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42 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

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Bathing habits

Dry skin is worse in the winter time, and can easily be helped by showering or bathing less often, and/or taking shorter showers with cooler water.

A doctor told me long ago that we wash away our natural oils by over-showering or bathing. I still shower daily, just quicker and cooler.

Saves water and energy too!
March 24 2009

Ken from Bella Vista, AR

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Cure for dry skin

After you're bath apply lotion to parts on your body that get dry but do it while still wet from your shower, it hydrates the skin.
January 15 2009

sara presley from california

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Regular vicks.
October 08 2008

yolanda suarez from usa

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Solution for sensitive skin

Oil based products WILL not help if you apply them to an acne prone face.

When I moved to an are with high altitude, and drier air, my face, hands, and legs ALL became scaly and dry.

For my face I used a gentle green tea moisturizer, applying it as soon as my face began to feel tight or itchy. Natural products will always be the best, and the safest.

My hand and legs I gently scrubbed with warm water and a wash cloth. After a soft towel dry, I applied a Shea butter lotion. I would suggest doing this right before you go to bed, then sleeping with long pants and gloves to prolong the effectiveness of the shea butter.

For acne prone skin...DO NOT rub, or touch your face after applying the shea butter. You will experience break outs.

Wash your hands before touching face.

if you need more advice, email me at Solushunz.4U@gmail.com

August 15 2008

Jazz from California

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Dry skin ? Check Thyroid

Many times the extreme dryness in your skin can point to a systemic problem. Many vitamin deficiencies can cause this. I know a lady who has battled severely dry skin most of her life and she finally ended up with cellulitis because of the cracking and she went to a doctor and he asked if she had been tested for thyroid issues and found out that she has an underactive throid.
May 08 2008

S. N. from Texas

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Help for cracks/splits on fingers

I happened on this by chance. Apply the "medicated" lip balm, any brand to cracks or splits on finger tips or knuckles. Heals up within a couple of days. I also will apply hand lotion first, then the lip balm. I do this right before I go to sleep.
March 14 2008

Cindy from Okla

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Chapped lips

Burt's Bees Wax chapstick is the best product I have found for chapped lips. As soon as you apply it to your lips, you start to feel a cooling sensation and it really feels like it is working right away. My lips end up going from very chapped with some of the skin peeling off, to very soft and supple.
March 05 2008

Kelly from Bentonville, Arkansas USA

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Dry cracked hands

Soak your hands in salted room temp water for 10 to 15 minutes. I use about 5 cups of water and 1 1/2 to 2 TLBS. salt. If hands are really cracked and bleeding this procedure may sting but the more the sting the better the salt is working. Next... remove hands from water and AIR dry. Apply 100% pure almond oil (size of a dime) into hands. Cover hands with cotton gloves. I do this just before bed and I sleep with the gloves all night. When I awake in the morning the open wounds on my hands have all but disapeared and my hands are smooth. Hope this works for you as well. You can get the cotton gloves at Wal-Mart and the Almond oil I found in a health store.
February 29 2008

Michelle from usa

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Dry skin-relief that works

I use Glove'n Care hand cream on every inch of my body that dry skin appears. It is great for getting rid of my dry hands caused by the constant hand washing I do at school. I also use it on my elbos and behind my knees when my eczema flares up. It really works and i find a tube lasts me roughly2-3 months! It is made from the natural waters of the dead sea and has a ton of natural oils in it.
November 06 2007

Patrice from Pittsburgh,PA

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Glycerin soap

Glycerin soap made from vegetable oils won't dry your skin and it rinses off completely. So the skin stays soft and it's great for people with skin problems,such as exzema. keeps flares at bay. The brand name soaps don't rinse off therefore drying the skin and aggravating the rash. (any pharmacy).
June 07 2007

terri g from warren ri

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Glycerin soap

Glycerin soap is 100 percent vegetable soap that totally rinses off. All the other brand names, don't rinse off, that's why skin gets dry. Also drink a couple of cups of ginseng tea per day, you'll not only notice less dry skin, but also softer hair. But don't drink it at night, or you won't get to sleep any time soon. Glycerin soap is available in any dollar store.
May 25 2007

terri g from warren ri

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Vaseline and Tea Tree Oil

First you must judge what KIND of dryness it is. How long have you had it?Could it get infected if its a deep crack? For deep cracks use tea tree oil.It will heal the skin but not the dryness.Vaseline does that. Yes, its a bit greasy but it is quite simply, one of the best.I usually use a combination of tea tree oil first with some vaseline ontop.
May 14 2007

kamila from Ontario, Canada

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