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11 Home Remedies for Neck Stiffness

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Neck stiffness

Easy movement of neck to right and left up and down.
November 23 2016

Vijay Narsian from Bhavnagar

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I have it too!

I think using a massager helps and icy hot!
January 09 2014

Kk from Us

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Go to a chiropractor they are the best for this as it is usually misalignment of the back bone that is wrong.
September 19 2013

Mary Delaney from Ireland

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Castor Oil Pack

Use castor oil as can be found in the health food store in the beauty department, it is used topically, not internally. Slather it on your neck, then wrap it gently to build up heat which will make it work even better. I used a pair of jogging pants with the nubby side out--did it out of frustration, couldn't lay hands on a tea towel which I had always used with some tape to close the wrap. Problem with that is, some time during the night I would take it off, it was too tight no matter what I did. Necessity is the mother of invention, the pants wrapped like a muffler around the neck, it kept me on my back and my neck motionless because it was so comfortable. I heard little snaps and pops--means it was breaking up adhesions, I'd bet. Like cracking a knuckle, those pops are released gas that was formed from the bones moving over one another. Nothing better than when something works! Had I gone to the doctor, two cat scans and a muscle relaxer later, he would have said--your neck hurts.
June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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Happy feet, no sore neck

For me, a good soft sole shoe always cures a stiff neck. I discovered this remedy years ago and it has never failed.
I once suffered from lower back pain that slowly moved to my neck. My neck was so stiff I could not turn my head left or right. I began to suspect my new hard soled work boots.
I inserted cushioned insoles. Several days later my back pain vanished, and so did my neck pain.

The pain starts to come back when I wear hard soled shoes.
January 18 2009

Darrell from Vancouver BC

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I suffered from a recurring neck and shoulder pain for about two months.I also had constant migraines and headaches. I tried getting treatment such as accupressure massage. It really hurt. It only gave temporary pain relief.I tried it a few times but not much success. I moved on and tried accupuncture. I only went for two sessions and I can now move my shoulders and neck easily.
Very important keep your neck warm when you go outdoors. Once you feel the cold draft on your neck it will worsen it.Sitting too much using the computer makes it worse. Try sleeping on a hard pillow. This will decrease your neck pain the next day.

May 24 2008

Anne from Melbourne, Australia

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Bio Freeze

My girlfriend swears by "Bio freeze" it comes in a gel and roll-on form. She got it from her Dr., though its not a prescription.
December 17 2007

Javier from Dallas, TX

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Use arnica you can find it at your health food store. Gently rub it on your neck works great.
November 24 2007

molly from Seattle, WA USA

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Neck stiffness

Stretch your calves as your neck muscles are actually linked to your calves through interconnecting musculature called fascial trains.
October 24 2007

lachlan ainsworth from Australia

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I have TMJ and have pain in my neck 5 out of 7 days. I found a pain spray called Stopain and it
has the ingredients Glucosamine, MSM, and Boswella. It also has Menthol. I have found this to be extremely helpful. It comes in a roll on too. I use it for back pain, joint pain, and headaches.
October 04 2006

Donna from Pawleys Island, SC

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Pain in the neck

Gosh, I can't move my head... It's the second time this year. I think when I sit next to a drafty window I get it every time. It's really annoying because you can't even drive your car right. I feel like I am walking around with one of those neck braces on, I have to move my whole body to look to the right. Ouch! Man it hurts.

Anyway, normally what helps me is this cream called IcyHot, you could get it at a local pharmacy. You put some on your neck and rub it in till you can feel the heat.

Do that before you go to bed and wrap a wool scarf around your neck for the night. If you get it real bad, might be a good idea to do it several times a day.

A real hot shower seems to help as well.
February 24 2006

Mark from Vermont

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