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18 Home Remedies for Back Pain

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I just wanted to warn others of using chiropractic care as a remedy for anything. Apparently it's ok to pop your back like that but, I have learned the hard way that it is not safe to allow the "adjustment" of one's neck. I used a chiropractor for migraine relief and upon one of my visits one moment I was on the table and the next I was in an ambulance on my way to hospital! You have arteries in your neck that if manipulated wrong can tear or "dissect" and cause bleeding and subsequent blood clot that can release and do like mine... Insta-stroke! Please use chiropractic care with utmost caution!! They don't tell you this can happen but. It does, I know! If you don't believe me...Google chiropractic induced stroke!!
August 30 2016

Concerned from Kansas

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Knox Gelatine

Twice a day put half a small packet of unflavored gelatin into a small cup of juice or water and swig it down, You can also buy empty gell caps from the health food store and put the gelatin into the caps. You waste a lot putting it in drinks because it sticks to the glass. After a few days the gelatin will help your body repair any damage to the cushy stuff between your spine bones.

I have used this method twice after lifting things far to heavy and crushing my discs and was in much pain. If You took it regularly it would probably work as a preventative to damage by making the discs healthy. I have heard this may also work for other joint pain as well.
December 03 2011

M Cunningham from Toledo, OH USA

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Heard a radio interview of a doctor who had tried everything for his chronic backache. He consulted a practioner who is complimentary medicine meaning, it is not all about pills, okay? He said when the doctor said --go on a pineapple fast-- he thought there was something wrong with the phone. He tried it and on the third day he phoned him to say, the pineapple worked about 60%, but it's killing my stomach. The doctor said---dip it honey and keep going for seven days...He did, and it worked for once and for all. He reasons that the malaic acid in the pineapple is what did it, that there was major toxicity going on and that these toxins were causing the back problems and had now been flushed out of the body. If it sounds radical, so is the stuff they make you drink, so is the gurney you get transported on for the mri and cat scans, so are the checks you write trying to get well. This is not my remedy, but I heard a physician say it and know the reputation of the doc he consulted who stopped taking any new patients for the amount of traffic he got. He uses mind body connection as well as Western medicine which too often is, take this prescription and leave me alone.
June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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Kink in Back

I don't suffer from back pain that often unless I'm lifting something heavy, while not bending my knees at the same time. But sometimes after sleeping, I wake up with a kink in my back right around the ribs area.

It bugged me all day yesterday, and sometimes made me catch my breath. I got on my stationary bicycle for 10 minutes, and the pain disappeared within a half hour.

Seems like prevention is the way to go to avoid back pain. Taking a walk or riding a bicycle can help. Get some exercise, the lower back muscles are probably the least exercised of all our muscles.
March 21 2010

Carmon L from Seattle, WA

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Lay down in bed with a pillow under your abdomon, then allow your feet to grab hold to the bottom of your mattress, then take your hands and grab hold to head board or mattress, then gently pull with feet and hands. Do this stretch and hold in position for 10 seconds and release, then repeat for about ten to fifteen min.

If this does not work get to a pain management clinic and start taking the drugs that will cost you your health and pocketbook. Good Luck P.S. Prayer is no dought the best cure for all our problems. But you must truly believe and trust with all your heart mind and soul.

February 12 2010

James Husak from Texas

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How to make your back make you feel like your in heaven

When I was 11 my lower back started hurting because my period was coming, soon my back started hurting so I got a washcloth made it wet with a hot water then squeezed it to get some of the water out of it then Ii folded it and put it in a ziploc bag and put it on my back it felt great.
February 11 2010

Anne from butler ,PA USA

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Natural Lower Back Pain Remedy

This is a time tested very old remedy, it has been and still is used by the village people of China and India. Remember these people carry almost everything on their backs and their heads, think about it, the wear and tear on their body, thats where this remedy comes in play, and it works wonders.
Here it is....... enjoy and get better quickly.
(1). A teaspoon full of ginger powder straight into the mouth, washed down with luke warm water.
(2). Do this everyday for 2 weaks
(3). Lower Back Pain....... Sorted

This is no joke, try it. it works really well.
Get well soon.
October 20 2009

Danyal from London, UK

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This works best for lower back pain. Lay on your back, and draw your knees up to your chest. Put your hands on your knees to keep them in place. Rock from side to side, concentrating most of your weight on your lower back. I do this for 10-20 minutes or so whenever my sciatica acts up, and it works amazingly.
August 16 2009

Aubrey from NY

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The Portable Posture Pump

The Portable Posture Pump is like having a personal physical therapist at your beck and call. There are models for cervical problems, lumbar pain and both. The device gently stretches the spine allowing CSF to lubricate the spinal cord, decompressing the disks and safely restoring the natural curvature. Two 15 minute sessions eradicated ny neck pain. My friend with spinal stenosis claims she can get through the day with diminished pain. We got ours at www.bfreefrompain.com
July 11 2009

Joanne Johnson from Aspen, CO (USA)

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Leg Lift Stretch

I sometimes have lower back pain, and a nurse friend of mine told me to lie on my back and lift my legs straight in the air, one at a time, holding the position for at least 45 seconds. you can use a partner to hold up your foot and stretch your leg up, or position yourself at the corner of a wall, so you can lift one leg as straight as possible (leaning your heel on the wall) and keep the other leg on the floor. This relieves pressure in the lumbar region. Creating and keeping a strong core (abs & stomach muscles) is important as well. Stretching after exercise helps me avoid lower back pain.
May 31 2009

Cindy from Atlanta, GA area

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Anytime I have a backache or any ache.... I go to my Chiropractor and get an adjustment. I feel better instantly and it has many long term benefits.
March 04 2009

James from Seattle

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Mangosteen Juice

I have tried everything but nothing worked even the stuff they show on the TV with the stick men and women…Robax (I don’t know the spelling of it.. ) and now I can't take anything from the drug store because Tylenol 3 put me in the hospital with liver failure, I didn't not know that could happen until after it happened to me, then I did some research on Tylenol and all those drugs and the huge side effects that it has on people.. opened my eyes..

The only thing that has worked for me is the Original mangosteen juice that I started taking over 4 years ago. The Xanthones found abundantly in the Mangosteen, have been scientifically found to suppress the production at the cell level of Cyclooxygenase (Cox), reducing inflammation, pain and fever. Xanthones are biologically active compounds. Mangosteen contains at least 40 natural Xanthones.

September 08 2008

Doldena from Fredericton, NB Canada

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