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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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Piss on it for bee or insect bites.

The ammonia in urine dissolves the ensimes in the insect bite. This renders it neutral..when out in the woods unprepared, reach for your built in medicine storage of sterilized medication, yes urine.
February 21 2010

Ben from skokie Ill, USA

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Salt water

Put warm water on the bee sting
then put a pinch of salt on it with it still being wet.
January 06 2010

Courtney from WA

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Household Bleach

Put bleach on a sting of any kind. The pain stops immediately. It always works on bee stings; however,by Son was bitten by a scorpion and I used bleach and the pain stopped immediately. He was even able to put on a glove and practice baseball within the hour.
January 05 2010

Anonymous from USA

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The Bee

I once heard that if you get stung by a bee that dislodges it stinger in your skin, you can tract that same bee and rub it on the optimal site, it will relieve the pain. Now I'm not running off to bee farms to try it but it was just something I heard...
November 17 2009

Matthew Alonzo from Fullerton, Ca

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How to treat a bee sting

I was at my house playing in the the garden when I got stung I ran in side and I put some vinegar on my sting about every five mins for 40mins!
November 09 2009

bob armstrong from usa

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One day I was taking the trash out to the curb and stepped on a bee. I ran to the bathroom to grab the "AfterBite" hoping it would help. Well the "AfterBite" was empty! I looked on the side and saw the only ingredient was "ammonia"

So I ran to the basement and grabbed my bottle of ammonia, opened it, put some on my finger and rubbed it on my foot where I was stung.

I continued rubbing some on it every 5 min. for about a half hour. After an hour it was like I never got stung at all!
My foot never swelled up!

All I could think of was all the baking soda my mom wasted on us kids when we were little, which never worked!

So always make sure you have a small bottle of ammonia in your emergency supplies.
October 29 2009

Carol K from South Dakota

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Apple Cidar Vinegar

Best to use Organic Raw if you can. I was stung and in pain, knowing the purifying abilities of apple cidar vinegar, I tried it. Poured it on the sting site and then wrapped a towel soaked in it around the area. So soothing, and the swelling decrease was almost immediate. I was quite impressed. Apply the vinegar as soon as possible on the bite to draw out any poison and to prevent swelling. Thyme and rosemary infused in the vinegar are especially effective.

October 13 2009

jmedlm from New York

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Bee sting ? Try MUD!

The best thing to do as soon as you get a bee sting, get some water and dirt, yes I said DIRT! Back yard, front yard, flower pot dirt, any one mix water and dirt together make mud and rub on sting and pain is gone right away! It realy works !
October 02 2009


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The tabacco

Take the inside of a cigarette and wet make a paste and let it dry and the stinger will come on out and stop the swelling.
October 02 2009

m.gunnells from Denver Co

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Onion Skin

Cut an onion and peel away a good piece of the thin membrane between layers. Place on the wound and leave there as long as necessary. Pain stops within seconds and there will be no swelling or trace of having been stung afterwards.
September 07 2009

J. Garcia from Chicago, IL

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Calamine lotion

Hi, I got stung by a bee yesterday and we put calamine lotion on it. It stung for like 30 sec. then it totally helped, you should try it.
August 25 2009

mak from mukwonago WI

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Epsom salt

Water and epsom salt draws the poison out.
August 24 2009

d town from MI

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