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Mr. Potato

When I was a child I would never ware shorts because my knee was full of small warts..My father decide to try and old indian remede...

1. Take a good size potato (do not peel)
2. Cut it in 8 pieces (like an orange)
3. Rub each piece on the warts
4. Attached the potato back together
5. Put the potato in the ground outside and in a couple of weeks the warts WILL fall out

Good luck .. it worked for me (0:
February 15 2010

Brigitte from Montreal, Quebec Canada

28 18

whiting and vinegar

I read an article that said to apply whiting and vinegar together and apply it to your wart. I have not tried this as of yet due to searching for whiting. I think that it is an old remedy.
October 09 2009

Panny from Central Oregon

4 11

Oats, Dish Soap & Gun Powder

I know this sounds like a lot of work but it works so trust me.
When I was a kid my mom got rid of my warts with this method.
She took oats from Quaker oats box and mashed them into paste with a little liquid dish soap (Palmolive is what I use). Next she broke open a firecracker and poured the gun powder in the paste and mixed it up.
She applied this mixture and covered it in a band-aid.
In 3 days the wart was gone.
It turns very hard then flakes right off.

I have done this throughout my life for myself since and for my kids too.

Do it - it works every time and no scar.

October 09 2009

Beautiful Skin from New York

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cheep liquid nitrogen treatment

Go buy a can of compressed air, used for cleaning dust out of keyboards and such (about $6.00) Use accompanying thin tube on nozel and turn the can upside down. lighlty depress the nozel so that the liguid nitrogen squirts out (if you fully depress the nozel it will spray all over the place). squirt the wart for a few seconds, wait a few seconds and then spray again. do this a few times every week until the wart is gone.
September 02 2009

Jordan from Yuma, AZ

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freeze away

Put a piece of ice on your wart or if it snows where you live stick your wart in the snow and hold it there for two to three minutes they will decrease and eventually disappear.
August 03 2009

racheal taylor from mississippi

13 38

Fig leaf milk gets rid of WARTS!!

My son had a bunch of huge cauliflower-looking warts all over his hands (and around his nails)for YEARS... we tried everything over-the-counter we could, nothing worked or even helped... until I read online to break off a fig leaf and apply the white milk to the wart. We saw results in DAYS!! They were all completely gone in 2 weeks!!! No burning, stinging, bandaging, side effects or even scars.... and the best part is that they never returned! If I had known how good it would work, I would've taken pics, but after trying so many things with no change, I didn't really believe until we tried it. I've also heard a PENCIL CACTUS will make the same milk and also works... but we never got to try it because the fig leaf worked for us.

So... Break a fig leaf off the branch and dab the milk onto the wart or warts, once a day or twice if you remember... he wasn't real consistent and still cured them! After the milk dried, he just went on as normal.

Try it, I hope it works as good for you as it did for my son! And to think of all the money we WASTED on Dr. Scholl's products!
June 11 2009

Melissa from Lafayette, Louisiana USA

54 4


I used cider vinegar every day new bandaid, and it made it turn black, then fall off, leaving a depression. After a few months, it would grow back in, and I'd have to do it again. It used to have nasty black roots. I started alphabiotics, and another wart I was not working on just fell off my body! The one I worked on my finger (because it was so conspicuous), I noticed seemed to stop growing. Slowly it reversed course, and is perfectly smooth skin now! Amazing results on other problems, too, like depression, energy, etc.
April 04 2009

CR from Boston MA

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Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano (Nature's strongest Antiseptic)

Buy a bottle of full strength oregano oil. Apply small a amount to the wart only (it will inevitably seep around the outlying area). Let it dry into the skin. Even when you take a shower it may stay in the skin working to kill the wart, so be careful not to get too much around the rest of the skin. Apply two times a day if you can.

I had a wart for 13 years on my knee that just would not go away. I tried salicylic acid, the wart remover (wax) stick, duct tape, banana peels, garlic, dandelion, crumpled aspirin, apple cider vinegar, burning, bleach, and probably a few other things. I felt a bit helpless but was never deterred!

Garlic was the strongest non-essential oil product I encountered and worked pretty good, but required diligence, much cutting of fresh bulbs, and a strong odor. Banana peels worked fairly well for me but was a more subtle approach. I think if I kept at it day and night for a month it MIGHT have worked. Bleach seemed to affect it pretty well, too, but of course bleach is more toxic and not exactly good to apply to the skin (which is an organ) often.

After about a week the wart is almost gone and I havent even applied any oil in the last few days. I will keep doing so just to make sure the SOB goes away for good, though.

Good luck
March 14 2009

john from austin

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Vit E

This worked for my plantar wart as a child. Take something like 400IU of vit E orally and apply vit E to the actual wart. It ended up going away an NOT EVER COMING back after a few weeks. :) Best of luck.
February 27 2009

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Urine away your warts

I know what you are thinking- that is the nastiest thing I've ever heard, but it really works. My nephew had warts on his hands for years and tried everything the doctors suggested. Everything from freezing, burning, topicals, even oral medication, nothing worked.

My husband suggested he try an old Army cure - to urinate on the warts. Simply pee on the warts and then after about a minute wash it off. After a week you should start to see them get smaller and before you know it they will be gone. My nephew said no way, but 2 weeks later he called my husband and was so excited that all his warts were gone. Recently I had what I thought looked like a wart on my leg. It had been there for about 6 months and I tried the urine and in less than 2 weeks it was gone. Try it! Your body can heal itself.

December 30 2008

Marinda from Utica NY

70 13

Baby Aspirin

Never tried this so I don't know if it really works, but I was told that you can dissolve a baby aspirin on a wart, cover it with a bandaid and it will disappear within a few days.

December 22 2008

mlj3 from ALABAMA

8 6

White vingar

Hi I'm 13 and I've got about 15 warts on my hands, I have tried lots to get rid of my warts I've tried the remedy banana peel didn't work, seemed to make it worse, then I saw a little article and it said white vinegar so I did it


1- get a few cotton balls put white vinegar on them stickie tape the coton balls to your warts leave them for 2 hours a day should be gone within a week.

p.s they will get big and look gross and ugly but it will go away.
November 15 2008

yasmine from qld

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