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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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instant relief

Make a paste with meat tenderizer,dab it on the sting, pains gone instantly
January 27 2006

Janet Jenkins from Benton,TN.

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Remedy for Bee Stings

Mud. That's right. Mud!

When you get stung, take the stinger out (if there is one) Mix some water with dirt. Put the mud on and wrap it in strips of rags. As the mud dries it will draw out the itchy irritant.

December 08 2005

Kathy Hale from Evansville, Indiana

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bee sting relief

take some tabacco wet it a little and put it on the bee sting it should immediatly stop stinging and the swelling will go away soon after......always works for me, hope it helps you!
November 03 2005

rachel from daytona beach, fl usa

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Bee stings help

Some say you can dab the affected area with lemon juice, (don't know if it works.)

or hold a banana peel on the sting, and some say hemmoroid cream will do the trick.
October 11 2005

JB from California

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Bug bites and Jelly fish stings

I looked at the ingredients for a bee sting remedy that's popular on the market and all it had in it was ammonia.

They say the quickest way to relieve jellyfish stings is to carry a bottle of Meat tenederizer from your kitchen in your beach bag, and sprinkle it on.
September 28 2005

Steven G from illinois

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Bee Stings

When we were little, we were running around barefoot all the time and stepping on honeybees on clover.

My mom used to pull the stinger out and apply a paste of baking soda and water, then wrap our foot with a strip of cloth or guaze but it did not relieve the itching afterwards, i'll tell you that!
September 27 2005

Marcia from At home in Indiana

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