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34 Home Remedies for High blood pressure

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Day Lillies reduce High Cholesterol

My grandma, a cherokee indian, gave my father this remedy, and it works!
Dig up the bulb of a daylilly plant AFTER it has bloomed and the stalk has withered brown. Cut it up and boil 1/2 c. of root with 2 c. water until it is boiled down to 1 c. of solution. Take 2 Tbsp. in the A.M. & P.M.
My father has stopped taking his Vytorin, per the Dr. because he has dropped from 220 to 140, making no other food adjustments except for the day lilly juice!
July 26 2007

Donna Franklin-McChesney from Kansas City, Missouri

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2 to 4 bananas a day work pretty good, however you can pack on the pounds. Potassium, 595 mg.(1 pill only) at night before going to bed, not only helps lower blood pressure, it also helps you sleep. It helps the mineral balance in your blood, and regulates the body's water balance. Take only one, otherwise your liver won't like it.
May 25 2007

Terri G from Warren RI

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cider, grape juice remedy

12 oz can of frozen grape juice
12 oz can of frozen apple juice
1 cup of vinegar
6 cans of water

drink 2 ozs a day,
taste not so good, but it works
February 14 2007

j smith from oakland, md usa

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I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast
January 11 2007

JJ from Columbus, OH

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Lower Cholesterol

I have a friend who has a cholesterol problem but can't take medication for it because of elevated liver enzymes.

Her doctor told her to mix 4 cups of apple juice with 3 cups of grape juice and 1/2 cup of apple cider. She is suppose to drink 6 ounces of this mixture every morning.

She has been doing this for 6 months and her cholesterol has gone down.
March 08 2006

Millie Miscoa from Washington DC

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List of Foods that Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Here's is a list of foods that lower cholesterol naturally.

Soy Protein
Whole Grain Breads
Whole Grain Cereals

Also olive oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, and soybeans oil.
March 08 2006

Carol K from Shelton CT

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Add flaxseed to your diet, like my doctor did. He says flaxseed lowers cholesterol because it contains mostly unsaturated fat, the kind that does not turn on liver production of colesterol. Flaxseed has a similar oil to fish oil, making it a defender against heart attack and stroke.

It also lessons the risk of cancer and softens hardened arteries. It contains potassium, which lowers blood pressure and it is a fabulous source of fiber, which is natures way of preventing constipation and diverticulosis ( the condition where small pockets spring from the colon wall).

Buy flaxseed at any health food store.
December 09 2005

Julie from MO

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High cholesterol remedy

I worked for a cardiologist once and a remedy that we used for people who did not like to take pills was this: every day for a month take a teaspoon of vinegar either straight or with a cup of water. It may not taste that great but it works!!!! We had several patients that lowered their cholesterol in a months time with this remedy. I am anxious to hear from others on this.

December 01 2005

patty from michigan, USA

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Celery Cure

A natural remedy for high blood pressure is celery juice.First thing every morning Juice a few celery stalks and drink.This is a well known remedy for high blood pressure often prescribed by doctors in Vietnam.Eat lots of Celery it's healthy !!
November 15 2005

Nitya Siddha dasa from Ibstock,UK

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Reducing Cholesterol

Contrary to popular opinion, cholesterol problems do not always come from cholesteral yielding foods such as fatty meats, fried foods, and processed cheese.

There is increasing evidence that many coronary artery disorders are not directly caused by dietary fat, but rather by eating starches, together with, or immediately following, the ingestion of meats, fish or poultry. Forget desserts too! Another reason for a coronary is lack of or very little exercise.

Good to take some vegetable oil daily. It's high content of unsaturated fatty acids greatly helps to liquefy the fats in the body and prevent clogging the arteries.

Avoid coconut oil, it is high in cholesterol.
October 11 2005

Doc from Florida

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