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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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Place a pea sized spot of honey on bee sting (some tingling and/or pain may occur) leave for 5 mins and you'll feel better
July 08 2007

Seth from Walnut Creek, CA

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Copper penny removes stinger

I was stung by a huge bumble bee on my hand. Within seconds the veins raised up and the hand swelled as if it hand been sprained. Even the fingers were sore and arthritic feeling.

A welt raised and made a ring stemming from the sting. I thought there was no stinger after fishing with a tweezers, but a week later it was still miserable. I went to a site where someone suggested the penny as a remedy and others had said it really worked. Because the week had passed I thought I was too late.

I made a patch of pennies and put it on the ring of venom infected area. No good. I tried aloe vera which brought immediate temporary relief. One entire week after the sting I decided to try the penny on the opening to the wound/sting. The site said to leave it on for 15 minutes. I had a hard time sitting still and got up and did things, the penny fell off so I put it back on for 2 minutes more than the 15, just to be sure. IT WORKED!

Two little black spots appeared and I removed them which caused complete healing. The original source of the remedy said to tape the penny on. I'd suggest that. Now I can't find the site to tell them how well it worked but I'm going to persevere. I couldn't resist sharing it with this site because it had not yet been mentioned.
June 04 2007

Kathleen Duerr from Madison, Wisconsin

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Salt and vinegar

No not the chips! Make a paste (just enough to cover the sting) table salt and a drop or two of vinegar. Apply directly. almost instantly draws out stinger.
May 15 2007

terri g. from warren RI

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Baking Soda

Make a paste, put it on your bee sting let it dry up in a few minutes it will pull it out...
May 11 2007

susan hatcher from amarillo tx

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Just rub soap into the sting as quickly as possible. Bee stings are acidic so the alkaline soap neutralises the sting. If you rub lemon juice in as suggested above it will make the sting ten times worse. Lemon juice is for the alkaline wasp sting.
March 25 2007

CR from London

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Don't know (personally) if this works. A friend of mine heard about it, then tried and says it does. Rubbing honey on the affected area is supposed to relieve pain and itch. It seems almost too obvious for it not to.
February 28 2007

Tracy from Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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Never Fails

I just use an antihistamine, benadryl. It definitely helps with the itching and swelling. This may not be a homemade remedy but most of us have this at home.
February 06 2007

tpmh37 from The South

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cigarette tabacco

Wet tobacco from a cigarette and firmly press it on sting.....
February 02 2007

Betsy from New ORleans

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Jelly Fish sting

It might be disgusting, but urine will help relieve you (no pun intended) in this instance.
November 14 2006

Allan from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Bee Sting

I got a bee sting today while mowing the backyard lawn, I felt something bite me on my neck near my shoulder. I hit my neck,grabbing a bumblebee. After a few hours still hurting, I told my mom and she called a neighbor to get a piece of cigarette. We recieved about an inch piece. She had me mix drops of water with a dime size pile of tobacco in my palm. My mom put the wet tobacco on the entire area hurt and it stopped after 10 minutes.
September 23 2006

Justin from Pittsburgh,PA

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I was stung by a bee last night.Immediately my hand started to swell, the pain was real bad, while everyone was trying to find a doctor in the area, my 12 yr old son comes into the room as says" Mom put on some toothpaste" I looked at him quite confused,anyway out comes the toothpaste. Within 20 min the swelling and burning was gone. Still a bit tender, but I can definitely say that it works.
September 08 2006

Nadia H from Cape Town, RSA

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Just in case you cannot get to "meat tenderizer" to put on a bee sting, you can break up a cigarette and get the tobacco out. Wet enough of the tobacco with water or saliva until it is saturated and put over the sting.
July 24 2006

Libby Pace from VA USA

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