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18 Home Remedies for Back Pain

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With muscle strain, mostly back pain for me, 500mg of Vitamin C instead of ibuprofen works better to relieve soreness and aid in healing.
Vitamin C helps detox the lactic acid of overworked muscles, supports blood vessels for increases oxygen to and waste from an injury. 2 grams (500mg 4 times daily) also helps with the post migraine pain due to the serum in the blood seeping thru the vessels into the surrounding tissue due to increased pressure.
March 10 2008

NDN from Abilene, TX USA

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Stretch!! It is the quickest, least expensive, most reliable way to get immediate relief. Raise your arms above your head and reach until it hurts, then lean side to side with your arms keeping your back straight as possible, do this repititively and in no time your pain will ease. Also touching your feet, can relieve lower back pain. Your arms believe it or not are responsible for a good portion of your muscular mass in your back, therefore it is also the source of your movement that created that pain. Using them can trigger your muscle to become inflamed, which can cause irratation, therefore it is detrimental that you be good to your muscle, by stretching them. Please try this, if your in need of immediate relief, It will constitue a new perspective in aide.
February 14 2008

Just Sympathetic from Idaho

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Calcium is excellent supplement for the bones and it offers strength for more support, which makes an incredible difference on your back and even immediatley. The best source for me is two or three tums a day.
also take an IB proufen if you can, for inflamation, or rotate hot and cold packs on the irritated area.
December 01 2007

Just a mom from Idaho, USA

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To help stop the pain cycle, try massage! In conjunction with chiropractic, it is one of the best things for relieving back pain.

After your visit(s) to the massage therapist, be sure to drink lots of pure water. This will help to flush out lactic acid that the massage helped to stir up. (vitamin C also helps with this)

This increase in your body's circulation will give you the energy to begin a maintenance program of: massage, then stretching/yoga, alignment, strength building, and lastly endurance.

You don't have to live with that pain forever!
June 07 2007

Leanna from Mooresville, NC

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Tai Chi

I sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day, and a few years ago I was starting to suffer severe lower back pain.

I started taking a tai chi class, and within a few weeks all the pain went away.

Probably any kind of exercise/stretching would help. But unlike most exercises, there's nothing strenuous about tai chi, and you don't have to get into all kinds of weird positions as you do in yoga. It's just deep breathing, synchronized with a series of slow, easy movements.

Now I practice it for about 10 minutes every morning. I'm positive it prevents a lot of other health problems, but I can't prove it. All I know is my back feels great, I have more energy than I used to, and I haven't been sick for more than 3 years.
May 16 2007

Jacob from Los Angeles, CA

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Birch and pine oil soak

Birch and pine have been found to relax muscles and reduce inflamation. Using the two together can cure most muscle aches, I have found that soaking in warm to hot water with a couple of drops of each works better then any drug I have tried.
September 15 2006

Eric from mb. canada

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