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40 Home Remedies for Bruises

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Ice-Pack Remedy

I placed an ice pack on my neck, then removed it. Then I let my neck warm up naturally on its own, then I added the ice pack once again. Just repeat the process a few times. After the first few times the hickies will lighter, and lighter. In a couple days they won't even be there.
April 10 2006

Jeanette from Pana, IL USA

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comb it out

With a smaller bruise that has already began to show, you can take a comb and go over the area several times. Do not press too hard. This will make the blood under the skin spread out and the bruise will heal much faster. It also works well with hickies!!
January 21 2006

J.L.G. from OH

38 15

Relief for Bruises

Apply an ice cube immediately to lesson swelling and discoloration of a bruise
October 17 2005

Chris from Kentucky

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I always seemed to bruise easily, and it took forever for the bruise to go away. Then one day a lady told me about tea tree oil.

I got some tea tree oil, and when I got a bruise, would rub some on it a couple of times a day. In 2 days the bruise had turned yellow and then 2 more days it was gone.
September 27 2005

Carol from CT

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