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Tried em

Had toe nail fungus for 40years! NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING cleared it! Tried peroxide, bleach, funginail, teatree oil vicks vapor rub even resorted to a dremel tool to thin then in order to wear my shoes. Oh and the pills that claimed to cure it from the inside out where destroying you liver. Enough already! Had all ten removed last week! DONE
May 04 2014

R Foster from Tn

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Hydrogen peroxide works like a pro

Get a bowl to pour on Hydrogen Peroxide then soaked your Fingernails/Toenails for 15-20 minutes. If it bubbles it means that it it removing the fungi. Then if your skin turns white its normal. Then dry it with a tissue or towel. Or Pour hydrogen Peroxide in your Fingernails/Toenails. After a few seconds it bubbles. Then dry it with a tissue or towel Do this 2 twice a day (morning and before going to sleep) Do this everyday and see results after a few days or a week.
April 23 2014

Anonymous from Manila, Philippines

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Toe fungus

I have had toe fungus for about 5 years now and tried all the over counter remedies. My foot dr told me to use listerine and vinegar. After two days off soaking them for about 20 minutes twice a day all the darkness has disappeared and I could cut them back futher than ever. I'm on day three right now and this is the best my toes have looked in a long time. I'm sure it will be along haul but I'm very excited that it is working.
April 19 2014

Happy from Richmond, Va

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Prevention and control

To prevent and treat foot/toe fungus, put clean shoes in plastic bags and put bags in freezer for 72 hours, this will kill any fungus in shoes. Wash socks in bleach or at least dry socks on clothesline in sun to kill fungus. Let shoes air in sunshine, when possible. Alternate shoes daily, if fungus flairs up, change socks at lunch after wiping toes with baby wipe dampened with tea tree oil. Change shoes and socks if you get your feet wet. Avoid colored socks. Use cotton socks. Carry spare pair of shoes and extra socks in trunk of car. Carry wet wipes and preferred topicals in trunk of car.

Bathe twice daily, using scrub brush with a anti-bacterial soap on feet and nails, dry feet and toes, wipe infected areas with baby wipe dampened with topical treatment choice, listerine, vicks, or tea tree oil, or even facial toners, add powder, tinactin or gold bond to socks. Trim and clean under nails, do not trim nails too short, ingrown nails will make problem worse, at least weekly, better twice a week. Avoid dark nail polishes. Allow a few days before you put new polish on after removing old polish. Clean nail implements with hot water and antibacterial soap, wipe dry, wipe with rubbing alcohol, allow to air dry in sun on window sill or blow dry with hair dryer. Once you have foot fungus, it never seems to go away but if you develop these habits you will minimize flare ups.
March 17 2014

Leeann from Oklahoma

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Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil plus tea

If you want fast effective long lasting treatment, Ceylon Cinnamon can’t be beat to treat a toenail fungus. This is because Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. But you have to use a high quality Ceylon Cinnamon leaf with at least 75 percent Eugenol content.
That is the magical ingredient that kills the fungus. Eugenol is also present in clove oil but that is hard to get and more expensive. For topical treatment mix 1-2 percent Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil with 98-99 percent water and spray your feet and let it air dry. You can even spray 100 percent Cinnamon Oil your toes but this is only for the very brave as it is going to irritate your skin like crazy.

Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is very powerful. Kind of like when you put alcohol on an open wound. Besides 1-2 percent Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is very effective and more than enough so why waste it. The beauty of Cinnamon sticks or tea is that you can use it to address the internal causes of the toenail fungus, which in the vast majority of cases is the Candida yeast infection. Yes Candida is what causes much of the toenail fungus issues, which is also related to high sugar levels in your body, which Candida thrives on. For example diabetics who have poor blood sugar control, get Candida and then a toenail fungus. Taking a cup of Cinnamon Tea will control the blood sugar levels and kill the Candida yeast fungus inside your body that also causes the toenail fungus You can either boil Ceylon Cinnamon sticks and make a tea out of it or buy a high quality Ceylon Cinnamon tea infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil.

