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Wasp or bee sting

July 20, 2009
Sliced onion wrapped up made the swelling and redness go down, while I made baking soda/cold water paste, changed out onion after paste application for a sliced lemon with vinegar on it and wrapped it back up.
tee from brownfield, md


Clean and Clear Astringent - pink

July 17, 2009
Every time I get a bee, wasp, etc. sting I rub clean and clear facial astringent on it. The pink stuff. It will dry your skin, but it also pulls the venom out and on most; depending on the severity of the sting the symptoms usually disappear within 12 hours. It works on a sting the same way it does on dirty pores and scratches that are beginning to redden. It sucks all the bad stuff out. It hasn't failed me yet.
ALSmith from Indiana



July 17, 2009
I was at my friends house, and I got stung by a yellow jacket. His mom took me inside, got a tube of toothpaste, put it on a knife and rubbed it over th e bite/sting area. Within 10 minutes, the pain was gone, and the sting sight was not swollen at all!
Brandon from Easton, PA


Bee Sting Relief

July 16, 2009
Bill Smith from Seattle


Hand sanitizer

July 15, 2009
Rub hand sanitizer where the bee stung you. It takes the itch away instantly.
Sam Alcott from Westnewton, PA USA


Bee sting paste

July 08, 2009
A little baking soda and a little cold water, mix into a paste and apply. Works good Ubetcha fersure.
The Up Nort Berry Picker from Up Nort, Minnesota


Cut Onion

June 13, 2009
Apply a Cut Onion to Soothe Bee Stings
take stinger out first if u can.
debbie from HERSHEY, PA


bee sting relief

May 20, 2009
Put a penny directly on the sting for instant relief. It truly works!
Betty from Wilkes Barre, Pa USA



May 18, 2009
My grandmother had always told me of quick cures for things let it be a headaches, hiccups, or many other things. One time she had told me about an instant pain relief for a bee sting which was to put a toothpick behind an ear left or right did not matter and that the pain would be gone as soon as you let go.

Well needless to say I did not believe her because the idea sounds crazy. But the day I received my first bee sting I had remembered what my grandmother had said and decided to try it. And to my surprise it had worked, the pain had miraculously disappeared. So I did not want this remedy to be lost forever so I am sharing it with all of you. Try it and it will work. You won't lose anything in trying.
Will from Highland, NY USA



May 09, 2009
As soon as you get stung take a cigarette break it in half and apply the tobacco directly to the sting. I have used this several times and it helps draw the poison out that the stinger starts to release. It should only take a minute or two.
From the South from SC



April 26, 2009
If you rub ammonia on a bee sting it will take care of the sting and remove the stinger.
Anonymous from engadine MI USA


PEANUT BUTTER is the Trick.........

March 23, 2009
**Peanut Butter** is the best that I've learned of and I have used it since I was a kid. Now my kids use it. They learned;)My boys were hesitant at first but glad for relief! And laughed about it after. If you ask them what to do for a bee sting, they will quickly suggest Peanut Butter!!
Froggreenlife from Sunshine State


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