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18 Home Remedies for Boils

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I tried every one of these remedies and none of them worked. So I decided in desperation using onion. The boil was on under side of my upper arm, huge red and swollen clear up to elbow. The pain was unbearable! I sliced an onion wrapped it around my arm went to bed. I woke up 5hrs later the redness and soreness was gone, but still a little bit was left. I washed it with antibacterial soap, dried it and rewrapped a fresh piece went back to bed when I finally woke up 4 hrs later it was completely gone!
March 21 2015

Amy from Ohio

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Put Lil pieces of fat back on it put bandaid of it an it pop in no time.
January 30 2015

Pooh Bear from Thomson Ga

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From the engineer

Just spray the affected area with any strong perfume ones you feel or see the boil sprouting out. Good luck.
December 27 2014

Kojo from Ghana

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This may sound crazy but...

I had a boil this morning and my Mother in law told me to slice and freeze a lime. I did and put one of the lime slices on the boil and within a half hour it burst!! I've looked it up on line and found nothing, but believe me...It works!!!
December 23 2014

Donna from Florida

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I've tried many remedies for boils over the years, and the simplest I've found is eating a handful of raisins every day until the boil dries up. Too simple, I know, but it works. This works best if you take the raisins as soon as you first feel or see a boil coming on.
July 20 2014

Tom from Maybe next door

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Egg shell skin

You can treat boils or risens by breaking a raw egg open and using the shell skin. When you break the egg open you can store the whites and yoke for later or throw away. On the inside of the shell is a think almost clear skin like membrane you can place this membrane on the affected area and wrap or tape it up and leave it there over night. It should have a head the next day if not repeat. For some people it may take 2-3 applications before the boil comes to a head. Hope this helps.
July 15 2014

Cil from Georgia

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The potatoe magic

I'm a diabetic so I deal with an array of infections. Just recently I found a sore on the inside of my thigh, I put triple antibiotic cream on it for 3 days and it just got bigger with no head that I could see. On the third night I decided to try the potato.
I cut an average size slice and taped it to my thigh, left it on over night then removed it the next morning. By that night, it came to the surface and opened. So yes it really does work, " Thank God".
October 29 2013

Ginna from Wisc.

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Try this one too

Many good remedies here, never had boils but I have had some "debris" under the skin that couldn't get up and couldn't get down...something after some household project like painting or sanding or some such.

You can take epsom salts in a jar of water, shake it up, leave it by your bed. Get some cotton pads and apply the saturated pad to the problem area...twenty minutes is all you need while reading a book or watching tv....put the "equipment" by your chair. Epsom salts is magnesium and it must do something to or for the Ph on the skin. It's the body that heals, not any drug or remedy, for that matter. Sometimes you have to give the body a boost, shift the healing attention to the body to this problem area. These posted remedies sound great, heat, cold, figs, all of that will likely work, as will baking soda water saturated pad, or a pad soaked in apple cider vinegar. You are changing the "acid to alkaline", changing the Ph.

June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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Use Potatoes!!!

You take a potatoe and slice it into thin slices and hold a slice on your boil for about 2hours and keep changing the potatoe slice and by the end of the day all of the infection from the boil will be out of the boil and by the next day the boil should go down and will soon heal faster than going to the emergency room!!! The potatoe takes out the infection and bacteria in the boil.
March 25 2010

Potatoe Chick from Dayton, Ohio

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Tape aloe vera plant to the boil. The juice will draw the pus to the surface and boil will eventually break open. Tea tree oil and, not so natural, clearasil, will work to prevent boil that is beginning completely.
November 15 2009

Stephanie from PA

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Garlic and fig tea.

Eat garlic. Either eat pills with your food at each meal or add fresh garlic to your food. Then, after each meal, have a cup of fig leaf tea. The boils may be there because you are hypoglycemic. Fig leaves decrease insulin in the blood and should prevent more boils from appearing.
October 08 2009

allison knight khan from Atlanta, Georgia

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Fig n Honey

Place dried figs in hot water, once they soften, open them scrape the inside out and stir with 1 tsp of honey. Heat in microwave 20 seconds, once warm to touch take the paste and apply it over the boils. The honey and fig will extract the fluid and puss in the boil. It may also burst and drain. The honey used alone causes it to drain without bursting, the fig helps it to burst and to raise the core to surface. You may experience a mild sensation of burning, which in contrast to the pain of the boil is minimal.
July 13 2009

Pelar from Riverside CA

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