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58 Home Remedies for Warts

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Crush raw garlic and apply to wart (only), cover with band aid.

Cover the skin area around the wart with vitamin E oil (or other product), to prevent irritation of surrounding healthy skin.
March 14 2007

rudy from california

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Bayer facts

Bayer asprin and vasoline in equal amounts.Crush asprin into a powder,add vasoline and mix in to a white paste. Apply directly to warts and cover,band-aid works fine.Change daily.

Doctor informed me that it's basicly the same acid in Compound W wart remover

February 08 2007

Hopefully helpful from Dracut, MA.

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This home remedy worked for both my husband and son who had unsightly warts on their hands. Both have had many treatments that never worked from doctors etc...but this remedy worked within one week after application.

Saturate a piece of gauze or cotton ball with pure white vinegar. Using a band-aid or surgical tape secure the vinegar gauze/cotton ball over the wart area. Leave on until the vinegar mixture dries. Repeat the process until the wart is gone. (May take up to one week.) This application can be done at night or weekends when your hands don't need to be seen by others.
October 29 2006

Marsha Peasley from SC

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Garden Cure

When my son was a toddler he got a big seed wart on his hand. I took him to a surgeon who scheduled surgery to remove the wart. My Dad picked a green bean leaf from the vegetable garden and told my son to rub the wart good with the leaf. Dad then put the leaf under a rock and said that when the leaf had time to rot the wart would be gone. Every day for about a week my little son would go to the garden,pick a bean leaf and rub his wart with it.

When the surgery day came due the wart was gone but I took my son to have the doctor check his hand anyway. The doctor was astonished. Later my son got a wart on his foot and he removed it the same way.

October 27 2006

B L Jones from KY

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Wart be gone

cover warts with a small piece of duct tape until it disappears
July 12 2006

Anonymous from New York

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gone for good

When I was younger I had a huge white bubbly wart on the top of my thumb. A doctor told me to try dabbing ammonia on it twice a day and cover with a bandaid... in about a week the wart was gone... it's never come back and there is no scar whatsover.
April 17 2006

heidi from colorado

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Castor Oil

When I was a teenager I had a wart, of all places, on the upper corner of my lip! A friend's mother told me to apply castor oil to it every night and within 2 weeks it was gone. I am now using castor oil on my son's warts. Hope this helps someone else.
April 08 2006

Janice from Texas, USA

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Heal Warts

I had warts for years.
From Genital Warts, to plantar warts (under the feet) and flat warts on my face.
I literally tried everything, from freezing them off, having them cut out by a doctor, and many over the counter creams and acid type treatments.
Everything failed!! Sometimes they went away temporarily, but most times, the treatments simply did nothing.

A friend told me about Heal Warts form Healing Natural Oils so I gave it a bash 2 months ago.

Initially I thought it was going to be another failed treatment, and almost gave up after applying for 2 weeks with no change. Then the warts started getting larger and flakey! I got worried and called the company, who told me that it was part of the healing process.
The formula draws the warts out from the root upwards so they might get bigger, and change color, before flaking away by themselves.
Well, after 5 weeks, they had all flaked away, and now I have zero warts!!!

I am absolutely amazed and wanted to share this with everyone!!

Seriously, dont waste your time with treatments that dont work!

Look these guys up at www.amoils.com !
January 23 2006

Jessica from CA

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Natural Cure for Warts

Many years ago my daughter suffered from planar warts. In addition, she had warts on her hand and arm. The podiatrist who was treating her planar warts was not able to treat the other warts. He told me to cut open a raw potato and to rub the potato on the wart several times a day for 4-7 days. The warts disappeared. The doctor told me to tell my daughter that the potato would make the warts disappear. Perhaps the power of suggestion played a part in the cure. Nevertheless it worked and I have recommended it many times.
December 25 2005

A Friend in Austin Texas from Austin, TX USA

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Cure for Warts

My son had warts really bad on his hands. We went to visit my sister Evelyn, in Florida. My sister saw the warts on his hands, and told my son to let the dog lick his hands.

He did, and the warts were gone in two days
December 08 2005

Kathy Hale from Evansville, IN

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