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Laser Treatment

I had my toenail fungus treated by a laser in New Orleans. The company was Light Wave Laser Centers. The treatment was quick, painless, and had no side effects. It's the most natural cure there is: Light! The technology is truly revolutionary. I highly, highly recommend it.
July 13 2009

Chris from New Orleans, LA

32 25

Generic vaporub and occasional griseofulvin

I am a fungus farm and have been since childhood over 50 years ago, and it ran in my family. In recent years I totally cured my lifelong foot fungus problem by applying generic "vaporub" (Wal-mart's Equate brand which is equivalent and a third the cost). I also rotate a set of about 6 running shoes. Result: no fungus and no stinky feet or stinky shoes. However, every now and then I will get a fingernail fungus that does not respond to topical treatments of any kind. I found that an old, cheap prescription (grisofulvin) does the trick every time, over a period of several months. Doctors do not push it and it is a systemic medication so it should not be used lightly; save it for the infection that responds to nothing else.

I might add that as a webmaster of an educational site, I have no patience for fake testimonial and "review" web sites that deceive visitors in order to sell their own product. So in principle I would not touch Zetacure with a ten foot pole. They are clearly excellent when it comes to search engine optimization, dominating the google ratings when you search for nail fungus cure. But anybody who spams the web like they do is not to be trusted any more than any other common spammer, in my humble opinion.

May 13 2009

Buck from Statesboro, GA

129 6

Gross toe nail for 5 yrs-dropped off 1/yr. Now: beautiful

Drank home made kefir twice a day for three months. I also filed down the hard thick skin after the toe nail fell off.
After three months of doing this, my toenail was half way back and completely attached to the flesh underneath and was smooth for the first time in five yrs.
May 08 2009

anneb from Santa Cruz, CA

7 20


-Soak or rub feet for 3 to 4 minutes
-Dry with towel or air dry is better.
-Do these twice a day
April 27 2009

Gilbert C. from CLEVELAND, OHIO

37 26

Triple Threat

I had a black, fungus infested big toenail for 8 years after a can fell on it. None of these remedies worked individually but applied together this remedy cleared it immediately. Morning and evening pour white vinegar on the nail, then immediately apply tea tree oil, then seal it all in with Vicks Vapor Rub. It is a bit stinky but within a week I had clean nail growing in. I kept applying this remedy for a few months until new nail had grown in completely.
December 12 2008

Catherine from Easthampton, MA

95 13

For people who really want it to go away

I was soooo sick of using the $80 a bottle ointments that did not do a thing...So I took things into my own hands. I used hydrogen peroxide for everything (4%)...And thought I'd try that on my toe. (Just my big toe)...I would dip a qtip and soak it and apply t a couple of times a day...It slowly was rotting away the nail...But not enough. I went to a chemist - as I am an American living in Australia, told him I wanted a mixture stronger for my toe nail, and he made me a mixture of 12%....Which is very strong.....AND IT WORKS! It hurts, though - let me tell you - but I am now growing in a new nail.

You have to keep applying a few drops a few times a day. I even checked with my doctor - when it was killing me. He said I was nuts - it was too strong, and wanted me to go on to Lamisil pills. Which can ruin your liver - and I said - but my treatment's working, isn't it? And he agreed. So, I think this is the best treatment, but you need to have a bit of a pain threshold....(Its not that bad) and if my nail is now going to grow in...After all the Loceryl bottles that didnt work, I am going to be sooooo happy! Hope this helps someone! :) Persevere!
December 07 2008

Caren from Sydney Australia

22 17

Head & Shoulders

I had a toenail fungus for who knows how long as I got pedicures (my doc says big no no) every 6 weeks. I always had polish on my toenails. When I went to the foot dr. and he diagnosed me for something else he told me I had a fungus in at least 7 toenails. He told me to scrub my nails with head & shoulders in the shower, after drying my feet off put some Listerine on them and then apply Oxistat cream 1% (RX). He also said try and keep your feet out of closed shoes as moisture creates fungus.This was easy as I live in Fla. and can sandals years round. It could take anywhere from 6 mos to 1 yr to clear up depending how fast your nails grow. You must be able to see the white half moon part at the cuticle growing out to start a healthy nail.I wanted to go on the pills as they work twice as fast but the doc said it is way too hard and toxic on your liver!
November 23 2008

Tracy from Boca Raton, Fla.

41 4

Listerine, more than just mouthwash

A friend of mine recommended to me that I should soak my feet in, believe it or not, Listerine. I decided to try it, with my doctor's approval, and it actually worked. It cleared up the fungus with 7-10 days.
November 04 2008

Steve Magrum from Grand Rapids, MI USA

60 10

Urine remedy

Collect your own urine as you urinate. Holding toes over the toilet, pour over toes. Then blot with tissue. There is no smell involved, surprisingly. This was amazing. I have had unsightly big toenails, yellowed and splitting, with thick skin under the nails. I realized as I started this remedy that I evidently had some of the fungus on other toes as well, almost all of them to some degree. Within a month my nails were white, and not thick as they had been. In addition, my little toenails had been practically buried in skin, and now they actually looked like nails !!! It's been less than two months and I haven't really given up on it yet, as they seem to keep on improving. And they have been ugly for at least 12 years. WOW!
November 03 2008

Sadie A. from New Orleans, LA

37 53

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is great. Use clean cotton or fingers. Cut off as much of the old nail as you can.... do it regularly and consistently. I also use it for any athletes foot as well as the nail fungus. Keep your socks clean or buy new ones.
good luck
November 01 2008

Herbie from Victoria Australia

16 5

ZetaClear and Vick's Vapor Rub: Works Everytime

I suffered for many years from toenail fungus on my big toe. I have tried many of the other solutions and finally got rid of it by using a combination of Zetaclear in the mornings and Vicks Vapor Rub in the evenings. I bought the Vick's at the grocery store and the zetaclear at: http://nailfungusstore.com/
September 08 2008

Suzanne from Charlotte, NC

12 22

Red Pepper paste Update

See my first post of 8 June/08

It is now 22 days since I started my treatment with harisa (red pepper mixture). Every other night I replace the bandages, clean the toes, apply some iodine liquid and then apply the harisa again, which takes me 10 to 15 minutes for all 7 toes. On the weekend, I review progress on each toenail and file down the top of the nail to expose more fungus, which takes me 45 to 60 minutes. In the area of the fungus, I am gradually filing the nail back towards the cuticle and as I do more fungus gets exposed for the next week. For one big toe, the fungus covered about half the nail surface, and about a third of the nail surface for the other big toe. For the small toes, it spanned the entire width of the nail and as I file it back more fungus appears. It look like I'll have to file as far as the cuticle.

Instead of harisa, for 2 days I also made a mixture of hot red pepper powder mixed with olive oil. I tried this a once but the bedsheets got stained because of leakage, so I went back to my harisa.

I’d estimate at least 50 to 60% fungus removal on the smaller toes, and about 75 % removal on the bigger toes. I cannot see new nail growth yet. In brief, it’s worth the effort.

June 22 2008

Tom Roberts from Tunis, Tunisia

9 18

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