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Toenail infection - activated charcocal poultice

Okay, this is not for toenail fungus. For toenail fungus I'd recommend rubbing in lavender essential oil every night. I've never had toenail fungus but lavender oil worked for my athletes foot so that's why I recommend it.

Anyway, for a toenail infection applying a small activated charcoal poultice will draw out the infection. I had a small infection where I clipped my nail too close one time. It had a small area with yellow pus and hurt so bad I couldn't wear a shoe. My Mom suggested a charcoal poultice. Basically I took some activated charcoal powder (which is really good to have on hand for accidentally poisoning, upset tummys of all kinds and other things)and add a little water to make a paste. I applied the paste to the affected area and then put a bandaid over it.
The next morning it was a lot better and after several applications it was healed up completely. I was so surprised. If it hadn't shown improvement so quickly I would have headed in for some antibiotics. You don't want to fool with an infection like that. Just thought I'd share.

January 30 2010

Moni from Michigan

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Dermabrasion and tea tree oil

Like many, I had been living with toe nail fungus for some time. I had it on both of my big toes (~half of both nails infected). I was skeptical about going to the podiatrist b/c I was nervous that I would lose my toe nails, need to follow some rigorous treatment, throw out my shoes, etc. However, when I thought it was spreading to my other toes I had to take action. I finally made an appointment to see a podiatrist and it was the best decision of my life. She clipped my nails down and did a dermabrasion on both big toe nails (and my second toe nails), which cleared ~90% of the fungus. She then told me to apply tea tree oil twice a day to my toes. I can't tell you how happy I am that my toe nails look normal.

Also, the doctor mentioned that I did not have to throw away my shoes or old nail clippers. Fungus lives everywhere, but happens to thrive in dark moist places like under our nails. She also said that the fungus was most likley not caused from a pedicure (which is what I had origianlly thought) because the cleaning solutions they use will kill anything. It's best to remove toe nail polish frequently since it can seal in the fungus you may catch. Plus, by keeping nail polish on your toe nails, you can't see what might be happening to your toes (i.e. infected with fungus). From now on, whenever I get a pedicure I am going to remove the polish in a more timely fashion and allow my nails to breathe.

I just had to share my story b/c I was very upset and embarrassed about my toes. But there is hope and the best decision I made was seeing a podiatrist!
January 29 2010

EK from Boston, MA

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New Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

I tried all the home remedies and nothing really worked long term, that is because none of the stuff available could get below the surface of the nail to the root of the problem. The laser treatment I got from Dr. Jeffrey Kleis in Huntington Beach, CA cleared up the problem with one painless treatment. No side effects. Only downside is that it cost $899. But in the long run I've spent more than that on pills and creams and other junk. If you are serious about getting rid of toenail fungus infections, go see a doctor that offers the laser treatment. My docs info is at http://www.DrKleis.com and http://www.LoveYourToes.com/
January 29 2010

J. Kerry from Orange County, CA

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No more athletes foot

We used the cream for jock itch to get rid of athletes foot but it kept coming back The doctor told us to to wash our socks in hot water and no more problems.
January 22 2010

Mary from St. Louis

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Tea tree oil vicks vapo rub

I have had a foot fungus for years now. It has gotten to the point of being extremely painful at times. I went to a regular gp doctor and he suggested tea tree oil. Before I went to him I had heard about vicks vapo rub and was using it and it seemed to take the pain away. I am now using the tea tree oil but putting the vicks on it afterward. The vicks definitely seems to eliminate the pain and may actually be quicker from what I have read in getting rid of the fungus. The tea tree oil takes up to a year to work. The tea tree oil I only started a couple of days ago but I know the vicks helped.
January 13 2010

Bonnie from MIchigan City, In.

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What I am doing

I have done a vinegar soak for my toes that have fungus daily, along with putting a thick amount of Vicks Vapor Rub in the morning and evening for 2 months now.

I didn't want to post anything until I saw a clear difference. Like a few other people commented, the change was not instant, but all of my toes are getting better. With one of my smaller toes now looking completely normal, the smallest one is half way there and my big toe is growing regularly at the base again.
I have been told that toenail fungus is the same fungus from Athletes foot, so as a runner I am going to make sure that I treat any athletes foot immediately from now on.

On an emotional /spiritual level, it has made me question why I attracted it to myself in the first place. People accept the fact that when you have anxiety that you are not trusting the process of life. Well, when you put a emotional connection to fungus it relates to stagnating beliefs and refusing to release the past. If this is the case for you, incorporate "I live in the present moment, joyus and free" several times every time you think about your toenail fungus and break that stagnent connection and be in the present.

January 09 2010

Lise from Ca, US

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Get stuck in

After years of fungus on both big toe nails and trials and expense with stuff from the chemists I read this site and then bit the bullet. No way was I going to take the doctor's systemic fungicide tablets of last resort and risk damage to my my liver to make my feet less ugly.

So I decided to get mean, get angry and get even.
It doesn't like salt. It doesn't like vinegar. It doesn't like athletes foot spray. I decided to give it a full on triple whammy.
First I took very sharp curved nail scissors and cut and shoved, and cut some more, until I had carefully hacked off all the infected nail area I could manage, opening up its soft underbelly for attack. Some minor blood but not horrific and not really painful - had to be brave... But it was amazing how much I managed to remove. Got virtually all of it...And it was OK.

