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40 Home Remedies for Bruises

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Heat therapy for your bruise

Apply moist heat to the bruise. Heat a hand towel in the microwave for 1 min and apply to the bruise repeat this method for 20 to 30 min. 3 times a day. This will open the blood caps. and allow the blood to go down. It will make the bruise go away with in 1 to 2 days.
IT REALLY WORKS!!!! I just tried this on my arm and it is almost totally gone.
September 10 2008

wife and mother from FL

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Hickies (shame on you)

My mother got mad at me when I came home with a hicky. She would tell me that I could have very bad health problems if I did that. So I would catch her asleep take a spoon(any size will work) put it in the freezer let it get very cold. Then put it on your hicky. I promise! it will work. I never got caught again.
June 16 2008

Samantha from Jonesboro Ar, USA

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Vics Vapor Rub

As soon as possible apply the Vics on a fresh bruise or before the bruise even shows a few times a day putting slight pressure. I use it on my 2 year old who is always falling and it never fails...works great
June 09 2008

anonymous from MASS

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I bruise easily and have found that if I can immediately put a dollop of Arnica gel on the site, there will be no bruising but if I don't use the Arnica, the bruise appears and will last a couple of weeks. Needless to say, I always carry Arnica with me.
May 19 2008

Diane from Canada

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Bruising will go away instantly

This is the way I always get rid of my bruising I apply a small amount of toothpaste in the area that is bruised then apply a small piece of toilet paper to cover the area so it can stay in place and wont get all over the place.For best results apply when your going to sleep.
May 08 2008

monica from ca usa

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Banana Peel! Its that easy!

Cut a banana peel to the size you are going to need in order for it to completely cover the bruise. Place it over the bruise with the inside of the peel on the bruise. Cover it with a band-aid and the bruise should be gone in the morning.
December 19 2007

A.Eileen from Texas, USA

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Avocado skins and seed

Make a tea using the skin and seed of the avocado. Even the leaves from the tree and apply warm.
September 26 2007

veronica from north hills ca

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Rub it out

Bruises are caused by blood pooling in a spot near the surface of your skin.

If you can stand the pain, rubbing the bruise will disburse the blood, and lessen the discoloration.

You don't need any special creams or oils to rub into it, but using something slippery may make rubbing it less painful. Any old Lotion or oil should work for that purpose. It doesn't have any medical benefit, but it would likely make the rubbing easier.

That is why all the other supposed cures work. It doesn't really matter what you rub into it, it's the Rubbing that matters. Disburse the pool of blood, and the discoloration will go away.
July 07 2007

KM from NH

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Terrable Bruising

My niece ran full toddler speed in to a wood foot board, knocked her out and left the whole side of her face scratched, puffy and a nasty bruise on the right side. We put neosporen and salt on the bruise, it when from black purple to dark pink in min.
June 16 2007

mrs. P from WICHITA, KS USA

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For Hickies :]

No matter how bad the hickie is, just applying lemon juice and combing it out, possily (i know this sounds wierd) using a tooth brush to rub it in, should make it go away. When I say comb it out, I mean to just use a comb to gently brush where the hickey is, not to hard though. This will help, but it may not take it completly away. It's what I always do, I haven't found anything that works better.
June 03 2007

aanah from Long Island, New York

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Rubbing Alcohol

My grandmother was a nurse and she would always apply rubbing alcohol on the bruise. It has to be done shortly after, but it will make the bruise either not appear or barely visible. I have no idea why this works for me. It works for my kids too.
February 06 2007

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Witch Hazel is Great for bruises. Just keep a bottle in your fridge and put it on a bruise. It works best when you get to the bruise when it happens. But you still can use it if a bruise is not fresh. When you use the Witch Hazel it will take the color out of the bruise or may not even bruise
June 25 2006

Kelley from Pennsylvania

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