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59 Home Remedies for Diarrhea

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Rice water

Put some warm or hot water in a pan pour in some dry white rice into the pan and when the rice is almost about done pour the rice water into a cup sweeten it or not it will work!
July 03 2008

jeri rivas from moreno valley,ca,u.s.a.

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This is proven to work!

I am a dietitian, and work often with patients who have diarrhea as a side effect of various diseases. The "BRAT" diet IS PROVEN to work. Dietitians have been using it for decades.

B: bananas
R: rice
A: apples/applesauce
T: toast

The best method is to fast for a short amount of time, then slowly add small amounts of the foods listed above. Be sure to continue drinking plenty of water from the get go. It is very easy to get dehydrated with diarrhea.
June 16 2008

Lindsay from Indiana

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Flush it out naturally

Diarrhea is usually caused by something in your system that your body is trying to eject. Why not help the body flush it out by drinking lots and lots of water? As opposed to trapping the poison in your stomach with immodium or bread or the likes.

It may be a bit unpleasant but drinking a litre of room-tempurature water and then going to the bathroom, repeating as many times as necessary (usually 3-4 times within 2 hours) helps your body flush out the poison.

You will know its finished when you do any of the following:

pass gas
pass solid stools

I had a fried who was down for days taking medicine, in extreme stomach pain. He was taking medicine to STOP the diarrhea, while his body triggered the diarrhea to flush out the poison. I told him about this remedy, he followed it and within two hours he was up and about, refreshed with a regular appetite once again.

It has worked for me and my family numerous times over the years.

Sometimes we are looking for something convenient, to stop the diarrhea, because we need to be active for work or whatever, but stopping up your stomach can be painful and more harmful to your system in the long run!
April 30 2008

M.R. from Saudi Arabia

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Naturall fruit tannins

This is an old remedy passed on to me by my grandmother, when you have a case of the green apple trots, peel a ripe apple, set it out on the counter for 1/2 hour, let it start turning brown, the brown is a natural tannin that works better at stopping the runs, than immodium has ever worked for me, and you can not taste the tannins on the apple.
December 12 2007

Terry from Gaston SC

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Moroccan remedy

Pour boiling hot water over oregano leaves (preferably fresh but dried is okay), add a spoonful of sugar, wait for it too cool a bit, then drink up! Ladies, this works for period cramps too.
November 23 2007

Jas from Canada

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Tumeric or Haldi mixture

2 teaspoon tumeric
half cup water

Mix well and take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.

November 17 2007

adi from Fiji

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Fresh pineapple stops diarrhea

A twelve pound weight loss in eight months and an inconclusive set of gastro tests were frustrating.
Bought some pineapple on sale. Within a day after I started eating it(fresh)the diarrhea stopped. When I ran out of pineapple, the problem returned. Eating again, diarrhea stopped. A non-pharmaceutical solution!
November 11 2007

barbara from oregon

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Eat a small cup of pineapple, it will block diarrhea.
October 26 2007

lorraine from tulare,ca

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Mix yogurt with fenugreek and eat it whenever its' really bad.
August 30 2007

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Tummy Troubles

I got this out of Prevention Magazine for vomitting or diarrhea
It is called

B= Bananas
R= Rice
A= Applesauce
T= Toast

It makes it easy to remember.

August 26 2007

Tammy from Greer, SC

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Rice water

Crack un-cooked and un-processed rice grains in blender. soak rice in water at least 3 hrs, blend in blender , strain add sweetner or drink plain.
June 21 2007

Tweet from Baltimore, Md, Usa

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Fresh Lemon Juice

Squeeze fresh lemon to fill at least half a glass. Drink this as it is and repeat if neccessary. Instant result guaranteed.

Lemon juice is known to kill the cause of diarrhea.
June 15 2007

TikTak from London, UK

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