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90 Home Remedies for Bee, wasp and hornet stings

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Working outside with a friend one day I got stung by a wasp pretty badly. Immediately she broke open a cigarette, moistened it with water and applied it to the bite. I was surprised at how quickly it took the fire out of the sting and was impressed that there was little to no swelling afterwards. I've had the occasion to use this remedy twice since and swear by it. So much so that I made sure to stash a cigarette or two around the areas of my property that are more likely to have wasps nests around.
October 13 2016

Reene from Florida

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My mom always put bleach on our stings and the sting would just go away. I just got stung by a wasp and came in to get vinegar or baking soda and I saw the Clorox Wipe, I just wrapped some around my finger and the pain was gone in 2-3 min. there's a little swelling but but even the bleach wipes worked.
August 30 2016

Sonja from Florida

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Cool/hot water soak

I haven't had a sting in about 50 years, so I am no expert when it comes to wasp stings. Pulling weeds in some tall grass and, oh, my, the PAIN!!! Saw the little bugger on my palm on the web between my thumb and forefinger. My first instinct was to SWEAR. That didn't help, so I ran in the house for instinct number two, and plunged it into a bowl of cold running water from the tap and exercised that hand in the water to get some movement in the flesh. Still hurt after a minute or two, so decided to try hot water instead. I let the water in the bowl change from cold to hot by running the tap with hot water into it. Soaked my hand about 3 to 5 minutes in the bowl of hot water, and now 15 minutes later, still no pain! The flesh is red and swollen around the bite area, but the white dot where the sting was has disappeared. So far so good!!! Fingers crossed the pain does not return!
August 13 2016

Babs from Alberta, Canada

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Simple heat...

I live out in the country. Therefore, stings from wasp, hornets and bees are very common. Nothing rids the pain right away. However, a hot compress will "ease" the pain. Follow with rubbing alcohol, non scented hand sanitizer or toothpaste. Apple cider vinegar works well also. After applying a hot compress, to draw out the heat, put some vinegar onto a cotton swab and dab on and around sting.
July 22 2016

Jen B. from Nc

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Works well

What I use that works super well is toothpaste. Make sure you use the white part not the gel. It's not immediate but it helps.
December 22 2014

Jaydn Belenia from Denver, Colorado, Usa

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Wasp sting - immediate relief

I was stung one day when I was putting air in my tires at a gas station. The only thing I had with me was hand sanitizer. (Ethyl Alcohol Gel) I applied a generous amount and rubbed it in. Sting was gone right away - the swelling and redness went away.
October 17 2014

Penny from Ont. Canada

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Stingsssssss hurttttttttttttt!

Everytime I got stung, my mom would always put some tobacco(out of the mouth) and would put it on the stung for about 30 mins. And it was released. If you don't do tabacco than you can use this other trick: get a bandaid and a penny, and sit it on the wound for 30 minutes and it will release pain. (If you touch it, it will be sore. )
August 25 2014

Lolypopgirl from USA

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Well my little brother was on the back porch barefooted and he wasn't watching where he was going and he stepped on a hornet. He quickly ran in crying so my nana tried puting the penny but it didn't work nor did the tobacco.
So my advice is to watch where your going and if so happen to get stung go inside lay down put ice on it watch tv relax breathe slowly and wait.
July 20 2014

Meagan Jacks from Heflin Alabama

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Tumeric paste

1tablesoon tumeric, just enough water to make a paste apply to where you are stung leave on. Tumeric natural anti inflammatory. Make sure you are not allergic to this spice. This for external use. I personally have used it twice this week for two separate wasp stings. First under my arm and now on front of my lower right leg.

Tumeric has countless other uses not just for seasoning food. I am not medical person, so make sure that you research don't just try everything you read or because I did it.
July 20 2014

Betty from Georgia

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Immediate wasp sting relief

Copper pennies, the old ones, ( I used 1940's-1950's) applied to multiple wasp stings on my index finger, wrapped with a gauze pad and taped, brought immediate relief from the initial intense pain. There was residual pain (I didn't leave the pennies on for fifteen minutes as I later found out was best) so I tried lemon juice then mustard, both helped a bit.

Calamine lotion and aloe vera/lidocaine gel also relieved discomfort.. There's just one little place that continues to sting, but it is SO much better than before. I am going to go for an ice pack for a few minutes then I plan to use the pennies again for at least fifteen minutes.
June 14 2014

Kayla from United States

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Bees, yellow jackets. wasps stings

I run around barefoot in my yard and sometimes step on a wasp or yellow jacket, I run in the house, smack a clove of garlic, apply a moist piece to the sting with tape or band-aid, the stinger pops right out and does not leave a sore!
July 20 2013

Dru from Arlington, TX

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Allergy Dr recommended

I'm very allergic to bees (carry Epipen). The following is a "recipe" from an Allergist in MI:

Adolph's Meat Tenderizer & Baking Soda: mix equal parts of both ingredients together. (I keep a bottle pre-made in my medicine cabinet at all times! I re-use the Adolph's container for mine). Add warm water to make into a thick "paste" consistency.

First, try to remove all of stinger, if possible. Apply paste mixture to sting area and cover with hot/wet (but not soaking) washcloth. When the area starts cooling & the "paste" gets crunchy, rinse off & start again.

This will draw the poison out of the area.

May 05 2011

maltesergr8 from Western NC

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