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16 Home Remedies for Women

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Eat a banana and take Advil. Works every time.
September 08 2008

Sarah from St. Louis, MO

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Mensturation Pains

This may sound weird but it really works!! When you have pain keep your hand (palm) on your tummy the area where u have pain(directly touch the hand of your skin to your stomach, if someone else can do that ask as others touch is more relieving)
May 29 2008

NIKITA from India

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Shepherds Purse Tincture

Some women suffering from heavy periods can get relief from 20 to 30 eye droppers worth in a small glass of water. Many women get needless hysterectomies that can ruin them for life. A $10.00 bottle of Shepherds Purse or a $ 20,000. operation? That's a no brainer. Stay away from the knife!! Since it can dry up a period it may be worth a shot for conjestion.
January 19 2008

Edith from St. Marys , GA.

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Menstrual pains/menopausal symptoms

Evening primrose oil is very beneficial to women of menstruating age. Cuts the intensity of the cramps when taken on a daily basis as a supplement. For women starting the menopausal journey, black cohosh. Both at any wal-mart, cvs, brooks, walgreens etc. Also red clover leaf for estrogen balance. Absolutely no side effects, ever. Red clover leaf (pills) should be taken daily all along from your early twentys as it contains all four estrogenic properties of the ones women generate, only balances you. Your system takes what it needs and the rest gets to go to the urine tract.
May 18 2007

terri g from warren RI

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