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59 Home Remedies for Diarrhea

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Charcoal/activated carbon

I can't believe I don't see this on here but didn't look deep. Charcoal is a natural filter (fish tanks/air filters, etc.) It's completely natural. I traveled for a decade to all the Pacific Rim countries and South America. All the experienced travelers carried it. As soon as you get food poisoning, stomach ache, or diarrhea, eat a few tablets of Charcoal or Activated Carbon ever few hours along with plenty of water and the BRAT diet (Banannas, Apples, Rice, Toast) or any combo.
The charcoal filters out what is giving you the diarrhea and without keeping it inside of your body, which is what is giving you Diarrhea in the first place.

I've given it to my kids since they were babies and try to spread the word wherever I can. It's available in every natural food section and never expires.
June 04 2014

Todd from Spokane, Wa

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Instant reliever

Two tablespoons of non dairy coffee creamer (the powder kind) and a half cup of water mixed well. This remedy works miracle. I've been doing out for years.
June 02 2014

Kelvin from Fort Worth

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Add a few tablespoons to some hot water and drink. Have a few times a day till you are better!
May 15 2014

Ebony maude from United Kingdom

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Add 2-4 tablespoons of cornflour(maizena) a pinch of salt To a quarter glass of water Mix and drink for relief from diarrhea.
May 06 2014

Cate from Toronto

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Bicabonate soda and apple cider vinegar

Pour 10 ml boiling water over one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda. Add one teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Pour one litre of mineral water - room temperature - over the mixture. Drink the mixture during the course of the day, preferably when you are not consuming any solids. Works like magic.
May 06 2014

Shannun Accouche from Seychelles

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Remedy for diarrhea

I found a quick safe remedy is flour and water Take small glass of water with two large tablespoons of flour mix well drink with an hour you have relief. Unless you have a problem with flour at this is guaranteed.
April 20 2014

Victor Thrash from Ca

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Blackberry remedy

It's a blackberry remedy- diarsoothe. It was used for toddlers with cholera a number of years ago.
March 23 2014

One Happy Gal from United States

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2 tea spoon Custard powder mixed with half glass of water helps stop diarrhea. It really helps.
January 19 2014

Marla from Sa

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Banana and hot rub

My daughter and boyfriend were miserable, I had them eat bananas and plain toast then finished it off with a sock full of rice (warmed in microwave) and gently rubbed their stomachs in clockwise motion. They both slept like babies and woke up better.
January 06 2014

Mandi from New Mexico

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Works quickly!

1 cup of pickle juice. Works for my family. Also, the vinegar kills whatever is causing the diarrhea.
December 29 2013

Suzi from Massachusetts

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Mom of 5

Mild black tea brewed and cooled down works wonders.
August 13 2013

Mom of 5 from India

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Toast + garlic

What works for me is a good toast and once the bread is dark I rub a clove of garlic on it and then eat it. It tastes good and it really helps. And a few minutes later I eat a banana. Keep in mind that you have to consume a lot of liquids while having diarrhea. Another quick fix is potato soup, there are tons of recipes online that are quick and easy and work like a charm.
July 15 2013

John from Romania

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