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40 Home Remedies for Bruises

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The cure for bruises

A long time ago, I had a wreck in my car which left a large bruise on my abdomen (I flipped the car at 80 miles per hour 3 times).
My doctor prescribed Bromelain tablets.
I looked up bromlain and was surprised to know that it was a constituent of bananas, the white part has the highest content.

Now pure bromelain tablets are available at health food stores.
My bruise went away after only a few days.

June 10 2010

Robert Hocker from Texas

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Preventing bruises with vitamins

When you lack vitamin k in your diet you bruise easy, take a vit k every other day, prevents varicose veins as well. A to acidic diet can cause easy bruising too.
February 07 2010

Anonymous from Watkins in TN

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Chinese Egg Rolling

Boil a couple of eggs and peal the egg when cooked and roll it where there is a bruise and roll it back and forward. This will also work for bring down swelling.

January 18 2010

Ace Le from Atlanta Ga USA

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Really Works

I was PLaying Basketball And Got Elbowed And I woke Up the Next day with a Bruise under my eye .....Apply Some Jergans Non Scented Cold Lotion To Your BRusie And JUst Rub Away May. Hurt But Works.
December 10 2009

Jalen Fresh Prince from Ohio Usa

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If you whack your precious shin on the coffee table, what can you do to minimize the bruise? You can now experience the healing attributes of BruiseMD, an effective natural remedy to accelerate bruise healing.This stuff is great! It really works, smells good, and isn't greasy so you can wear it under your clothes.
The four versions of BruiseMD incluide: Enzymatic Tablets, Cooling Gel, Soothing Cream and Analgesic Balm.Rub one of the three topicals there are to choose from on your bruise and watch it disappear in just days.
BruiseMD contains proven, safe and effective ingredients known to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and decrease the skin discoloration associated with bruises and soft tissue injuries. The three topical formulations contain Arnica Montana, a well known homeopathic medicine, combined with proven OTC medicine pain relievers. BruiseMD oral tablets, consisting of pineapple(Bromelain) and papaya (Papain) enzymes, also known as “proteolytic enzymes,” work in conjunction with the body’s naturally occurring enzymes to accelerate the healing process.
BruiseMD is currently available through the website (www.bruisemd.com), in over fifty Hi-Health stores, and the exclusive Chiropractors Buying Group (CBG) online store and catalog. Recently Nature's Best, The Natural Products Distributor®, added BruiseMD to its lineup, distributing certified organic, natural, and specialty products throughout the United States and Asia. Check out the website for more info and to view the products for yourself. This is truly a great find and I'm glad I've had the chance to share it!

October 05 2009

Danielle Flahive from L.A., CA

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Twist It Away!

After a great night of intimacy, I woke up to a hickey on my neck. I work in Iraq and the last thing you want people to know is you're getting some since we're not supposed to be doing that kind of stuff over here. Anyway, since I had to be at work and could not take the day off, and its Summer time...I'm talking 98 degrees by 0815, there was no way to wear a turtle neck or scarf. So, I remember what I use to do in High School... READY?

To get rid of a hickey, get a lipstick cap that is circular. Put it on the hickey and twist the cap and pull out creating suction. Continue to do this until you can't stand the pain anymore or for like 5 to 10 minutes. This will make it look really red. Leave it alone for like 30 minutes to let the blood move around. You could even rub on it during these 30 minutes or put something cold on it to help with the pain, and then do it again. Make sure you twist it and pull up at the same time. Do it directly on the hickey and surrounding area. It will make it go away fast.

Like I said, I just woke up with mine so you know it's really red and bruised...I had to sneak in my office and get to work. No one has seen me over here doing this. I didn’t want to put anything cold on it so it doesn’t look obvious. I’m just rubbing my neck since it looks like I just have a sore neck. I just did my 2nd round and have been letting it sit while I’ve been typing this. Right now, I can hardly see it anymore. I may do it another time just to make sure, but I will see how it looks in 15 to 20 more minutes. Within an hour, it’s hardly noticeable. IT WORKS!

June 27 2009

Understanding Your Embarrassment from Militray Base, Iraq

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Heat it out

Alright well just a few days ago , my upper lip got bruised. I looked awful and ugly... So my grandmother suggested I try boiling some water with salt and then wetting a washcloth and putting it on my bruise as hot as I could bare. Amazingly enough, I repeated this 2 times, once every night b4 going to bed. By the third day it was practically gone. I died it a third time that night and by morning my bruise was completely gone! So yea..... Boil some water with salt. Get the washcloth in the water and then on ur lip for as hot as u culd bare (the hotter the better) repeat this 2-4 times once every night b4 bed for about 15-20minutes (just make sure u reheat the water so it stays nice and hot). In 2-4 days ur bruise will b gone!
June 17 2009

Da man from New York, USA

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Use Bruise Rx before or after you have bruise

Bruise Rx from Remedies Cure is amazing! Everyone should try it to see how well it works for them. My doctor gave me a bottle and I use it on myself (I bruise easily) and I also give it to my family for the bruises that come from unexpected trauma.
May 26 2009

Sarah Smith from San Diego, CA USA

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Bruise Relief

I found a product in CVS or you can get it at CVS.com. It's called Bruise Relief. It's the only product I found that was specific to getting rid of bruises but also all natural.

I have to say I was skeptical but particularly as summer approaches I really don't like having the huge bruises I tend to get from simple things like hitting the corner of a piece of furniture.

Bruise Relief worked like a charm. The bruise never appeared. It was like it never happened.
April 22 2009

Becky from Fairfield, CT

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Hockey Fight Goes from Bad to Good

Got in a fight with a bigger dude who gave me a huge black eye. My friend said to use raw meat, but who has that in today's economy. I tried several things, but I discovered that desitin works wonders. I applied it that night, and my blackeye was gone when I woke up. Wow. Long live desitin.
January 15 2009

Marcus Cambie from Denver, CO

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Hickeys ;)

Well i went through a lot with my boyfriend. And this really works hunny. Take cream cheese and put it on your hickey. I know it sounds funny but it really works trust me. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and your hickey will be gone in 30-60 minutes. Trust me it works my boyfriend gave me so many hickies and this works. Learn from an expert I used it all the time ;) ;)
October 30 2008

Elijah Lopez from Las Vegas, NV USA

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Apply oraljel in ur briuse will disappear! It nums it taking away the discoloration try it!
September 23 2008

Melissa from CA, USA

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