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76 Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus

Vicks vapo rub. Every night on affected nail. You will see the nail grow out all new and no more fungus among us.
October 12 2013

Js from Nj

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Baby powder or gold bond

The powder will suffocate the fungus and ultimately dies. Just use powder all the time.
August 09 2013

Paulina from Hollywood, FL

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Get rid of fungus fast

I have been suffering with toenail fungus for several months and tried a non-prescription anti-fungal that did nothing for it.
Reading the home remedies I decided to try apple cider vinegar soaks. Horrible smell and wasn't willing to sit with my foot in the stuff for hours every day. So here is what I did.

Got some large band aids (Kroger brand 2"x4"). Poured a little apple cider vinegar to saturate the pad, and then applied to the toenail. The large pad is bigger than my toe and provided near perfect coverage of the skin around the toe. I covered with plastic wrap (to prevent leakage), put on shoes and socks, and went to work. Zero smell. 10+ hours later I took it off.

Much of the fungus covered nail was soft and easily clipped away. Used the pointy nail clipper metal file to dig out fungus under the nail I couldn't clip. About 1/2 of the fungus covered nail was gone and it looked so much better. I washed it and put some foot cream on for the night.

Next day was a repeat. 90 percent of the fungus nail gone. Repeated a third day (today) and think the last vestige of fungus infested nail will be gone. It is not beautiful to have a big chunk of nail gone, but I'd rather have that than fungus. Thinking of switching to Vick's to treat the exposed nail bed overnight.

I know it will take some time to grow out but pretty happy with the quick results!
May 15 2013

OldAndSmart from VA

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Good Ole Vinegar

Put vinegar in a small spray bottle and spray on toenails after shower. I also Use in shower on tile walls and floor...voila, toenail fungus disappears.
August 30 2012

R chiles from Florida

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Natural Remedy

Wash your feet and toenails thoroughly and dry them well with a blow dryer. Put 2-3 drops of Oil of Oregano on each toenail with fungus. Repeat morning and night
April 14 2012

Maria from Miami, FL

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Terbinafine - Oral

I've been fighting my fungal infection for over 3 years and tried it all. I was very reluctant/resistant to the oral medication because of everything I've read about the side effects, but when my big toenail started crumbling I had enough.

I had side effects from the terbinafine pill for about 3 weeks. I did get a metal taste in my mouth and it was hard to eat, but in most people like me it goes away.

Now, I'm at the end of my treatment, and after cutting my nail short the yellow is almost gone. I got rid of a lot of my shoes, just in case. But I tossed two pairs of Uggs in the washing machine and cleaned them in hot water and let them dry. They are fine.

Kicking myself for not starting oral meds right away.
November 12 2011

Take the oral med!! from Dallas

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Based on my experience, one tip I could give is use the product named ZeroFungus. It is safe and effective. I already tried it for myself and it works.
August 22 2011

Summer from Manila, Philippines

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Fungusil - Toenail Fungus Treatment

I have never had success with any products until I've used the tropical product fungusil. Within 2-3 weeks, I'm amazed at how quickly my toenails started to clear up! Thanks for this product for getting me back in sandals again! Fungusil is easy to use, very comfortable and the best of all, it really works!
August 14 2011

Pablito from Manila, Philippines

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Urine for foot fungus

Yes, I know, it sounds gross. But the soldiers in Vietnam and Korea were told to use this to keep their feet healthy while in the trenches. Since they couldn't always have clean socks to wear, they had to urinate on their feet. Apparently, urine has the proper acidic PH needed to keep fungus from growing. So, it is true. Urine does help!
October 11 2010

Terry from Iowa

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Toenail fungus treatment

Toenail fungus treatment at zerofungus.com, is the #1 & best clinically proven natural treatment for Nail fungus treatment, toenail fungus treatment, Athletes foot treatment, Ringworm treatment, Ringworm infection, Mycosis treatment.
March 16 2010

Jams from USA

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Salty water murders toenail fungus

I have the horrible stuff on both of my big toenails and it is a nightmare. I soak my feet in a bucket or washing up bowl of boiling salty water and 1 of my nails is back to normal but the other is slowly getting there. Hope this works for you because i know how bad it is.
February 13 2010

Jamie Ogley from Pontefract,England

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Green be Gone

I had a strange fungus develop under one toenail and I believe it was caused from my jogging outdoors this winter when it is very cold and I sweat very much during the winter. The nail was being pushed up and a bulbous looking mess was under the nail.
My remedy is similar to others on here with soaking my toenail in apple cider vinegar a few times 20-30 minutes or white will work the same and then applying vicks vapor rub at night with a medicated band aid to hold it on for 3-4 days. After that I cut the nail back to expose the bulbous mess and using my clippers that were cleaned with peroxide cleaned it out. It is almost normal now but after opening the nail back it hurts more from that than anything but at least my nail is not green under it anymore!
February 07 2010

Randy from Edmonton,AB

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