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34 Home Remedies for High blood pressure

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Raw celery

Raw celery does the trick for me. I juice 2-3 bunches a week and sometimes add tomato or fruit juice to mix up the flavor a bit. If you use tomato juice, be sure it's low sodium.
March 24 2009

Ken from Bella Vista, AR

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Lower blood pressure naturally

My husband has found that by taking Flaxseed oil, fish oil and also CoQ10, he has been able to get off of 2 of the 4 prescription medications for high blood pressure that he was on. His blood pressure has continued to stay at an acceptable rate.
January 04 2009

Martha Krueger from Williston, North Dakota

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Read about nitric oxide and its effect on heart health. I take MRI NO2 black (3 capsules a day before bedtime). It's basically time-released arginine, which increases the body's ability to make Nitric Oxide. I also take CoQ10 (50mg Q-sorb) once in the morning, with a Centrum multi-vitamin and once before bedtime with the NO2. Blood pressure dropped from 140/86 to 118/68 in about 4 weeks, when coupled with aerobic exercise (3 times a week for 30 minutes). No other changes to diet.
December 04 2008

srv from ok

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I need to spread the word do not take Lisinopril, it's made from Snake Venom and gave me and alot of others side effects of snake venom, like Heart Palpitations, anxiety, and depression. I'm on Norvasc now and have no more anxiety or depression.
August 28 2008

cheeple@yahoo.com from Concord, California

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Drink Beer to lower blood pressure

People who drink 1-2 beers per day show better elasticity of the blood vessels than non drinkers.
I would add one can of beer per day to your diet.
August 28 2008

cheeple@yahoo.com from Concord, California

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It is a little known fact that blood pressure is related to a buildup of gas in the body. Farting releases the gas, hence relieving the pressure on the blood. My blood pressure used to be in the 150/95 range until I started farting. Now I fart freely and prouldy, and my bp is a perfect 120/60.
June 13 2008

Josiah P. Eubanks from Ft. Worth, TX

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Cut cholesterol

Drink a few glasses of purple grape juice (unsweetened) daily. It works great, and just because the bottle says unsweetened, it doesn't mean it tastes bad. Actually it's pretty good. Cut out fried foods and butters and oils, just don't do the cholesterol pills, or else you'll develop more problems.
May 28 2008

terri g from warren, ri

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The aquarium relief

I used to suffer from high blood pressure. My pressure was so high I start to bleed from my nose. I went to India on a business trip and found that garlic pills work great and to top it off I bought a 75 gallon aquarium and when I got home every night I will sit in the room and just look at it for about a half an hour and my blood pressure disappear in a month, thank god.
May 16 2008


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Celery Extract for lowering blood pressure

Dr. Michael Murray has a good celery extract for lowering blood pressure. Magnesium, garlic juice or caps, parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in water and potassium lowers bp.Grape juice opens the arteries but buy the unsweetened organic. From my research olive leaf lowers it too. My husband drinks a good seaweed liquid that has helped him greatly. Exercise is a must (begin very slowly and begin with stretching) and also chronic dehydration raises blood pressure. (it thickens the blood) Drinking plenty of water is a must. The body is 70% water. Stress raises it so try to remain calm. Praying is awesome and truly helps to lower it immediately. I heard that listening to gregorian chant lowers blood pressure and helps people with mental illness. I also heard that drinking grapefruit juice lowers it but do not do that while on meds cause it may lower it too much. Hope this information helps someone.
May 14 2008

mary from Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Lower blood pressure cure

Fish oil, garlic with rice brand oil & red yeast rice.
March 08 2008

dr phil from usa

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Canabis Sativa Lowers Blood pressure

It has been Shown and Proven that Marijuana helps to Lower Blood Pressure. Do the research and you will be suprised how many medicinal uses Marijuana Has to Offer!
February 07 2008

Justin Hale from AUSTIN,TX

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Potassium and B 12

Add these two supplements daily and you'll feel a considerable drop in blood pressure. (healthy drop)
October 25 2007

terri g from warren, RI

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