took 10 minutes to finish bubbling- then I rolled over and did the second ear. No bubbling but I let it work for 5 minutes. I also then gargled with a 50% solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (3%) Two hours later- no pain- no flu. This relieved both me and my 12 yr old daughter.
January 12 2010

Joe McCormick from Myrtle Beach SC USA

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Honey, lemon and ginger

Just make up some regular green tea, add some honey, lemon and ginger and drink. It should be nice and warm of course. I find it offers some mild relief to your flu and takes away the runny nose for a good half hour after consumption and it tastes great so its good for the kids.
July 30 2009

joseph wills from montreal canada

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