Take it twice a day. Take Ceylon Cinnamon which has low Coumarin levels and won’t damage your liver with daily use but Cassia Cinnamon will cause liver damage. Do both of these things and you will see results within 7 days. It will probably take about 1-3 months for the complete cure. Of course you also need to cut, clean and file down your toenail every 2-3 days. Get clean socks and new shoes or at the very least spray diluted Cinnamon Oil on your shoes and wash and sterilize any equipment you use for your feet with Ceylon Cinnamon Oil. Avoid dairy and any sugar which feeds the Candida. And never miss a single day of treatment.
March 12 2014

Alex from Los Angeles

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Vicks vapor PATCH! Cut out a piece to cover nail. Secure it with tape... Even duct tape! Wear to bed nightly! Vapor transdermally absorbs without air! Kills quickly!
March 12 2014
Julie from Maryland

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My story!! vicks vaporub and saltwater

OK, if your interested continue reading... I have been suffering from severe toenail fungus on two of my big toes for over 5 years. It all started due to wearing a tight fitted shoe. I am usually a size 5 and stupidly brought the last pair of size 4 high heels and wore it for the whole day at a wedding!!! Anyway, after a few days, I realized both my toes first got infected then a few weeks later they fell off and I was left with just the nail bed and No nail!! I was soo embarrassed I just wore socks all the time and never showed anyone my feet! I was 14 at the time and didn't realize how serious it could have gotten.

And I'm 19 now. My nails grew disgustingly, all green and the shape was also very bad, nothing near a how a normal nail looked like. I still didn't do anything about it and continued wearing socks all the time. When one day I realized I couldn't wear sandals outside or go to the beach with my friends.. I started soaking my feet in vinegar everyday for around 1 month however couldn't bear the smell therefore switched to saltwater.

I then got a toenail clipper and started clipping away the nail from the top, now this second step is so important. I also got a nail buffer and buffed all the thickness off the nail until the shape of it looked 'normal' (took me approx 10mins) due to the thickness of my nails, try doing this carefully as you could buff the skin around your toe and it is PAINFUL!. A bit later after reading about Vick I purchased the product and started applying it onto my nail everyday, this is what I would do.
I went to poundland and purchased XL plastic gloves. So when I applied a thick layer of the vicks onto both my nails, I would cut out one finger of the plastic glove and pull it over my toe and wear my socks then shoes and off to work. That why the vicks would stay on my nails for the whole day. When I came back home, I would open my feet soak it in saltwater, wait for it until it was completely dry. Then put the vicks into my nail again, sleep over it and go work with it then come home and open it up again, My nails have improved INCREDIBLY!

I do not recommend using oral medication due to its side effects. I have also tried tea tree oil but it does take longer for results. I just wish this could help someone suffering with the same problem. I also want to mention that I recently went through a toenail surgery as my nails started ingrowing into my skin which KILLED ME.
Anyone suffering from it will understand, my podiatrist mentioned if she removed both toenails completely it wouldn't grow back therefore the best option was to remove both sides on both toes, which is also painful.

I went through a Hell a lot with these toenails. But am continuing with the vicks until it cures everything!!!!! If you would like to see any photos of how my toenails looked before and how it looks now or want to speak more about it feel free to email me. I would be glad if this helps 1 person. Thanks Gul.Gul.12(at)hotmail.Co.Uk
December 21 2013

Gul from London

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Toe nail fungus

Before I finish my shower at night, I plug the bath and pour in bleach. One of my infected big toenails is cleared up and the other is close.
December 15 2013

Stephanie from Geargia

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At Last!!! This really worked for me. Best yet. Almost overnight improvement. For external use only. As with other treatments, file and clean etc. Apply once or twice per day, Don't worry if you miss a day.
Here you go.
Mix roughly equal volumes of Castor Oil and Powdered Borax and apply to bad bit and leave.

NOTE, Borax is a poisonous acid and may irritate good skin, so be watchful and clean off spillage with soapy water.
NOTE, mix a new batch every 2 days to ensure freshness of Borax.
December 05 2013

Jasbo from Melbourne , Australia

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Toe fungus

Soak your toe in coke. The acid in the pop eats the fungus.
November 22 2013

Bill from Kansas

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Tea tree oil and undecylenic acid

Tea Tree Oil and Undecylenic acid (derived from castor oil) are proven natural antifungal ingredients found in topical treatments. There is an ingredient comparison chart at toenailfungusreviews dot org/nail-fungus-treatment-ingredient-comparison that will show you which treatments are the most affordable and contain those ingredients.

If you use one of these along with a vinegar soak at home twice a week before reapplying, you will have some great results. I tried VicksVapoRub with no luck.. Same with listerine. Anytime you use a product for anything but it's unintended use you can have unexpected results. There's a possibility it might work well for some people. Just throwing in my 2 cents.
November 20 2013

Kristie from Ny

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Ugly toe fungal remidy

I had a fungal big toe and looking through my mums medicine cabinet all there I could find was a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. 1 application (soak for a minute)... All gone! Nail grew out normally.
October 22 2013

Neil from Brisbane, Australia

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