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42 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

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Natural Cure For Dry Skin - Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil

Pure sea buckthorn oil works wonders for all sorts of dry and sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Most sea buckthorn oil products don't contain a very high percentage of sea buckthorn oil but I have found somewhere to buy it online that does not dilute it.


It must be applied all over the face and left on over-night. Works wonders at regulating and re-balancing your skins own production of lipids as well as healing skin damage.
March 06 2007

Miranda from United Kingdom

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Emu oil

Use as any other lotion or oil, lard is also excellent because it is the only oil that soaks into all the layers of skin.
February 08 2007

Kristyn from Chicago, IL

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Dry elbows???

Rub a fair amount of lard or shortening on your elbow, cut the bottom of a sock off and put it over the lard. Leave it on for about an hour or longer, wipe/wash off.
It works... I do it!!
January 05 2007

Maria from Edmonton

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Dry Skin Remedy

use olive oil for dry skin or add it to a bath and soak
July 12 2006

Anonymous from New York

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Virgin coconut oil

I used to have a very dry skin due to my work and sports which needed to be on the sun of all the time.
My wife used to buy a virgin coconut oil for her hair so she decided to put it first on my elbow and after a few days my skin turned out to be OK and after a few weeks my dry skin were no way to be seen any more I hope some readers will try this because I bet you it really works its a miracle!!!
March 05 2006

Joey marquez from Philppines

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Dry Chapped Skin or Lips

Can you believe they want $2.00 for a little stick of chapstick? Why not use a little vaseline for relief? Vaseline does not absorb into the skin.

For chapped and dry hands, if you have the ingredients, apply glycerin and lemon juice in equal amounts and leave overnight.

You can also rub lotion on your hands and wear gloves to bed, like surgical gloves. In the morning, oh... what soft hands. I need to do this treatment to my feet somehow.

To keep your face from chapping in winter, apply a little vaseline to your cheeks and nose before going outside.
October 01 2005

Carol from CT

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