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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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Put a penny on it!

My daughter and I were out for a walk and she got stung by a yellow jacket. I had heard that putting a copper penny on a sting takes the pain away. We did not have one on us at the time, so we hurried back to the house and put one on it right away. In less than a minute she quit crying and said that it didn't hurt anymore. I wish I would get stung just so I could try this.=) I know of others who have tried this, and it worked for them.
September 30 2008

Tara from Libby, MT USA

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Bee Sting Remedy

Take the stinger out first. Quickly apply meat tenderizer. Works! (I am sitting here now with a bee sting to the foot, OUCH!).
September 25 2008

Cinderella from Colorado

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Bee/ wasp sting

Put lemon or viniger on the place where you get stung.
September 19 2008

tara from Anytown, AT 55555

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Stung in Kentucky - 10 min cure

I read all the posts and combined...

Dabbed on some garlic juice just a little then put the baking soda paste (b.soda mixed w/water to peanut butter consistancy) and dabbed that on with a band-aid over top, was ok within 10 min... stinger is still in because he stepped on it and we can't find it but this remedy worked. Thumbs up
September 14 2008

Holly from Lexington, KY

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After stung, clutch the affected area with your face contorted in agony. Afterwards, sit in a chair, sulking, and concentrate only on the dull, throbbing pain emanating from the welt. Then, after a few minutes to a few hours, go eat some pineapple pizza and go back to sulking. Repeat as necessary.
August 30 2008

Christian from The United States of America, for which it stands.

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Baking soda works

Mix some water and baking soda and rub it on your bee sting. It might take a while but don't wash it off. It will come of eventually, it takes away the pain for good.
August 07 2008

Dalton from Marietta, GA USA

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First if stinger is stuck in your body remove it then discreetly pee on it or place pee in cup and pour a little on it sounds weird but it works the best, also works on jelly fish stings.
August 07 2008

natures cures from cascades

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Crushed Asprin

As soon as possible after the sting. Crush an aspirin and mix it into a thick paste with water. Most of the pain goes away in a 2-3 minutes and is almost unnoticeable in around 20 to 30 minutes.
If seeking purely natural form you can get asprin out of the inner bark of willow tree twigs.
July 29 2008

Carey Simpson from Houston, Texas

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Glycerin dries out the venom, while other ingredients in the paste equalize the stingy itchy feelings.
Doctors reccomend Crest. :)
July 19 2008

Claire from Ma

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Onion for Stings

After the person is stung-asap place onion directly on the sting site-gently squeezing the onion to release the juice. Works great for any bite or sting!Tried it on my son yesterday-within one hour all pain and swelling was gone.
July 16 2008

D.Holton from Vernon B.C. Canada

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Garlic and Baking Soda Bee Sting

I stole this remedy from other people on this site. Last year I was in agony for weeks because I stepped on a bee in my yard.Today I looked up what to do on this site as soon as I stepped on the bee. I crushed garlic and baking soda together. The results were great!
July 12 2008

Suzanne Muller from New York

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Preparation H

Put preparation H on the sting, and you will have no more pain or itching, and swelling starts to go down. It's amazing, and it works instantly!!!
July 10 2008

Jody from Chicago, IL

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