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23 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

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things that cause hairloss

here is a list of things I have found to cause my hair to fall:

-High sodium foods (this one is a killer of hair)
-soft drinks (this one too)
-high fat, high sugar diet
-too much coffee,
-not drinking enough water(causes scalp to dry up and hair loss occurs, you would be surprised how much hairloss you can prevent when you make sure you hair and scalp have their right moisture)
-lack of sleep, bad sleeping quality
-not brushing your teeth
-lighting (indoor neons and light bulbs emit infrared radiation that causes hairloss, trust ive done the test and its true...so all the lightings in school and offices are bad for our health, i never turn put a light on top of my head)
-bleaching your hair

steps I have taken to stimulate growth and reduce loss:
I am taking a product that I just love so much I wish everyone knew about it. It's called nutri-cap from Nutri-santé Laboratoires . It is composed mainly of three products, pills, lotion and shampoo. They are all natural, the side-effects of the pills are non-existant yet more effective than those prescription solutions. I don't work for that company lol, im an engineer but I wish more people new about it.

so basically: eat well(you would be surprised how changing your diet helps), get some natural sunshine, hydrate yourself, exercise, and take a product to reduce loss and promote growth and you can reverse the process.

Feel free to email me at ybellavance@gmail.com if you have any questions and don't worry, its not because a hair falls that it cannot grow back.
May 31 2008

yan bellavance from montreal canada

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Deep Penetrating Conditioning

I use egg yolks, mayo, or beer (alternating). I've tried cider vinegar, but it only worsened the condition for me. Instead, I boil fresh nettle (can be purchased at health food/herbal store). After it cools, I rinse my hair with it. No more falling, and no more flakes.
March 27 2008

SBW from Pasadena, TX (USA)

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Hair remedy

Have your doctor check your iron. If your iron is low, hair loss could be a side effect. Especially after having a baby!!
March 24 2008

Maggie from canada

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Hair massages -soft soap-prevention therapy-halipino oil

I started using soft soap (with aloe Vera) one day in the shower when I ran out of shampoo. It made my hair naturally thick. As a hair stylist, I also make sure I massage my scalp for a good 10 minutes in small circular motions using the tips of your fingers--never fingernails-I find that massage works to stimulate the much needed blood supply back to the scalp because it is the highest point for the blood to flow and blood breeds oxygen to the hair follicle-most hair loss is attributed to either not rinsing the shampoo thoroughly on the scalp leaving a residue and clogging the shaft with chemicals.

Never put any add-in in your hair unless it is only for a few hours and washes off before the days end (like makeup on the face). Hardly and only when necessary used conditioner in the hair-this adds unneeded oils that can again clog the pours in the scalp and leave it too soft and limply causing the junk of unneeded hair repairs to go in and damaging any chance there is to keep the scalp clean and residue free.

Never use hats or caps for extended periods of time-only in and out of the cold or use tube hats that keep the top of the head free and scalp breathing. Finally, only towel dry the hair with paper towels-yes and use the repeated small circular motions going to massage it dry--don't use a hair dryer as this contributes to dry scalp and flakes left on the scalp can again cause a residue that blocks the hair shaft and causes it to lose the hair in undue stress.
The towel use can cause friction that leads to negative ions and electrically charged hair that also causes undue stress. The paper towels builds up much volume. These are preventative therapy to keep the hair you already have and avoid losing any more.

Once a while use mayonnaise (eggs has protein hair needs) to soften the hair and beer (Hopps and alcohol rejuvenate the hair back to firmness it needs to be) keep it always washed free of any residue and always use water that is a bit tapped temperature(warm temp water but on the cooler side) and continue doing those little circle massages throughout the wash/dry cycles of the hair washing/setting.
Finally to regrow hair lost only put the halipino oil in the spots that require hair regrowth and massage it for a few minutes--followed by the mayonnaise and beer remedy in the spot that requires the hair (ie crown or forehead region)

To avoid flaky scalp use all of the above and rinse with apple cider vinegar to bring it under control=in the beginning this may cause the scalp to go greasy so you may have to do it every other day until the scalp shows no more signs of flakes.

February 10 2008

serge gizzo from toronto, canada

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dental infections

if you lose hair mostly on the side or front of your scalp and its on one side it is often from the Dht released by a process caused by peridontal infections/ faulty rootcanals.on that side of your face. excessive use of antibiotics [even 1 month] can add candida to the mix which also causes drool to hit your hair follicles when sleeping. use Nizoril shampoo sparingly and rub a little cortisone to hold damage down until you can afford dental care. plus listerine mouthwash
September 21 2007

Diana Burnett from Naples fl

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Dieting can cause hair loss - Be aware.

I'd gained a lot of weight over the years, and several pregnancies. I decided to lose some weight, and got really serious after my last babies were in school.

I dropped the weight by exercising and dieting with less than 1800 calories per day. I was being pretty successful at the weight loss, but I eventually noticed that my hair was falling out by the fistful.

This was the first time in my life I ever clogged the drain in the shower, and I started to become alarmed. I had a lot of hair to begin with, so I did not panic at first, but when I realized my head was now visible through my hair, I decided I'd rather be fat with a full head of hair than thin and bald.

I stopped the dieting, and some of my hair came back, though not all. I'm still fat, but at least I'm not bald.

When I thought about it, I realized my Mom had lost a lot of hair as she got old, too, and then I also realized she had lost a lot of weight at the same time (because she didn't feel well, and had stopped eating).

Now, whenever I hear that there is so much more hair loss in women, I also think about how much more dieting there is now. I really think there is a link, and whenever I forget, and start some new diet, I soon notice the drain clogging up again, then I go eat a good meal.

If you're dieting hard, and you're losing hair you didn't expect to be losing, stop the diet, and see if it stops the hair loss.

Then you can decide which you want to lose more, the hair, or the fat.
July 07 2007

KM from NH

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Long term effects of hairspray is hair loss. Could be the alcohol killing the roots.
June 07 2007

terri g from warren ri

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Saw palmetto oil

Very hard to find. Make sure it's the oil, not the tincture. Apply to scalp 2 times daily, not too much so you don't look oily. to the area where it's needed. 3 or 4 months you'll see hairgrowth. saw palmetto oil stimulates hair roots resulting in hair regrowth. Also, pills re very beneficial to men. Cures impotence, increases desire, for the older men.with absolutely no side effects. it's a plant.
May 18 2007

terri g from warren RI

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A permanent solution

Just shave it all off. You'll save a lot of time in the morning, and you'll be surprised how many people find it attractive.

(If you plan to do this, buy lots of hats)
May 16 2007

Baldo degli Ubaldi from Rome, Italy

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Sticky business

If you are losin har just glue it back on(trust me I do it all the time and i am only in 6th grade).
June 01 2006

Maddie Wessles from Indianapolis,IN

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dabur amla hair oil

well this stuff i discovered while on holiday in India, i always suffer from dried scalp hence leading to hair loss. Wot to do rub the oil well into your scalp and leave for 2-3 hours then wash well.then apply a little more. do this every day and After 2 weeks you will notice healthier hair.Your hair loss will eventually stop.. guaranteed.
January 27 2006

Cameron from uk

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