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58 Home Remedies for Warts

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Sylic acid

No joke zit cream and wash it isn't fast but it works!!
September 28 2015

Angie from Oklahoma

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Warts and apple cider vinegar

Had 3-4 small wart on my hand (index finger). Read about ACV as a natural remedy. First time I tried soaking a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and applied with a tape to my finger In a weeks time the damaged skin turned withe and in another week it fell off.
In few weeks time they re-appeared in the same place. This time I put a drop of ACV (whenever I could) straight on it and tried to keep it there. In several days it disappeared. Now they are gone! Both times it burned a lot :)
July 30 2015

Toms from Europe

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White vinegar

OK it might be just me but it works! But at the same time when you first put the cotton ball soaked in white vinegar IT BURNS AND HURTS :( but it goes away in bout 30 min the pain goes away an in a week so does the Wart. But I can't say it won't come back mine did about 2 years later..
July 28 2015

Sandra Syres from Northern California

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Essential oils

Go to a health food store, or in India to a specialized pharmacy and buy two small vials of cedarwood oil and lemon oil. Put a drop or two of the cedarwood oil directly on the growth two times a day and at night. Put one drop of lemon oil on the growth at night...Do not use the lemon oil in the sun. Growth gone in a few days, perhaps longer depending on the size and age of the growth.
May 09 2015

Michael Schleyer from India

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Cimetidine (tagamet)

I know Tagamet is for heartburn. But, the main ingredient in it CIMETIDINE kills warts. No other heartburn medicine has that ingredient. Myself and my son have taken these pills and our warts went away with 1 month. Just 1 pill a day. We took the generic version of Tagamet and it worked wonders for us!
March 30 2015

Stephanie from Missouri

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Match head wart remover

Wet the red match head whith spit then rub the red on the wart and just on the skin around it do this a few times per day once wart starts to break down cover, whith a band aid for a few days the wart will die from the sulphur in the match.
January 05 2014

Arthur Ambrose from Lismore Australia

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Match stick

Not safety match Put some water in a bottle top Soak the match head in water about 2 minutes Rub the match head onto the wart until a thin pink coating from the match can be seen let it dry Wash wart after a couple or hours it will be gone in days no pain no scar.
August 30 2013

Tony from UK

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Wart cured by turmeric/olive oil

This is what I used for my wart (had this for 3 years): Duct tape, ACV, Wartner Freeze, Compound W, Wart stick, Mediplast, Matches, lighter, Cut it, burn it but it kept on growing back.

Finally used Turmeric spice mix it with olive oil to make a paste. Applied this formula to wart and covered it with aqua tape. ( to make it swim and waterproof). Changed dressing every 2 days filed excess off with pumice stone. In 2 weeks wart is completely gone. Try it. Its cheap and not painful.
July 22 2013

Trident from UK

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White vinegar

I am 14 years old and I have had plantar warts on my feet and on my knee for over a year now. I had one when I was small, so my mom took me to the doctor and he froze it off. It hurt so bad and eventually they came back.

I have tried duct tape and liquid wart remover and they just seem to keep coming and I cant get them to go away. So I have been trying the vinegar treatment and the results are amazing. I have lost so many already. Even my friends use it and it worked for them. I highly recommend it. All you do is put some white vinegar on a cotton ball and tape it to the wart. Then when it is dry reapply.
Trust me it works wonders. :)
April 12 2013

Sarah Jones from USA

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The best treatment for genital warts is Oxyfend. My friend had genital warts before we went to the clinic and the physician told her to use oxyfend because it is an effective treatment for warts. It is also safe.
August 22 2011

Heather from Manila, Philippines

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Oxyfend Cream - Genital Warts Treatment

If you want a genital warts treatment or solution that was highly effective but super affordable, try the cream Oxyfend. My auntie used this treatment last year. It takes time but the long wait is worth it. Unlike with other treatment, Oxyfend directly attacks the virus to kill Genital Warts and Herpes, HPV, Cold Sores & Syringoma.
August 14 2011

Gracelyn from New York, USA

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Emery Board

File the wart until it starts to be painful, wash hands and in about 2 to 4 weeks wart will not be there. Worked for my husband on hands and also warts on my sons feet.
November 08 2010

SGINGERICH from Indianapolis, in usa

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