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42 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

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Most of the time you lack water. Half of your body weight is what you need in a day in oz.
March 07 2010

Bo from Hickory NC

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Dry Skin Regimen

I've lived with eczema most of my life. It was so horrible I had strong medicines to clear up my worst outbreaks that would crack and bleed.

1. First thing you should try is to change your showering habits. Your water should not be hot but at least body temperature. The cooler the better. If you tend to get cold try getting a space heater and super heating your bathroom before showering that way it will be a relief to have a cool shower.

2. Second, Your soap should not be abrasive. Most people like to get exfoliant body washes and if you have dry skin that's not a great idea. Try Aveno body wash or if your skin is really dry use Cetaphil body cleanser. Note: Cetaphil is a gentle cleanser that does not sud. It's like watered down lotion, but works great. If you have the money to blow then have a milk and honey bath with oatmeal-not the instant kind. IF you want to exfoliate the skin do what's called Dry Brushing. It's when you take a body brush(ex. back brush) made with natural fibers and BEFORE you get in the shower you brush the skin. It can make your skin tender the first few times. Be careful not to brush too hard or you can scratch yourself up.

3. When you are finished with your shower DO NOT DRY OFF-use Olive Oil all over your body. By the time you cover yourself in oil the left over water will have dried. Do this before you get out of your shower/tub. The steam will keep your pores open while you apply. Once your body feels the cooler air your pores will automatically begin to close. Thus keeping anything you apply on the top of the skin instead of being absorbed immediately.

I hope this works for you. All I can say is that ever since I've been doing this. I have not had to go back to the doctor for anymore meds for my skin!!

February 16 2010

Anonymous from Killeen, TX

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Hot Mittens Treatment for Dry Hands

Apply hand lotion liberally to dry hands. Wrap each hand in Saran Wrap, then wrap a heating pad (low to medium setting) around your hands. Allow your hands to soak up the moisture and the heat for 10 - 20 minutes. Repeat the process if hands are not soft and smooth. If your heating pad is the standard size, you will have to wrap it around one hand at a time. ENJOY!
February 16 2010

Leigh Anne from Baltimore, MD USA

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Unsalted Butter

I've tried rubbing many things into my dry hands from Crisco to Vaseline to veggie oil, but none have offered as much relief as butter. Applying it is as easy as buttering toast.

I also recommend running a humidifier (esp. at night). This will give your dry skin a chance to actually heal.
January 31 2010

Zach from USA

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Shea Butter

Pure shea butter works like a charm. Your skin won't be oily or greasy.
January 22 2010

Gena from Chicago

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Dry Skin

Soak Almonds in a small amount of water for 60 min, add honey and milk creme. Make a paste and apply. Leave on affected area for at least 20 minutes! It works!! Use Almond oil after shower or bath, it instantly relieves dry skin and is not as thick as olive oil, but olive oil can be used as well!
January 20 2010

Lisa from Atlanta Georgia

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Olive Oil Miracle

While in a warm/hot shower, massage olive oil into your skin. The Romans used the same trick, and if it ain't broken, don't try to fix it!

This also works for split ends in your hair. Just be sure to ONLY use on the split ends or your hair will be horribly oily.

When out of the shower, gently dry your skin with your towel.
December 23 2009

Anonymous from Hickory, NC

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Natural Oil for Dry Skin

Beginning of winter worried about flaky dry skin? Moisturizers not working then try this once a week
-Apply natural coconut oil or aloe oil before bath
-Take a short warm water bath
-Dab your skin dry
-Apply moisturizers and wear full cloths so skin will retain and suck in the moisturizers and maintain the mild perfume on ur skin to linger your loved ones...
November 28 2009

Ancient therapist from Fl,USA

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Cascadia Soap's hand and body salve

This stuff is the only thing that works for my dry cracked heels. I use a pumice stone in the shower and while my skin is still wet, I apply a small amount of the shea butter salve. Within a week my heels look amazing.
September 23 2009

Nellie Vlaar from Vancouver British Columbia

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Best OTC Skin Cream for Dry, Cracked Skin

Popular in the mountain desert community where I live, Aquaphilic with Carbamide 10% is an economical and effective way to treat dry skin.

It is especially effective in healing cracks around fingernails and the bottom of the feet. I have used this particular formula for 12 years.

Aquaphilic with Carbamide 10% is an over-the-counter product sold mostly at pharmacy counters. If your local pharmacy doesn't carry it, ask to special order it. Be sure to specify the Carbamide 10%.

For a 16-ounce jar, expect to pay around $13. It lasts a long time.
August 20 2009

Writer4life from Utah

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Neutrogena Body Emulsion Lotion

Neutrogena Body Emulsion is the only lotion I have ever used that works for me and I have tried them all. Tea Tree oil soap also helps and its the only soap I'll use and my skin is extremely dry especially in the winter, it cracks but not anymore.
May 25 2009

Leslee from Michigan

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Eucerion PLUS Intensive Repair Hand Creme

Go out and buy PLUS Intensive Repair Hand Creme from Eucerin, who specializes in dry skin. It says on the bottle "alpha hydroxy and extra enriched moisturizers heal and soften without a greasy feeling." It does actually work. My knuckles used to be so dry and cracked (and sometimes bleeding), but now they're so smooth. Cannot believe how smooth they are, actually.
March 27 2009

Asirb Uhz from Holmdel, NJ USA

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