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23 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

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I love this site!! Research reflexology for hair loss. Rubbing the fingernails together hits pressure points that stimulate hair growth. Essentially you buff your nails with your nails. I witnessed my friend who was balding in his early 20's regrow his hair. Six years later, he buffs his nails daily and has amazing full hair! You have to be consistent with it though! And use all natural products, I use a brand called "deep streep," no parabens, alcohols etc.
February 08 2016

Blondie from Big Onion

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A Low Glycemic Diet

A low glycemic diet creates male patterned baldness in women. I was able to reverse my hair loss by using a low glycemic diet. I'm 46 and my hair was thinning, and now it's very thick. I teach people how to do this. It's easy.
December 20 2011

Sheree from USA

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Remedy for Hair Loss

I'm sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say a high glycemic diet causes hair loss. A low glycemic diet allows the hair to grow back in very thick.
December 20 2011

Sheree from USA

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Boitin biotin biotin!!!!

I had traumatic stress which triggered all over hair loss. My dermatologist suggested biotin. My hair is still coming out but new hair is coming in continuously! It takes about 6 solid months of taking the supplement but you will see results, don't stop taking and continue it even after you have new growth to prevent a relapse.
February 15 2010

Eleanore Nutter from Union MO USA

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Castor oil treatments

One more thing I forgot to add, Women in India use castor oil on their lashes to make them grow thicker and longer, they also use this around hair line to prevent hair loss, you will find many lash growth serums have castor oil in them. I would suggest also, castor treatments at night around thinning hair areas, and wash hair in morning after all you dont want to go around all day with greasy hair and a clean scalp reduces hair loss, read my other suggestion for hair loss on this same page under Watkins in TN, very good info that works.
February 11 2010

Anonymous from Watkins in TN

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Prenatal Vitamins

Im currently Taking Prenatal Vitamins, I'm not pregnant at all. I recently cut off about 6 inches from my hair, which was sooo dumb and I missed it so now I'm trying to regrow it and so far its grown about half an inch. :)
February 08 2010

Apryll from Louisville. Ky

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A vitamin mix, sure to work

First off a clean scalp free of sebum and dandruff is a must, wash hair daily, dont let grease build on your scalp this causes sebum which causes more hair to fall out, ever noticed how your hair sheds when you have dandruff?. But do use a good conditioner, conditioner is not the same as natural wax oily build up.
Next take 500 mg of niacin, this stimulates circulations and rushes blood to vessels.
Take 1,000 mg of biotin, 200 mg of folic acid and a nice super B vit complex, trust me this combo will make your hair grow fast you will have to shave your legs every though.

Last but no least, eat high protein diet, lack of protein rich food will cause your hair to fall out, another reason why anorexics have thin hair, check out Angilina Jolie sometime, big hair loss happening there! A slight bald spot will form at crown of head, or thinner hair area first sign of protein deficientcy. Thick hair comes from proper diet.

February 07 2010

Anonymous from Watkins, Tennessee

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Mother' help

Go to your local store and get prenatal vitamins. It helps with skin and hair. You don't have to be pregnant to take them.
November 05 2009

Doris from Missiouri

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Break the Habit

Easy solution. Break all the mirrors in your house so you can't see your reflection anymore and don't look at your own reflection whenever you're in public and you'll forget all about your hair loss! Of course, you'll have about 28 years of bad luck but, hey, you're losing your hair... how much worse can your luck get, right?
September 16 2009

Spanky Jerkins from Gumbashang, WI

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Make a Plan

I used to put Head and Shoulders shampoo on my hair when I was a teenager and I used it like it was a mousse. I did this retarded thing for years not knowing that the shampoo had chemicals in it which clogged the pores on my head and killed the hair follicles. I only have a receding hairline, but I am slowly reversing the process. I do a few things; Comb my hair twice a day, Massage the hair for 10 minutes everyday, Use a shampoo that does not have Sodium Laureth Sulfate such as Organic Shampoo, Take Saw Palmetto pills 3 times a day to stop DHT, Eat almonds, and Drink 2 bottles of water every single day. Do this for 1 year and you will be amazed. Praise be to Allah.
February 26 2009

Moe Dog from Oakland, Ca

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Homemade scalp rub

Mash one avocado, one lemon, and one tablespoon of honey. Rub into scalp twice a week. Gets rid of dandruff and triggers hair regrowth.
July 16 2008


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Hair Growth

You might not believe it but the vitamin supplement pills you take while pregnant really help your hair to grow! I took them for a long time and my hair grew about seven inches in six months. As soon as I stopped taking them my hair began to break back to its original length. So i try to take them regularly- they prevent hair loss because they provide the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your body needs. It doesn't matter which brand you take- as long as they're specifically for pregnancy because those pills have two times the amount of vitamins in normal vitamin supplements.
June 16 2008

buttrfli from california

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