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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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Ice & Honey

Immediately after getting stung all I had available was ice. It quickly took away the pain and swelling. There was mild on and off pain after the ice melted and coldness wore off.
Before going to bed that night I put honey on a large bandaid (sealed on all 4 sides so honey wouldn't leak out). The honey was soothing, and took away pain and itching.
Continued to use honey the next day for pain, and it worked great.
August 17 2009

Snowflake Skier from St. Cloud, MN

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the best way!

August 14 2009

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Meat tenserizers

Mix meat tenserizers and cold water until paste like and rub it on the sting
August 04 2009

chase from WI

12 4

Penny and ice

My little brother got stung by a wasp. He was crying and crying. The stinger wasnt there because a few seconds later, my dad got stung by the same bee. But it was my brother that seemed to be dramatic. I tried the baking soda thing for a while but as soon as I took it off, it started to hurt again. So i put a penny on the stung area. That helped but around it was a whole bunch of swelling.So I put cold water and three ice cubes in a baggy and wrappen it in a paper towel. I put it on the swolen parts and he stopped complaining and fell asleep. Give it a try. it worked really well. Then I put hand sanitizer on it when it started to itch. That meant it was healing. Soon enough he was better.
July 22 2009

Kelly from Sacromento, CA USA

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Wasp or bee sting

Sliced onion wrapped up made the swelling and redness go down, while I made baking soda/cold water paste, changed out onion after paste application for a sliced lemon with vinegar on it and wrapped it back up.
July 20 2009

tee from brownfield, md

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Clean and Clear Astringent - pink

Every time I get a bee, wasp, etc. sting I rub clean and clear facial astringent on it. The pink stuff. It will dry your skin, but it also pulls the venom out and on most; depending on the severity of the sting the symptoms usually disappear within 12 hours. It works on a sting the same way it does on dirty pores and scratches that are beginning to redden. It sucks all the bad stuff out. It hasn't failed me yet.
July 17 2009

ALSmith from Indiana

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I was at my friends house, and I got stung by a yellow jacket. His mom took me inside, got a tube of toothpaste, put it on a knife and rubbed it over th e bite/sting area. Within 10 minutes, the pain was gone, and the sting sight was not swollen at all!
July 17 2009

Brandon from Easton, PA

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Bee Sting Relief

July 16 2009

Bill Smith from Seattle

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Hand sanitizer

Rub hand sanitizer where the bee stung you. It takes the itch away instantly.
July 15 2009

Sam Alcott from Westnewton, PA USA

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Bee sting paste

A little baking soda and a little cold water, mix into a paste and apply. Works good Ubetcha fersure.
July 08 2009

The Up Nort Berry Picker from Up Nort, Minnesota

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Cut Onion

Apply a Cut Onion to Soothe Bee Stings
take stinger out first if u can.
June 13 2009

debbie from HERSHEY, PA

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bee sting relief

Put a penny directly on the sting for instant relief. It truly works!
May 20 2009

Betty from Wilkes Barre, Pa USA

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