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Vicks Vapor Rub KILLs Toenail Fungus

Apply Vicks vapor rub (dark blue jar) to toenail
and surrounding skins nightly!! It takes a while but this really works!!!
June 22 2008

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Red Pepper paste

I used harisa, which is a mixture of hot red pepper powder with the red pepper seeds, garlic and olive oil. I filed down the toenails to expose the fungus and applied the paste, then put a bandage overtop to keep the paste in place. I wore socks all the time as a second layer of protection against leakage. I replaced the paste and bandages every 1.5 - 2 days. I started 8 days ago. When removing the bandage from my big toe yesterday, a big clump of the fungus came off. I then got a knife and was able to easily removed a lot more. Now, about 80% of the fungus is removed from that big toe. The remaining fungus is beneath the part of the nail that wasn't filed down, so I trimmed the nail a bit and push the paste underneath it. It was all painless. The paste gave a mild tingling to the toe. The other toes are not yet as successful.

I have fungus on 7 toes. It was very bad on one big toe, covering about 70% of the surface area. I've had it on that big toe for 19 years. I was prescribed pills 3 times in the first few years but there was no reduction in the fungus. I ignored the fungus for over 10 - 12 years as it gradually spread to other toes. I told myself the fungus didn't really matter because maybe I'd had it so far for as many years as I had left to live ! So I've managed for over 50% of it's duration, I told myself. In late 2007 I saw another doctor and he said there was now a liquid remedy that was applied externally. He was sure it would work, and even said it wouldn't hurt if I also took the pills at the same time. But I decided that the liquid was good enough, so I bought two 5 ml bottles of Loceryl, at $50 a bottle. I was generous in application and filed down the nails beforehand. I used it for about 6 months twice a week but it did not remove even a little of the fungus.

What surprises me with this experience, from visiting doctors 20 years ago to recently, is the conviciton of absolute certainty that these pills and liquid would work. I guess I was unlucky with doctors, but any who are reading this are probably open minded so won't be offended.

June 08 2008

Tom Roberts from Tunis, Tunisia

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Preventing infections/ingrown toe nail

Soak your foot/feet in a bowl of epsom salt for about 20 minutes. Soak your foot/feet 3 times a day this will help for an ingrown toe nail or a infected toe. Then you can put some type of triple antibiotic ointment or any type of ointment that helps with minor cuts or preventing infections. You can put this ointment around the injured toe every time your done soaking your foot/feet.

NOTICE:may take couple of weeks.
June 04 2008

Gaby from USA

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I bought 100% tea tree oil from Melaleuca. Although You can buy it from any Health Food Store.

I have athlete's foot on my right foot and toe nail fungus on the big toe of my right foot.

I rub the tea tree oil on liberally, concentrating between my toes and on the toe nail that is affected and ...IT WORKS MIRACLES! I saw results after the first night.

It cleared up the athletes foot and my toenail is growing out clear! Hooray Hooray for Tea Tree Oil!!!
May 24 2008

Rocky Balboa from San Antonio, Texas

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Clorox Magic

1 part Bleach
1 part hydrogen peroxide
10 parts water

soak you feet everyday and it will help.
March 19 2008

Fellow Fungus Sufferer from USA

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Toenail fungus and athletes foot cure

Fresh urine.

Soak feet for as long as you can as many times a day as you can. You will notice an improvement with the athletes foot in 2 days. It will take 2 weeks or more to see an improvement in the toenail fungus. My athletes foot was out of control with blisters and itching oh the itching. I hope this helps as it did for me.
February 29 2008

D. Diotte from CANADA

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Mentholatum for toenail fungus

Was reading a couple of the cures for toenail fungus that used Vicks VapoRub. I didn't have that in medicine cabinet, but did have a jar of Mentholatum and decided to give it a try.

I just rubbed it on my nails in the morning and at night and within a couple of days, they were very noticeably improved.

November 06 2007

Kenny from FL

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My mom was told to do this, from a friend at work. She tried it as the prescriptions that doctors gave weren't working.
Soak a cottonball in listerine, then put it on your toe nail and wrap your toe in foil. Leave on for 15 minutes. Do this once a day and within a few weeks it will be gone. IF you have more than one toe, soak your foot in a bowl full of Listerine.
Warning - it may turn your toes blue or green, so I recommend the whitening version of Listerine. Plus the whitening version helped get rid of the yellowing the medicine caused.
July 01 2007

daughter from New Jersey

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Vinegar and vaporub

Had fungus for 10 years prior to this. 4 months ago all of my toes were infected. This is my remedy.

You will need

Distilled (white) vinegar
Vicks vaporub
Cotton wool balls (I bought a pleat and rolled it into pea size pieces)
cotton buds (Q tips I think they are in the US)
10 clean fingers
Odd socks
Always bathe/shower in just clean water - no salts, gel etc

Do this every morning and every night.

1st pour some vinegar into the bottle top
Thoroughly wipe nails with small cotton wool balls (this will remove the vaporub from the last application) Do not dip cotton wool into the vinegar more than once, if you need more get another ball. When all 10 toes are done, dry quickly, I did this by lying on the bed and 'pedalling' my legs like we did as kids excercise, but you can use a hairdryer.

Now use cotton buds, don't dip any into the vinegar more than once. Apply to the cuticle area first then work towards the end of the nail. When done, dry quickly.

Again with cotton buds, exactly like last time.

Apply vaporub, use a different finger to apply for each toe, this way a clean (fungus free) finger goes into the vaporub. Apply all over the nail and let some stay on the skin around it.

At bed time cover with socks - use odd socks, same ones on each feet each time - so you don't transfer fungus from one foot to the other.

Nails won't recover at the same rate, some will be better (completely) within 4-6 weeks, some take longer, I have been doing this for 4 months and now have 8 healthy toes and 2 well on the way to recovery. If you get it right you won't have to wait for the nail to grow out.

First thing I noticed was the end of the nail became sharp (like it should be), then the skin around the nail became soft and pink and the nail edges became defined. Then the nail itself gradually changed colour.

Soaking your toes once a week in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution will help tremendously.
(I use a washing up bowl propped up one side)
I think this works because it stops the infection spreading from one toe to another and back again.
June 19 2007

carol from UK

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Vicks Vapor Rub

Just use Vicks on for toenail Fungus everyday. Takes a while, but so does everything for this. Very cheap and worth a try.
May 22 2007

Donna from Orange, TX

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Tea Tree mixed with herbs, cedar, etc.

Hi, this is a remedy that I have found works for me. It's a mixture of tea tree oil, Lavender, Thyme, and cedar oils. (Made by futspa) The important thing in application, as is noted in the above posts, is to apply it on a considtent basis, day after day. It took about 6 weeks for the nails to clear. I could see results in about 2 weeks, as the new nail grew out.
January 29 2007

Peter from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Tea Trea Oil

I wiped my nails with tea tree oil, the fungus has cleared up and my nail looks great. Its sold at natual vitamin stores and smells like pine sorta. I have been told to use it about once a week to make sure the fungus will never return
January 28 2007

Rufus from Edmonton, Alberta

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