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58 Home Remedies for Warts

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Ducktape & super glue

Put super glue on a peice of ducktape & place it on wart it leave it on for a week the wart will suffacate & go awway.
January 12 2008

Errica H. from Fl. USA

21 13

The Humble Potato

If you have a wart or multiple warts, here's a sure safe remedy to get rid off them. Take a potato slice off a small portion then rub the wart with it for a while, use the same potato three or four times a day each time slicing it so as to use it afresh. If this is done daily for a few days you will find your wart gone!!!!
December 19 2007

ains priesty from Rajasthan India

20 3

Tea Tree Oil

I had a couple of warts on my thumb that I tried everything to remove without success until someone suggested tea tree oil. Just dab some on every morning and night until gone (a few weeks). You may want to cover loosely with a bandaid. This worked great for me and there was no pain. A few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo can help to prevent head lice as well. Good luck!
December 12 2007

Launa from OR

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Ice It Away !!!

I was bothered for a long time with a few warts because they kept growing and even caused pain after awhile because of irritation. I had some back pain one night and remembered some ice-packs that I bought at the dollar store. After putting them on my back to make the pain go away, I thought that I would give this a try on my warts. Just apply the ice-pack directly on the wart/s and this stops all blood circulation and causes the warts to start turning black and shriveling up in a few days. After 4 days, the warts were completely gone and have never returned. In the retail stores they even sell these kits for $20 utilizing liquid ice to freeze the warts off. Why spend all that money ? Get an ice-pack from the dollar store.
October 24 2007

Joe from Milwaukee, WI

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Liquid Soap & White Vinegar For Hand Warts

While you read this post, keep in mind that I used to have literally 100+ warts on each hand at any given time for a span of about a year.

And then, I found this "natural cure" just by experimenting. Within a couple of weeks of trying this "technique", every single wart on my hands had vanished.

Required items:

Item 1: Liquid hand soap [the clearish kind, not the milky stuff]
Item 2: Distilled white vinegar
Item 3: Spray bottle


Step 1. Lather your hands up with some liquid hand soap & running WARM/HOT water.

Step 2. With the soap & water still on your hands, spray a good quantity of white vinegar on and in the lathered soap.

Step 3. Message the solution into your skin for about 2 to 3 minutes, and then rinse off thoroughly... unless you want your hands to smell like your girlfriend's feet.

Of course I'm not 100% sure this will work for you, but it worked for me... and it worked WITHOUT ANY STUPID DUCT TAPE.
September 19 2007

Dave from Midieval England, Iowa

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Apple Cider Vinager *works*

Simply applied to area and kept clean, noticed results within 1-2 days, obstruction gone within a week. Note that I may of went a little overkill and cut off the dry skin(depending where you may have your problem) to get to the source. This could cause minor bleeding but obviously more effective.
August 27 2007

Sugar Wolf from USA

16 8

Clear nail polish

This remedy works well on toddlers! It's the same concept as the duct tape, only my 3 year old can't pull it off. Just put a couple of coats of clear nail polish over the wart to 'smother' it, let it dry and reapply it when needed. About a week and no more warts! You can also use super glue!
August 02 2007

V.G. from WV

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A copper Penny

My grandmother said she would "buy" my wart for a penny when I was a little girl) you take a penny and place it over the wart leave it on there for a day...if it starts to turn black you killed it, if not leave it on there for a couple of nights. you can take it of during the day and put it on at night when you are sleeping..it took mine away (I left it on there for about a day or 2 days)
August 01 2007

Jackie T from Detroit, Mi

20 4

Duct Tape

I've seen duct tape work to permanently remove warts after every other remedy was tried including, Compound W, liquid nitrogen, burning with electric needles, soaking hands and applying physician-prescribed acid. Apparently, duct tape "smothers" the wart and kills the virus that causes it. I got the suggestion off the American Medical Association's website!
June 09 2007

Ellen from TX

14 5


Over the counter remedy. It is very easy to apply and cleared up my warts/varrucas within a week after struggling for about 6 months!

See my full story at www.glutarol.com
May 24 2007

Anonymous from London, UK

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Removing warts fast and easy

Get a cotton ball, and medical tape. Soak the cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar...and squeeze out the extra ACV then apply cotton ball to wart and wrap tape around it. The best time to do this is before you go to bed. Take it off the next morning and re-apply again at night. Soon you will see the wart turning black...it will eventually fall off or I picked at mine when it turned black and it came off, and I have been wart free ever since. I have cured my stepson of his huge warts using this home remedy. It also works for skin tags really quick, and for toe fungus...which will take more time and patients.
April 27 2007

Karen from Sandy Spring, MD USA

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Open wart in vinegar

Cut open the top of the wart an place in a glass of vinegar and leave until it stops bleeding and looks burnt, note this maybe painful.
April 22 2007

faz from lverpool

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