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19 Home Remedies for Boils

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Fig n Honey

Place dried figs in hot water, once they soften, open them scrape the inside out and stir with 1 tsp of honey. Heat in microwave 20 seconds, once warm to touch take the paste and apply it over the boils. The honey and fig will extract the fluid and puss in the boil. It may also burst and drain. The honey used alone causes it to drain without bursting, the fig helps it to burst and to raise the core to surface. You may experience a mild sensation of burning, which in contrast to the pain of the boil is minimal.
July 13 2009

Pelar from Riverside CA

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A warm bath in Tea will help with a boil. It will also draw out other pimples and black heads. I used 5 Lipton Tea Bags in a hot bath for about 20 minutes and the the boil started to drain a few minutes after I got out.
May 15 2008

Anonymous from NJ U.S.A.

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Turmeric for boils

Tsp of turmeric in glass of water gets rid of boils...turmeric acts as a blood purifier and rids the skin of toxins that cause the boils. For big boils I also make a paste out of turmeric and baking soda and put on for about 5 minutes (don't leave on too long, turmeric is also used as a dye).
September 13 2007

TAC from Frederick, MD

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Hot Milk

Pour some sweet milk in a bowl.Over a washcloth place in the microwave until steamed,then take out let stand for a second,apply to the boil the hotter the better,attempt this until you see a change in color.This will bring the boil to a head and then it will burst.Make sure you have a towel it will make mess once that happens!
February 02 2007

Anonymous from Arkansas USA

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Put bacon grease on it. When the boil ever gets open squeeze the puss out of it.
June 01 2006

Unknown from Unknown

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When you have a boil, just wet a rag, heat it up to a few degrees above your body tempurature, and put it on the boil for 10 minutes 10 times a day for 3 days. when the puss comes to the top, just squeeze and then wipe it off with a Q-tip.
June 01 2006

NIcole Hendersan from FL

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Tip from a elderly pharmacist

Besides being a delicious food, figs are also medicinally useful.

Cut in half and steeped for 2 or 3 minutes in hot water, the fig is good for applying to boils or abscesses.

The juice is good for a sore throat or cough, for digestive disturbances, and for tempoary constipation.
October 01 2005

Marcia from NY

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