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30 Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

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Diaper rash

Use corn starch every time you change the diaper. This is great for grown up's with irrigation due to heat and humidity.
October 25 2015

Karen from Phila.

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All natural

I absolutely HATE rashes!! They're annoying and itchy!! What I used was some olive oil and cornstarch. Mix those together into a paste and rub over rash. Apply as needed. Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone :)
May 21 2014

Annie from Canada

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My son had a horrible rash and I had absolutely NOTHING to put on him. I came across an article that said to use breastmilk because of the natural anitboides that are in it. I tried it and WOW I noticed a change the next diaper change!!! BREAST MILK..just another reason breatmilk is the best for baby. Free food and free diaper remedy!
February 19 2010

Loreal from FL

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Simple and cheap rememdy that WORKS!

I discovered this trick working with a guy that had twins that never had a diaper rash a day in their childhood. He told me to wash a baby's bum after every diaper change. I modified his technique to using a wet wash cloth because his method was too time consuming.
I purchased about 14 Gerber thin wash cloths and put it in the bathroom. Everytime, my daughter's diaper was changed, we used the wet wash cloth to wipe away the ammonia. Just run cloth under tap water and rinse out with same hand. You want it moist but not super dry because it will chaffe baby's skin. Wipe gently.
I have doing this since the first day my daughter was home from hospital and she hasn't had a rash yet. (she is almost 10 months)

With a poopy diaper, I wipe with a baby wipe first so it's clean, then I'll use a wet wash cloth.

Always use the wash cloths once and put in laundry. Don't keep reusing. Also change baby's diaper about every 2.5 to 3 hours and your baby will never have a rash.

Tip for newborns is to warm cloths first so it's not so cold on their bum. When they are older, you can use cold water instead of waiting for water to warm up.

When we are out of the house, I just put a few of the cloths in a sandwich bag and wet it in the bathroom to change baby's diaper. Then I'll put the soiled cloths back in sandwich bag to laundry it when I get home.

Good luck.
January 05 2010

Diane Hawkins from Nolanville, Texas

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Egg Whites & Corn Starch

Hi, last night I found this website and used cornstarch and zinc cream but it was still bad today so I tried the egg white remedy. Highly recommend for taking the redness and bumps away within hours! I applied them only twice but generously and let air dry a little before putting her diaper back on, loosely. Now I will use corn starch to hopefully keep it from recurring. Thanks!
November 23 2009

Jayme from Portland, OR USA

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I'm trying the egg whites right now!

I read a few articles on egg whites. I just gave my son a long warm bath. I then hair-blower dried his bottom. I read that one too. I will attempt to report soon on if the egg whites work for me! :)
November 06 2009

Crystal Lane from Troutman, NC

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Zinc Oxide - Works every time

Like a miracle! Safe, Easy and Extremely Effective. Sooo soothing for those soft little baby bottoms. Apply and next day rash is gone. Also forms a barrier protecting against future rashes. Just make sure to apply it to a clean, dry butt.
November 05 2009

Norah from San Francisco, CA

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Simple but oh so effective.

To make your paste you will need vaseline (petroleum jelly of some sort) and 100% pure corn starch. Add the vaseline to a small container that you can reuse and start adding corn starch by the spoon. Mix with a butterknife until it is worked into a paste. How thick is personal preference. It works regardless. For me, the more starch the better. Apply it generously to the affected area. The starch will absorb the bad stuff and the vaseline will keep your childs bottom lubricated. You'll be surprised at the next diaper change. I went through numerous products and had the answer the whole time at home. Have fun. . .
October 07 2009

AP from California

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Sulfer and vasoline

This came from my husbands grandma. We used it on all 3 of my children when the rash gets bad. Go to the pharmacist and ask for sulfer powder. Mix a little with Vaseline and apply to babies bottom. Over night it will be cleared up for the most part.
July 02 2009

Katie Eagle from Georgia

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Tried and True

I used Caldescene Powder for both of my children. My son got a really bad rash and I tried everything but nothing worked until the Caldesene and I used it on my daughter when she was born and she never got a rash ever. They ae both teeneagers now and I tell everyone with a baby about it, it works.You can find it in just about any drugstore.
May 25 2009

Leslee from Michigan

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Simple Egg White Cure.

When my three boys have had bad nappy rash we take an egg white, whisk it for a couple of seconds just to get a couple of bubbles started on it , still clear though, then rub lots(be generous) gently onto sore bottom, save the rest in the fridge for the next three-four nappy changes. Baby normally feeling better and bottom looking much better within hours !
April 21 2009

Martin. from Ireland

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Corn Starch

My niece is just about the most delicate child when it comes to her bottom. She cant use any scented whipes, or certain brands of diapers. If you want FAST, and PAINLESS treatment that works you should try something my grandmother told me. Corn Starch, I specifically use a brand in spanish "Maicena" its amazing, please try it.
April 09 2009

Gabby from Houston, TX

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