Then I spent a week of sitting with my feet in red hot salt water and vinegar mix in a wash up bowl whenever I could. Then a week or so of spraying athletes foot treatment on the raw toes both ends of the day. Cracked it! Healthy toe nails growing back now. Clean and pink. Early signs had been appearing on other toes and this has gone too.

So, get tough. Fungus can be killed!
During that purge I also boiled all of my socks, through out my smelly shoes and fungal sprayed the ones I kept. Go for it.
January 05 2010

Vinny Lopez from Hampshire, England

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EASY vinegar remedy

I am going to give a very factual review here, because I don't know the science. All I can say is what I did and what my results were.

MY SITUATION: Mild to moderate fungus on big toe and several smaller toes. A little yellow here and there, but mostly white striations covering the whole nail (i.e. not clear at all). Very noticeable and ugly. It had been there at least many months when I started treatment. I looked around at many potential remedies and knew that I wanted one that is relatively simple. I can't be mixing ingredients and filing nails 2x/day.

THE REMEDY: I put a small amount of normal household vinegar in a small tupperware container (maybe 3/4 cup). Every morning, right after my shower, I took a Q-tip, soaked the end in the vinegar for a second, then applied it to my toenails (the whole nail, and especially around the cuticle). I re-soaked the Q-tip as necessary to keep it wet with vinegar as I went along. I put enough vinegar on each nail to make it wet, but it wasn't an excessive amount. Sometimes a drop would run off the nail, but mostly not. It took about 1 minute or less to do all nails. After applying, I would just go about as usual (sometimes I put socks on right afterwards, sometimes not). I did the same exact thing at night just before bed. I used one end of the Q-tip in the morning, the other end at night, then threw it out. My compliance was good: I missed a morning or a night once in a while (say once or twice a month) but I never missed two consecutive applications.

THE RESULTS: I noticed soon after starting that the nail that was growing in was normal. The treatment seemed to do nothing to the existing fungus in the nail. But every time I cut my nails, I cut off some fungus so things looked better. I'm probably something like 6 months in now, and I have about a quarter of my big toe nail (at the end of the nail) that still has the fungus. Every bit of new nail since I started, however, is clean and clear. Soon I hope to cut off that last bit of fungus-y nail. Yay! What I really like about this treatment is that it is EASY (which means you can stick to it rigorously) and CHEAP (probably $3 or $4 all in).
October 11 2009

Carlos from San Francisco, CA USA

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Apple cider vinegar kills fungus and athlete's foot

For decades I've had issues with recurring athlete's foot and after visiting a doctor about my retarded pinkie toe I found out that I had a fungus which caused the funkiness. The doc told me that the pills he could prescribe had some kinda crazy side effects so I put it on the back burner and turned to the trusty INTERNET.

After reading a couple of sites I saw the remedy of vinegar to cure the fungus, and as a bonus read that it also kills athletes foot (vinegar kills any germs on your feet due to it's acidity). Only took 3 consecutive days of soaking my feet for both the fungus and athletes foot to go bye bye. Here's what I did:

- Bought a tub that was the perfect size for my feet
- Bought a gallon of vinegar. Started with regular vinegar, switched to apple cider vinegar hoping it would smell better. They both stink.
- Filled up the container with enough vinegar to cover up my toes, to the top of the cracks in between my feet.
- Let my feet sit in the solution for approximately 2 hours per application (I would watch tv or sit on the INTERNET with my feet in the solution).

During the 1st application my pinkie toenail came completely off. 2-3 applications later I noticed no excessive drying on my feet and my pinkie toenail is starting to grow back normal. Hallelujah!

No prescribed drugs or excessively costly medication required. Try it!
September 24 2009

PS from Sunny CA

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Got a stupid toe nail fungus due to a pair of tight-fitting shoes. I read through all these posts. Settled on Listerine. Yep, it has worked beautifully. I cut the fungus nail down to the healthy nail and have been wrapping a Listerine soaked cotton ball on my toe for a week now. I leave it on for at least 15 minutes (did use the Whitening so I could see improvement instead of a yellow, green or blue toe!) Recovery really has been amazing. All discoloration is gone and there is pretty pink tissue where I cut the bad nail back. I was careful to wear latex gloves while cutting the fungus. I didn't want anything spreading to my fingernails. Hang in there...there is hope!
September 21 2009

MJ Ham from Texas

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Blast the fungus out with jacuzzi jet

I had toenail fungus under all of one of my big toenails, had been there for nearly a year. One night I was in a hotel jacuzzi, I stuck the toenail right up to the jet and held it there for several minutes. I got out and saw that the fungus had been blasted away from under the nail, there was space between the toe and nail, I squirted athletes foot spray under the nail, I guess it killed the rest. All gone. Toenail was then healthy.
July 26 2009

greasesicle from San Francisco

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Alcohol Treatment

Here is an excellent remedy to cure Fungus Infections of the Feet, also known as toenail fungus or onychomycosis.

1. Invest in a 4 oz. Dropper bottle.

I recommend visiting the following website for your purchase:

2. Fill your dropper bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

3. Put 2 drops of the isopropyl alcohol at the growing base of the affected nail every night and morning, and within a few months, normal nail will begin to show at the base of the nail.

Other remedies like distilled vinegar are effective as well. However, isopropyl alcohol dries or (evaporates) quickly and does not leave the mess that vinegar can leave on the floor.

This alcohol treatment works and it is relatively inexpensive.
July 22 2009

JCR from NY

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