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34 Home Remedies for High blood pressure

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Regular yoga plus diet control

I had been experiencing high BP problem since last 5-6 months. I contacted many doctors and performed various tastes like Blood Tests and Machine Tests... All Doctors told me the reports are normal and there is nothing to worry about. I also bought a BP checking machine few months back to test my BP at home. From last few months, I am checking my BP regularly and found out that it is constantly in the higher range. Systolic Pressure is usually from 130 to 150 and diastolic pressure is often 85 to sometimes 110. So I was very worried about these high readings. Then I started Yoga and Pranayam techniques such as Bhastrika and Anulom Vilom Pranayams along with regular Yoga exercises.

After few weeks of regular practice and control over my daily diet, my BP started showing lower numbers such as 120 to 130 and 80 to 90. This shows that if you perform regular yoga exercises along with diet control, your BP can definitely be controlled over time. By the way, chewing your food at least 32 times helped me a lot in reducing my discomfort and that heavy feeling of high BP..
January 18 2016

Vishal from India

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Beets juice works

1 8 ounce glass of Beet Juice, 400mg Hawthorne Berry 2x daily (lowers my Diastolic pressure), 250mg 2x daily magnesium supplement every morning. My Blood pressure was 110/79 heart rate 80. I had extreme high blood (190/104 heart rate 114) This remedy lowered my blood pressure better than any medication for me. Magnesium has a side effect of flatulence. If that happens take a gas-x and keep going.
May 05 2015

Chana from Miami FL

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High blood pressure

Doing the water cure....32 oz of water twice a day with 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt. Blood pressure lowest it has ever been 120/88 from 142/90 and it also cure my toe fungus! Whoot!
January 26 2014

Lou from Scarolina

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Water remedy for high bp

One glass of water for every waking hour, approximately 17 glasses in a day, has worked wonders for my entire body. My blood pressure has dropped considerably from 150/90 to 130/80, digestion has improved and there is a sense of refreshing lightness. Of, course, this has to be combined with regular exercise and moderation in eating and in consuming alchoholic drinks.
July 10 2013

Ravi Moharir from Pune, India

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one more remedy recommendation

I have lowered my blood pressure 20 points by using hibiscus tea. At first I thought that the machines used in testing were wrong, but I've been giving blood, going to more than one doctor, have been tested over and over and it is lowered. It FEELS lowered. This hibiscus tea is sold over the net, a place in Austin, TX. Though the tea is found in the Austin Whole Foods, it's not in my regional area WF. I bought it online. First of all, the stuff is tasty, it has replaced coffee for me, though I do start the morning with 2-3 cups of coffee, I have 2-3 cups of hibiscus tea over the course of the day. Finding it a tad expensive, it's double the price of the CS teas, if you read the box on CS herbal teas, almost all of them have hibiscus flowers listed first ingredient. I didn't believe it either, but I was desperate for a solution, high blood pressure is tough. Think that the apple cider vinegar works too, but ummmmm, this is way more tasty. High blood pressure hurts as well, you might be used to the discomfort and therefore do not notice it, but once it is over you will !

June 18 2011

Jampact5@yahoo.com from Silver Spring, MD USA

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Vegetables like celery have lots of potassium. Eat lots of potassium rich foods. Use potassium chloride salt substitute. This can take a few days but it really works.
April 07 2011

aaron from idaho

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Potassium chloride for high blood pressure

The grocery store near you has a section that sells salt substitute called potassium chloride. If you take this in place of salt whenever you eat your blood pressure will go down. I have done a lot of medical research on this and believe me it works. Use it often liberally.
April 05 2011

aaron from idaho

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Flax oil

Barleans flax oil returned my blood pressure to normal. Take one when you wake another in the middle of the day and one before you go to sleep. Do it every day and I didn't even use the whole bottle. It really works.
March 20 2010

Joseph from Arizona

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An herb that works

Hawthorne berry tea works best in fact many high blood pressure meds have a derivitive of this. But we all know over weight and water retention cause high BP, so keep a diuretic handy, lose weight, also a fast heart rate and increase BP, take Calcium, Mag, Zinc combo, this keeps heart rate regular. Avoid salt that causes water retention.
February 07 2010

Anonymous from watkins in TN

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Beetroot juice

According to a new study published in Hypertension - Journal of the American Heart Association , drinking just 500ml of beetroot juice a day can help reduce blood pressure.
June 06 2009

Ram from Atlanta, GA USA

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RE: Farting for high blood pressure

This is an absurd remedy. As a pharmacist I have been trained in the pathophysiological responses in the body, and a "build-up of gas" in your bloodstream is NOT a cause of high blood pressure. Farting may lower your blood pressure only because the activation or straining of your bowel/genitourinary muscles (kegal muscles) causes a vasovagal response mechanism inducing negative feedback upon your baroreceptors- causing decreased heartrate and temporarily lowered blood pressure. The same effect can be achieved by straining the muscles as if you are having a bowel movement, without farting. It is NOT DUE TO GAS IN YOUR BLOODSTREAM. Farting releases gas from your colon, the end of your large intestine, that is caused from bacteria digesting elements of your food. This in no way effects the gas present in your bloodstream, which is a factor of gas exchange in your lungs and cellular metabolism .
April 15 2009

Nathan from Austin, TX

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Pomegranate Juice

Ayurveda suggest Pomegranate Juice twice daily for 2 weeks
April 12 2009

Vyom from India

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