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76 Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

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Soak in yellow listerine

Once or twice a day, smells bad, but it works!! Don't use the blue, unless you like blue toes????
July 23 2016

Carol from California

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Neem oil or neem fungus cream

My husband has been suffering from awful toe fungus on both of his feet for years. We have searched high and low for something that would get rid of this naturally and after years, someone recommended we look at Neem. Skeptical at first, we did some research and found that the top Neem benefit is that it is anti fungal. We found that Neem Oil is great and also found a cream called 'Alpha Fungal Neem Cream' from All About Neem that is perfect. This way we can kill the fungus and moisturize at the same time.

The company is SO helpful with any questions you have and I am extremely grateful to my friend who pointed me in this direction. We also found that Neem can help so many other areas of our health and have tried other things now that my husbands toe fungus has improved. Wish we could share our before and after pictures. Be thanks to "The Neem Queen" and allowing my husband to wear sandals again in confidence.
April 25 2016

Helen from S. Georgia

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Toenail fungus x2

I don't have a remedy yet but will try the vinegar and peroxide soak. Last night I was woken with throbbing pain in my big toe on my right foot. This is the 3rd time in my life this has happen.

1st time I was a teenager. The toe had obvious nail fungus after the pain woke me up but never had pain once the nail turned yellow and cakey underneath. After 26 years the nail cured it self and was normal again with no treatment.

The 2nd time I felt the pain was about 3 weeks ago when the opposite foot had the 2nd toe feeling the similar pain. It's an unforgettable pain even after all those years.

The 3rd time was last night and it was my big toe on the original foot. I ran to the bathroom and took off the nail polish and see a yellowish part of the nail starting. I put an OTC fungus treatment on and tried to go back to sleep. The pain has lessened by morning. I thought I would have to go to the hospital and miss work today. It's obvious I will have this problem my whole life. What a shame. I will check back with any results or continued pain.
January 25 2016

Toe tapping from West Palm FL

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Garlic and olive oil nail fungus cure.

I once used crushed fresh garlic and an olive oil mixture. Mix up a batch and put it in a small jar, place the affected nails in the jar. Rub it on the nails and try to get it under the nails. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes a day until you see improvement. Your hands and or feet will smell of garlic but it worked for me!
March 05 2015

Harry L.clary Jr. from Claremont Va

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Athletes feet

I have a major problem. Since my teens I've been having athletes feet and in my late teens I developed fungus toenails and nails. I'm 27 years old now and still have this issue. I've received antibiotics, it helped, also topical creams for the itching athletes feet and have been using the creams a lot, cause "it helped". Anyway, my toes (on top of my toes), the skin around my toes, has become wrinkled! I'm not sure if it was the topical antifungal creams that thinned out my skin on my toes or what but whatever I try to use it doesn't want to give me my toes back!

I've tried coconut oils and stuff!I don't even want to wear open shoes or those beautiful sandals because my toes are all wrinkled and looks gross! I am depressed and so embarrassed to walk barefeet. I get jealous when I see ladies walk around flauting their feet.. It makes me real sad. Anyone know how I can restore the youthful look of my toes again? Home remedies specifically, can't afford medications as I am studying. PLEASE HELP ME :.(
January 27 2015

Lee from Cape Town

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Kerasal and tea tree oil combined

I am finally attacking my nail fungus using Kerasal Nail and tea tree oil. I'm taking pictures of my toes every week for everyone to see (gross but hopefully helpful). Do a Google search for 'nail fungus diary' to follow my progress. (I don't think we can post links). Whether it works or not is yet to be seen but one way or another I hope it will help people make a decision about how to treat their nail fungus.
December 29 2014

John from Portland

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Pee on feet

While taking a shower pee on your feet it will help you get rid of your athletes foot.
October 13 2014

Nick from Idaho

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Clorox bleach

Gallon container of water, cap full of Clorox bleach. Mix together really well. Put in a spray bottle, every time you shower spray your feet let air dry them.
October 10 2014

T Baby from Baltimore, Md

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Immune system

Many good suggestions to treat fungae in the toenails. I would just like to add that two quick notes. One is that "athletes foot" is not a kind of fungus that joggers get, but anyone can get it from just walking barefoot in a contagied area. The other note is that although some nail fungae are circumstacial others, reported in this thread, seem to indicate also issues at the level of the immune system. In some cases it might be worth checking with a doctor, as the fungae could be sign of something else.
July 22 2014

Lula from Trondheim

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Cured and then it came back

I've suffered with fingernail fungus for about 20 years since I was 20 years old. I blame the wet sponge at work used to wet your fingers to count money at a bank and filthy banknotes... Emotionally devastating because I work in the public and people look at your nails all the time.

Some people have made derogatory comments about how I never grow my nails and how old my hands look for my age. So cruel.. I had the wedding ring finger and baby finger on my right hand infected for about 6 years which I covered with fake nails. Used Penlac polish with no results. They would grow in lovely and then the fungus would come back and chew through the whole nail in one night and over and over again it went.

I would soak in bleach (100 percent ) every week before manicuring and after going on a no carb diet they finally cured (!!!!) and the fungus never returned. I had also been applying a drop of bleach to each nail every night with or without polish and when they had grown out enough to stop the fake nails. How they were cured after 6 years is mystery to me, since I had been bleaching for years. The diet maybe?? I was so happy. They are still completely fungus free, thank goodness.

The month after those nails cured, my opposite pointer finger was eaten away. I cried and cried. I have had this infection for the last 18 years and now the last 3 years it's spread to my thumbnail too, despite disinfecting all my manicure tools and only using special tools for the infected nails which I boil after use with bleach. I've covered them with fake nails because I have to--for work --

I changed the fake nails out 2x a week anyhow-so I could soak them in bleach - it's like a part time job!! - they're both chewed up to the quick and then grow back and then get chewed up again, separate the nail beds and cause problems.
Now I'm off work and have time to soak them in straight bleach daily for 10 min which has caused bleach burns but I don't care. I also soak 1x per day in vinegar and wince in pain but I am so determined!! Can't stand it anymore!!

2 years ago I had Pinpointe laser on the thumb and pointer finger for $500 with absolutely no results. I cured them once and I am praying I can again. I've severely restricted my carbs and will continue the soaks. Wish me luck!! I hate how insecure they make me feel! I swear, I hide my hands at every opportunity and have turned down job offers because of this terrible affliction.

My doctor refuses to prescribe the pills but they seem dangerous anyway. Anyhow, I did cure with diet and bleach and hope I can again! I will let you know!!
June 22 2014

Angie from Canada

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Vinegar works

I have had a few fungal infections on my big toenail over my lifetime and have always had success taking an oral prescription, except this time it took it's tole on my life and I had to discontinue the prescription.

I started soaking my foot in one part vinegar, two parts hot water for 20 minutes once daily. After the soak, wash skin with soap and water as the vinegar can be harsh on your skin. I have been doing this for almost 5 months now and my toenail has already grown out healthy half way. Per doctor's recommendation, the key is consistency....DO NOT MISS TREATMENTS.
May 24 2014

Happy from From Iowa

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Help cure fungus

I've had fungus most of my life. I started Earthing [Google it] a year ago. No more fungus and low body ph. Jack in Houston Tx
May 04 2014

Jack Schrum from Houston Tx

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