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40 Home Remedies for Bruises

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Neck bruise

My son fell in the bathtub and severely bruised his neck. Apply ice pack 10 minutes and then put Neosporin. Repeat process. Apply more ice and more Neosporin.
November 11 2015

Al from NYC

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This works when you feel a bruise coming as the fat in butter helps your skin cells to heal faster. Take one small bit of butter an smear it all over the damaged area and hopefully a small bruise will come up or even no bruise.
July 01 2015

Niamh from Ireland

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Vanish! ta-da

My sister got bruised from falling on the roadside and she was afraid to show our grandma(who worries tooo much) so I tried combining 2 of the remedies posted here and it worked!

1.Comb out the bruise gently with a toothbrush or comb. 2.Apply a mixture of toothpaste and salt which will help heel the bruise very fast. Hope it works for you too!
June 01 2015

Rustic legend from Hawaii

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Toothpaste and warm water

Take toothpaste and smear over the bruise, wait for about 15-20 Minutes then wash off with hot water(as hot as your skin can take) repeat until the bruise has gone/discolored.
May 01 2015

Jay from England

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Hot compresses

Hot compresses are great for bruises something like a hot towel or hot water bottle are great.
March 11 2015

ZP from Hot

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Chap stick

Aply chapstick to the bruise rub in circular motion the bruise discoloration will slightly lessen in a matter of minutes not sure why it works but I did this a few hours after my husband got in a bar fight the bruise went from purple to a red color I'll write more after he wakes up tomorrow.
January 19 2015

Patricia from Louisiana

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For bruises have to make salt bag with cloth then dip into the hot water give massage on affected place it will give nice relief.
October 01 2014


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Lavender essential oil

Try lavender essential oil mixed with carrier oil (Coconut, Shea Butter, Olive, any oil will do) and apply directly to the bruise and bandage it. The bruise will go away in no time. If it is burning or hurting, that means you added to much lavender oil.
June 12 2014

Rokas from Vilnius

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It sounds weird but it works wonders!! And is readily available. Smooth toothpaste over your bruise and bandage it before you go to bed. (The bandages are so the toothpaste doesn't go everywhere.) I had bad bruises and they had faded after one night and were almost completely gone after two nights! It seriously worked!!! :)
May 05 2014

Bruise from Australia

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Black eye and bruised cheek

First apply neosporin and rub on bruise treating it like a hickie. Once you have rubbed bruise apply bengay on top. Its going to burn a bit in the beginning but takes bruise away. Do twice a day. Do not get in eye.
April 21 2014

Perez from Utah

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Mrs. w

I apply a coin such a penny to a small bruised area and press down gently, holding the coin there for a minute. Move the coin to different areas of the bruise, allowing the clotted blood underneath the skin to disburse. The bruise will turn brown in the next day and will certainly fade out completely after that.
December 27 2013

Julia from Aurora, Ontario

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A lot of time I got bruises and I was using fresh potatoes peel and slice. Apply the fresh cut of the slice to the affected area.
When is dry change the slice.
December 04 2013

Laurentiu from New York

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