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for chronic tiredness, test for parasites

Have heard from friends, that their chronic fatique was caused by parasites...they had traveled out of the country, picked up something in the water...

After taking a zillion tests for everything, it did not come out as parasites..only when consulting a doctor who thinks a little bit differently---check for parasites...There are home remedies to do for this, make the body so un-hosptiable, no parasite would want to live there, there are many things, walnut wormwood oil, oil of oregano, lots of things, but you'd have to do it for a good long time, a month maybe and most people give up if the thing doesn't work right away, which is simply unfair. A 160 pound body, a total saturation of whatever the problem is, and has taken a year to get to this stage, yet after three "pills" the person wants it gone. Remedies first, the doctor and allllll of those expensive tests which are in themselves, risky, let those things come in tenth, after Remedies Are First.

June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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Internal nutrition problem usually

Lets say your tiredness is not a hidden heart problem or Blood sugar issue, next would be a good super vitamin B gets your energy level up which is why many people go to DR. for B shots. A good multi vitamin which added biotin, and iron. Usually fatigue is a nutrition issue once you get past the physical reasons. Now if you are sugar eater you may feel high and energetic as long as your sugar is up and then you bottom out right?
You need a diet change, no more sugar so your body can get back to being normal, high protein diet will keep you from craving sweets and alcohol, in fact alcohol treatment centers put their patienst on a high protein diet when they are there.

Sugar can keep you low and tired when abuse. Teenagers often sleep alot not because they are growing but because their diet is so high in salt and sugar they have more lows than highs and problems with fatigue. Eat right, take vitamins, your body is telling you something, I Am not feeling up to par for a reason, the reason is what you are putting into me, and not putting into me!

February 07 2010

Anonymous from watkins in TN

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Great Sex

Yes it is true great sex can get you going. In the morning before going to work. I roll over and have a marathon (sexcapade). When I do this I am full of energy and can go and go and go and go. Yes to sex.
January 05 2010

Miss Horny from Nashville, Tennessee

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Vit B Complex

Take vitamin B complex according to instructions on the bottle. This works tremendously well along with plenty of water, execise and keeping your iron at healthy levels.
September 16 2009

Vicki from Ga

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Sleep and or sex!
February 04 2009

KIM Kim Moe Moe from WA

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Warm Legs

Get a big tub and put warm water in it then rest your legs for 15-30 minutes. your ready to go.

BONUS: Dring Coffee with that!
July 24 2008

Abdelrahman Shoaib from Detroit, MI USA

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Energy drinks - all natural energy drinks

There are a couple of energy drinks I use frequently that are all natural.

One type of energy drinks I use is fresh carrot juice. The best place to get this is at your local health store. They will juice it right there for you so it is nice and fresh. I would get at least a 16 oz. Drink. It really helps. I feel a surge of energy typically within 15 minutes.

The other type of energy drinks I use is "raw apple cider vinegar" (only get at the Health store. I use "Braggs"). It looks cloudy but it works great. I mix it with just water but a lot of people can't stand the taste so they add 1 tablespoon, 2 times a day to grape juice or apple juice.

An elder friend of ours who is 78 started taking raw Apple Cider Vinegar. He used to nap about 2 1/2 hours a day but after taking the raw apple cider vinegar, he found he hardly needed to nap anymore. He couldn't believe the energy he had.

I have found this works great, too. The energy surge many have felt from apple cider vinegar usually is pretty quick, too.

I would try either of these energy drinks as they have proven very effective to me and others.

June 09 2008

Hope from Inverness, FL

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An Apple!

Eat one or two apples. They are natural, healthy, and contain a type of caffiene.
June 04 2008

Dallas from WA ,USA

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Cat Naps, Light Exercise, Multivitamins and Grandmas!

I have a toddler and never in my life have I experienced such a lack of energy as I do now.

It could be the 60 pounds I gained during pregnancy that never did leave...

Nonetheless, here is what I have been doing and seen amazing results!

*Exercise- It doesn't have to be 45 minutes on a
stationary bike!
I take my son with me to the mailbox about 2
blocks away, every day.
Our home is on a hilltop, so the journey
back is awesome and also works my thigh muscles!

* Cat Naps! Take a Cat Nap...
Between 15-20 minutes.
DO NOT SLEEP LONGER THAN 20 minutes or you'll
feel more tired than you were before you
laid down!
Research and clinical studies have shown that 20
minutes is the PERFECT length for a rejuvenating
nap. This allows your brain and body to rest
long enough, before your brain kicks into REM
sleep. If you wake in the middle of REM sleep,
no matter how long you rested for you will feel
miserable! (The average time it takes the brain
to enter into REM sleep is 25 minutes).

HIGH ABSORPTION RATE! I buy mine from Melaleuca
and they have a 99% absorption rate into your
body. I can DEFINITELY feel an amazing
difference with these multivitamin pills as
opposed to other pharmacy brands.

*Go to bed EARLY!- If you are a night owl..try
something different! Go to bed early BETWEEN
8:00 and 9:00p.m. You will feel like a million
bucks in the morning! I promise. I can wake at
6:00 a.m. after going to bed at 9:00 and feel SO
GOOD! My usual wake time is 10:30a.m. to give
you an idea...

*Last but not least.... To annhiliate tiredness
altogether (if you have children)...Invite
grandma over! Then you can sleep ALL you
want! :)

May 24 2008

Raquel B. from San Antonio, Texas

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Power nap then choclate bar

Take a power nap sometimes you need a little more sleep & then eat a choclate bar (Snickers are the best for energy & they taste great to) ^_^
January 12 2008

Erica hickman from FL. (Florida) USA

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Drink lot of water

If you are tired then drink lot of plain water. You may have to go to the bathroom several times but it will help you from your tiring. You will get a very good sleep as well.
September 10 2007

John from Kolkata

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Regularity - or Anemia.

REGULARITY: Sleep the same way every day. Go to bed at the same time, and GET UP at the same time - EVERY DAY.

My sons and my husband all used to be exhausted all the time, especially on weekends. They believed that they could stick to a regular schedule for work and school all week, then drastically alter their schedules for the weekends.

My dogs keep me on schedule, even if I don't feel like getting up. I go to bed and get up the same exact time every day of my life, and I am almost never tired during the day.

Once I convinced my husband to try it my way, he also stopped being exhausted all the time. Each of my sons have finally gotten past the all night weekends, and now get up closer to their regular times on weekends, too, and they are considerably less lethargic, now.

Never take a nap during the day, and don't lay down unless you intend to go to sleep. This teaches your body that laying down means sleep, and you will fall right to sleep when you do lay down. DON't Watch TV in bed, or read in bed.

Bed is for sleep, and you will stop being tired once you get on a regular schedule, and stick to it.

Also, Anemia can cause you to be abnormally tired. If you are Anemic, you'll need to take Iron supplements, and you will feel a significant improvement very quickly. Multivitamins often have Iron, so read the label. Take them in the morning, so they don't keep you up at night. They really are like a little pep pill, so be aware. (Also, Iron supplements can cause constipation, so be aware, and take extra fiber.)

July 07 2007

KM from NH

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